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Shanna graduated from the American College of Veterinary Nutrition

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Shanna has been writing articles about dogs since childhood. Shanna College studied Once-daily dog feeding. Also, she was interested in feeding small dogs, delving deeply into this topic. Shanna has been writing articles for since January 2017. It was here that the idea was born to assemble a team and launch a project about dogs. Shanna found like-minded people and since October 2018 has been launched.

Shanna Volunteer, animal rights activist and dachshund owner. We are constantly looking for qualified authors (remotely). If you are a veterinarian, breeder, cynologist, work with dogs and have experience that you want to share, please contact us.

Shanna actively collaborates with many other dog food websites. Shanna works with dog breeders to get their feedback on dog foods and brands. Shanna is a master dog food writer with a deep understanding of the topic.

– My goal is to discover for myself and readers the best dog food without extra costs that do not harm the health of the dog. I also compare and find out the best brands of dog food at the Chewy retailer. My ratings of the best Chewy dog food will help readers quickly decide on the choice of the brand that produces I am the author of articles in which I recommend and give useful tips on proper natural feeding of a dog.

– Shanna Derrick

Shanna Derrick is the editor-in-chief of

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