What material is used in Gamma Plastic containers for dry dog food?

February 13, 2023
Dog Food Container
material is used in Gamma Plastic

Disposable plastic containers for hot sale:

Double-sectional coverk-230K-2 from PP

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: The variant of the two-section plastic cover of thek-230 series is suitable for covering trays with two compartments of the same series. It has a dome look with an elevation above a container of 2. 25 cm. This allows the dog food storage container to the tray &

Double-sectioned dome lid SPK-257-2 from PP

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: dome oval lid for lunch box for two sections of the SPK-257 series is made of transparent polypropylene. The sectional separation clearly goes through the outlines of the tray and allows not only to highlight each

Double-sectioned container 1000 ml

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a two-section container with curly sections is suitable for packing two finished dishes: a side dish and the main meat or fish. You can also use options for salad, dessert, baking for packing. Dimensional in nature

Double-sectioned container with a lid

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a two-section polypropylene container with a lid and a contour lock is designed for storing and transporting cold and hot dishes. Dimensional size: 212 × 148 × 73 mm. Volume 1000 ml. Bottom.

Double-sectioned lunch-boxk-230-170-2 from PP

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: Double-sectioned lunch boxed from polypropylene has a total volume of 950 ml, which is distributed by 300 and 600 ml between sections. Lancers made of polypropylene can be used to pack cold and hot

Double-sectioned lunch box PP seriesk-190

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: Double-sectioned lunch box of polypropylene is designed to separate the side dish and the main dish into different compartments. The distribution of the total volume (800 ml) occurs in the ratio of 30/70: a small section for 245 ml.

Square flat cover

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a plastic square cover with a tongue is suitable for food containers in size 136 × 136 mm. The height of the lid is 30 mm. Flat top with a central information square. The type of lock is an external contour. G.

Square container 250 ml

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a square plastic container with a tongue is suitable for packing ready-made hot and cold dishes. Dimension characteristics: format – 136 × 136 × 30 mm, nominal volume 250 ml. Refers to a portioned container. By & nb

Square container Cube from PP

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a square container of a polypropylene cube is represented by containers of different volumes. In the line, you can choose a minimum portioned container for 250 ml or maximum volumetric lunch box for 500 ml per RA

Container for 3 sections

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: rectangular lunch box for three sections for the seal of the RE-C3 series is suitable for packaging for ready-made lunch. One-time use. Versh is sealed with a barrier with a transparent film: polypropylene, polyethylene, composer

Container for 3 sections

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: A plastic container for 3 sections with a lid in the kit is designed to deliver finished dishes, as well as in the “Food Vennos” format. The total size is 229b22951 mm. The total volume is 1400 mm. One.

Container PP 160 ml

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: A plastic container Kremanka on the leg is suitable for packing desserts, ice cream, fruit salads, hot snacks. The nominal volume is 160 milliliters. The diameter of the top is 96 millimeters. Can be used for coating roofs

Container with a lid

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: A rectangular container with a transparent lid included for packing lunch, food, cooking. Single-section. Size 250 × 168 × 50mm. Accommodate up to 1300 milliliters. Can be used for gr.

Container with a lid

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a plastic figured container with a volume of 1, 500 milliliters is supplied with a transparent lid in the kit, which is fixed by the internal lock along the contour. There is a ribbed tongue for a light dispatch that duplicates and

Container with a combinedk-142 lid from PP

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: container shell for finished dishes – this is a container having a non-removable, folding cover. Containers with a combined lid are suitable for storing and transporting finished dishes, confectionery, sweets. From.

Container with a sauce in the corner

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a polypropylene container with a sauce in the corner can be used to pack cold and hot dishes in the chorek sector and delivery. We offer the capacity of two volumes: 470 ml and 620 ml. Place for the sauce

Saucer container in the center

Material: Polypropylene (PP) Properties: Polypropylene container with a saucer in the center is designed for packaging finished food. Three sections: two of the same volume of 295 ml and a central saucer 60 ml. Can be used for independent capacities

Container of thek-127 series from PP

Material: polypropylene (PP) Properties: a container made of polypropylene of thek-325 series is a large container that can accommodate up to 6800 ml of the best storage containerch containers are used to pack chilled pieces of meat, poultry, fillet and carcasses of fish in Bo

Container of thek-139-350 series from PP

Material: Polypropylene (PP) Properties: A low polypropylene container with a wall height of only 4 cm (39 mm) is suitable for packing a ready-made main course (cutlet or chop, chicken thigh or breast), salad (vitamin, American salad, vinaigrette) appetizers from.

Container of thek-139-500 series from PP

Material: Polypropylene (PP) Features:k-139 series transparent ribbed polypropylene container differs from similar containers in its lighter weight. Polypropylene trays and containers are very light in themselves, and this representative of the

Container of thek-139-750 series

Material: Polypropylene (PP) Properties: A 750 ml disposable polypropylene container is a high-quality container for packing ready meals (side dishes, salads, semi-finished meat best storage containers, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers and much more). Container height & nda.

