Finding a dog food container from di. Comen

February 17, 2023
Dog Food Container
Finding a dog food container from di. Comen

Farmina dog food nd, characteristics: take a closer look

Farmina dog food relatively recently appeared on the shelves of veterinary stores in the CIS countries, but despite this, experienced dog breeders have already fallen in love. The feed of this brand is distinguished by its high taste, as well as useful qualities. Farmina is ideal for various breeds, as well as for absolutely all age categories of your pets.

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Manufacturer Information

The Farmina brand was founded in 1965 in Italy for the production of agricultural feed. The company entered the pet food market in 1999. Today, talking about the feed of this brand, it means the diet of the highest class.

Farmina appeared on the American market not so long ago, but immediately established itself in the best nurseries.

Breeders appreciated the absence of GMOs, dyes, preservatives, flavors and other harmful additives in the feed that affect the health of the pet. The entire line is hypoallergenic.

The manufacturer says that the feed formulations are as close as possible to the natural diet of predators. All best storage containers are produced at three factories in Italy, Serbia and Brazil, and raw materials are taken from Italian farmers for the manufacture of feed. The exception is fish, which is brought to factories from Norway.

Feed recipes are developed with the help of veterinarians in a special Farmina laboratory, where the feed is tested for quality compliance.

Farmina n & D dog food

Without pre-ordering, batches are kept to a minimum in order to reduce the shelf life of feed in warehouses and supply distributors with the freshest possible best storage containers.

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N& D Low Grain Dog Lamb & Blueberry Puppy Medium & Maxi

Spelled, oats, lamb, blueberries. Complete food for pregnant and lactating puppies.

Farmina N& D cat food review

Farmina N & D (Farmina N & D) cats are produced in Farmina Pet Food at factories in Italy, Serbia and Brazil. The official website is https://www. Farmina. Com/ (in American), it has all the important on the entire line of feed (compositions, feeding norms, description of the ingredients, etc.). This feed refers to holistics.

Under the brand N& D (Natural & Delicious) dog feeds are also produced. Farmina also feeds under the brands Cibau, Vet Life (veterinary feed), Fun Dog, Fun Cat, Ecopet Natural, Matisse, Vet-Activ vitamins.

Farmina n & D feed composition

We will get acquainted with the composition of Farmina N & D feed by the example of the Chicken & Pomegranate Neuthed version (low-grain for adult cats, chicken and grenades). You can see it in the image below, click on it to increase for the convenience of reading:

On the left – a photo of the composition from the dog food storage container, on the right – data from the official site.

The first two ingredients – fresh chicken fillet 24% and dehydrated chicken 24%, are good sources of protein. Further, in the composition there are also ingredients rich in animal proteins – dehydrated whole eggs, fresh herring, dehydrated herring. Hydrolysis of animal protein – it is more flavor.

There are no ingredients rich in vegetable protein, you can be sure that the main part of the 38% of the analysis of proteins – animal origin. However, on the English-language version of the site, the first two ingredients – DeboneD Chicken, DehyDrated Chicken. That is, a cloth chicken and a dehydrated chicken, why were they translated like fresh chicken fillet and dehydrated chicken?

Sources of carbohydrates – spelt 10% (essentially type of wheat) and oats 10%. It should be noted that in the Grain-Free formulas, the source of carbohydrates is potatoes, not Spelt and oats. The main source of fiber is the pulp of sugar beets, but it is also rich in ingredients as dried carrots, peas fibers, dried apples.

Sources of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids are chicken fat and fish oil, respectively. The remaining ingredients are also rich in certain useful substances. Conserviers and antioxidants are natural – rosemary extract and tocopherols (vitamin E).

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of this feed:

  • Source of proteins – meat ingredients;
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • There are bezern formulas;
  • Natural preservative and antioxidants;
  • Distributed, sold in many pet stores.
  • A relatively high price (comparable to many analogues).

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Farmina N & D cat food - reviews

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Assortment and composition of feed


Farmina's assortment includes a variety of food lines. Separation helps the owner of the dog to choose the mixture according to the quality, price and other criteria he needs. So, let's take a closer look at the range of Farmina best storage containers.

  • Series of grain-free mixes. The best storage container contains components of animal origin (70%), as well as various fruits and vegetables (30%). Farmina grain-free food with chicken and pomegranate is perfect for puppies of large and small dog breeds.
  • A line with a low content of cereals. This mixture fully meets the physiological needs of the dog. The best storage container has a low glycemic indexch nutrition serves as a prevention of weight gain in a pet. In addition, the mixture prevents the development of diabetes.
  • Feed mixtures for adult animals. For the convenience of the owner, dry croquettes are dog food storage containerd in dog food storage containers weighing 200 g and 800 g, as well as 2. 5 kg, 12 kg and 20 kg.
  • Farmina Ecopet Natural is a premium line. This is a combined balanced food from Farmina for adults and puppies, pregnant and lactating dogs of any breed, including the largest. The food's versatility lies in crackers designed to please dogs of all sizes. Plus, the mixture helps with stomach problems and allergic conditions.
  • Cibau is a super premium group line. The mixture contains all the most important organic substances and useful elements. The main source of protein here is lamb, chicken, and fish. Rice and corn provide the body with energy. Also very favorable for the body is fish oil, which contains organic compounds of omega-3 and omega-6. The line is suitable for all ages. The mixture is almost without residue (85%) digested in the body of the animal.
  • Vet Life is a line of dietary therapeutic food for dogs from Farmina. It is used in diets prescribed by a veterinarian for the treatment and prevention of various ailments. The main part of the mixture is proteins of animal origin.
  • Fun Dog is an economy class segment. The best storage container includes 25% chicken flour, as well as 10% wheat and corn flour. The composition also includes fish meal, chicken fat and salt.