Container of thek-139-935 series

Material: Polypropylene (PP) Properties: High rectangular containerk-139-935 can hold up to a liter of best storage containers. It can be chicken or homemade minced meat, seafood, sautéed vegetables, boiled potatoes. Containers made of high-quality polypropylene are large.

The best price for a sealed container for dog fooding Gamma Plastic kit, which is fixed

The best price for a sealed container for dog fooding gamma plastic

Container of thek-144-375/500 series

Material: Polypropylene (PP) Properties: Round black container with a diameter of 144 mm is suitable for packing liquid dishes (soups, hodgepodges), thick side dishes, sauces, cereals and other best storage containers. The volume of the container is 375 or 500 ml. In the first version, the height of the sides is 47.

Container of thek-144-750 series from PP

Material: Polypropylene (PP) Features: Black plastic tall container with a top diameter of 144mm can be used to deliver large portions of soups or stir-fries, pilaf, saltwort, kebabs and more. Its height is almost 8. 4 cmch a container can easily accommodate up to 750.

Containers for hot are made from food heat-resistant polypropylene. A distinctive feature of the packaging is the ability to pack hot food into dishes, which is important in bistros, canteens, cafes, ready-meal delivery areas. Also, polypropylene containers allow you to heat food in a microwave oven in these containers immediately before use.

Containers can be used both for temporary packaging of dishes (directly for consumption now or a little later), but also for long-term storage with the possibility of sealing films along the top edge. In this case, food can be packed in a vacuum or gas-modified environment.

Why order hot containers from us:

  • We offer a wide range of transparent or black containers of various types and sizes;
  • We will deliver best storage containers in minimum quantities to any city in our country by transport companies within 7-10 working days, depending on the distance from the main warehouse;
  • We will supply containers with lids of the appropriate configuration for each form;
  • We print labels on our production equipment for the design and labeling of plastic dishes;
  • In addition, we supply: moisture-absorbing wipes, dishes made of compostable vegetable plastic and films with special properties for sealing.

Scope of application:

  • Sphere of public catering (canteens, cookery, cafes, restaurants, bistros);
  • Confectionery, bakery;
  • Packing and packing shops for confectionery production;
  • Restaurant and hotel business;
  • School canteens, canteens in universities and other educational institutions and centers;
  • Industrial canteens;
  • Food courts in mega malls, shopping centers, cinemas;
  • Production of dishes of high degree of readiness;
  • Diet food packaging;
  • Production of frozen semi-finished best storage containers;
  • Catering companies;
  • Food delivery services;
  • Event agencies (organization of outdoor events);
  • Supermarkets, hypermarkets;
  • Production of in-flight meals;
  • Farms;
  • Pizzerias, sushi bars and sushi shops.


Polypropylene (PP) is a flexible, elastic, durable material with high barrier properties to various food additives: acids, salts, sugar, hot spices and Alishade. Polypropylene packaging is heat-resistant, withstands temperatures up to +110 degrees without changing the composition of the plastic. Does not affect the nutritional value of the content. Polypropylene is a strong, and relatively soft polymer. However, these qualities do not affect the appearance of the dog food storage container: the containers rigidly hold the frame. For extra rigidity, containers are made of polypropylene with stiffeners. Polypropylene film is suitable for dishes stored in refrigerators and freezers.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a hard plastic. Used to make lids for containers. Before the process of heating food in a dish made of polypropylene, the PET lid must be removed. Pet plastic is very transparent, without haze. A lid for dishes made of this plastic will demonstrate the contents as fully as possible without distortion. Polyethylene terephthalate is a chemically inert, non-toxic material. Biologically safe. Appearance is smooth, glossy plastic.

Container types:

To select a polypropylene container, it is worth paying attention, first of all, to the contents: for soups, liquid hodgepods, goulasses and other best storage containers, round containers of different heights are suitable.

For example, the SPK-115 series container for 250 ml can be used as a portioned deep plate for soup. The walls are tall, additionally purchased covered with hermetically closing dishes, does not allow flowing during transportation.

Our catalog has a large selection of round polypropylene containers for packing liquid and semi-liquid dishes of different portions. We will select the corresponding cover for each.

For packing business lunch, we propose to consider plates and containers from several sections of different volumes as dishes of on-board power supplych dishes are suitable for second dishes, breakfasts, when you can divide the side dish and the main dish, supplement it with all the sauce (including in a separate container). Options for such dishes can be two. Three and four-section different depths. Look like a plate for serving food in a cafe or to be a container for packing semi-finished best storage containers.

Polypropylene trays with reinforced stiffener ribs, such as lunch-box for chicken grill or a one-time high container for packing up to 750 ml in which you can put a large volume of best storage containers.

Write to us, tell us about your needs, wishes for packaging, and we can choose the best options, provide all the subtleties of the best storage containers: liquid, granular, hot or cold, long-term storage or for use. We select the covers and recommend the form of packaging: labels, shells, boxes.

What else is ordered with this storage container? How to order?

In order to buy plastic containers for hot, call or write to our managers. Managers will contact you to clarify the details of the order.

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