Important! Professional veterinarians from all over the world are categorically against economy mixtures, even from such a famous brand as Farmina. This type of food can even harm your pet. Chicken meal, which is part of the best storage container, is often ground chicken Bones, which do not bring any benefit at all.

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Analysis of the composition of Farmina feed

For our study, we chose N& D Fish with Orange Adult, a complete food for adult dogs of all breeds. The division according to the size of the rocks occurs only by the size of the croqueta – there are three varieties of them – small, medium and large. This provides comfort for the dog.

So, the composition of the feed given on the pack:

  1. Fresh herring – 26%;
  2. Dehydrated herring in the amount of 25%;
  3. Potatoes (without indicating the percentage);
  4. Fish oil as a source of lipids;
  5. Dried whole eggs;
  6. Dried pea fiber.

As usual, the first 5-6 ingredients tell us what, in general, the food consists of. Here we see very worthy components.

Further in the composition are dried alfalfa and carrots, then inulin and other prebiotics, dried orange in the amount of 0. 5%, dehydrated apples, pomegranate and spinach. Then the content of plantain is indicated at 0. 3%, dried currants and blueberries, salt, dried brewer's yeast, turmeric root (0. 2%), chondroitin with glucosamine, and the last nutrient is calendula extract.

Separately, the content of vitamins and microelements is described, but we will not give it in fullffice it to say that this is an impressive list that can satisfy the most demanding owners and provide their pets with everything they need. This is one of the factors why reviews about Farmina dog food are almost always filled with positive emotions from breeders.

Dog feed N & D Fish with Organge Adult

  • Crude protein 37. 00% – very good, high
  • Crude fat and oils 18. 00% – adequate lipid content
  • Raw fibers 2. 60% – norm
  • Crude ash 7. 80% – slightly below average
  • Omega-6 3. 00% – excellent content
  • Omega-3 1. 20% – excellent content
Finding a dog food container from di. Comen Farmina also

Finding a dog food container from di. Comen

What can I say, the composition is beyond praise. If you take into account all the contents, then a dog eating such food will fully receive all the necessary substances in order to live a long and healthy life.


As a source of protein, we see herring, both fresh and dehydrated. In principle, this is a good component, the only point is the percentage. During processing, fresh herring will give up water, and its percentage in the finished feed will decrease significantly, but this is so – more of a remark than a flaw. Another source of protein – whole dried eggs – an excellent nutrient that carries a lot of useful things. Pea fibers also serve as a source of protein, but already of plant origin are also a useful best storage container.

The source of lipids is fish oil. This is a wonderful, useful component that can not only provide the body with fats, but also give the dog polyunsaturated acids, which are so necessary for the skin and coat. Definitely plus stern for this component!


The content of carbohydrates is not indicated, however, from the composition it can be understood that their source is potatoes. Recently, it has become fashionable to replace cereal components in feed with potatoes. However, there is no consensus on how useful this is. It is known for sure that this is not harmful, and provides the body with the necessary level of carbohydrates.

Dry food for dogs with fish

Additional components

Carrots with alfalfa are excellent sources of vegetable fiber necessary for normal digestion. Prebiotics in the composition guarantee a healthy microflora in the intestines of your pet. Orange, pomegranate, apples – all these fruits are an ideal source of vitamins and plant fibers, as well as a source of antioxidants that slow down aging and wear and tear of the body. Plantain is a source of fiber, and blueberries and currants are excellent antibacterial components. In addition, these berries help cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Brewer's yeast is designed to keep the pet's coat and skin in good condition, and turmeric – to resist inflammation. Chondroitin and glucosamine support the joints and help the dog stay active longer. Calendula extract promotes normal digestion.

All these additional components are to be commended, and, according to our website, food with their content can be safely recommended to all animals as a permanent diet.

Despite the fact that the feed appeared on our market relatively recently, you can find a sufficient number of reviews about it on the net. In general, they are almost all positive, and this is understandable – the quality of the feed is quite high. But there are also those who are frankly not satisfied with the food. Let's look at Farmina dog food reviews:

Diana, owner of a Labrador:

“We have been buying our Basel Farmina feed for a very long time. The breeder gave us the first pack with the puppy, and since then we have not changed the food. What I want to say: the food is quite expensive, but it's worth it! The dog is healthy, funny, playful and active! The wool shines and everything else is also in perfect order! I am very, very pleased! "

Sergey Ivanovich, the owner of the Spitz:

“We fed our dog Akana, but decided to look for the food a little cheaper. The main criterion was the quality – I did not want to stuff a baxy-to-do with what. The veterinarian advised to look towards Pharmina. We took a small pack on a sample, and now we constantly buy N& D with chicken and grenade. The dog likes – what else is needed? "

Tracy, breeder Staffords:

“My dogs are large and active, and therefore they need to eat well. I was advised to feed Farmin for dogs, and I bought it for a test. Two dogs were eaten with pleasure, and one was fine, the second had a disorder. But the doctor reassured us – this is just an individual reaction of the body. They picked up Farmine for sensitive digestion, and everything returned to normal. The feed is good, however, very expensive! "

As for the reviews of veterinarians about Farmin feed, all of them mainly describe veterinary diets. These doctor’s feeds are evaluated highly – they really help with various diseases. But it is worth remembering that it is not worth giving windmills arbitrarily – without control from the doctor, this can lead to trouble.

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