What carriers for dogs are good on an airplane in baggage?

February 13, 2023
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Dear passengers, if you decide to take your pet on a trip, you need to contact the sales offices for booking, air tickets and services. The passenger carrying the animal must be over 18 years of age. If you plan to book transportation on the official website of the airline, information on the provision/booking of the animal transportation service must be clarified by phone

When booking and buying a ticket at the box office, be sure to indicate: the type, number, and weight of the animal being transported.

The recommended time for making a request at the box office for the transport of an animal is no later than 24 hours before the flight departure.

Draw your attention to!

The following are not accepted for carriage as baggage/cargo: large livestock, wild, experimental animals, reptiles, rodents, bees and fish seed.

When transporting animals and birds in the baggage and cargo compartments, the mass of animals and birds is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid for as excess baggage, taking into account the weight of the container (cage), in accordance with the rules for applying tariffs for the transportation of animals and is issued by a receipt forpayment for excess baggage.

The airline has the right to refuse a passenger to transport an animal if this transportation has not been booked and confirmed by the airline. These measures are necessary to ensure flight safety or prevent damage to the property of the airline or passengers.

Criteria for choosing transportation for cats and dogs

Taking a pet with you on a plane is a big responsibility that the owner takes on. Not all people feel great in flight. What can we say about animals, for which to rise into the sky, if you are not a bird, it is completely unnatural.

But, if a flight with a four-legged friend is so necessary, then the place in which it will experience the flight should be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, when choosing a container, you should pay attention to the following parameters.

Iata standard

Compliance of the box with international IATA standards and the presence of such a mark from the manufacturer will save you nerves and time at the airport and provide your four-legged friend with a safe and comfortable flight as far as possible.


I’m Altair, the site’s mascot!

Iata is an abbreviation of the International Air Transport Association and the designation of the standard for the international transport of animals in a car, train, plane, ship.


The material must be impact-resistant and non-toxic, it is worth giving preference to companies that use ECO plastic in their production.

Carrying weight

Here you can get by with a simple example: if the weight of a dog approaches 30 kilograms (some dogs weigh much more), then another 10 kilograms of the transportation itself is already 40. And if the device is without wheels, but only with two handles, the owner should think about whetherhe’s such a burden.

Shipping dimensions

The dimensions of the box must correspond to the dimensions of the animal. The dog needs to be given the opportunity to at least get up, turn around and curl up into a cozy ball, if under such stress it succeeds.

Versatility of use

We buy a carrier to fly a couple of times – back and forth? Then we think about how to use this “unit” later, whether it is possible to transport a dog or a cat by train, bus. If moving is frequent, then it is better to take a universal model suitable for the main modes of transport. As they say, on earth, in heaven and at sea.

Assembly complexity

Difficulties can only arise in carrying assembly if the manufacturer has not taken care of the normal instructions. When buying, it is worth clarifying this point and checking whether all the parts are included.

Do I have to pay for transporting an animal?

Yes, transporting cats on an airplane in 2021 requires a fee. On average, a trip to USA will cost from 3 thousand

Company Domestic flight / International flight
Aeroflot 3750 /75 euro
S7 Animal fees by weight and excess baggage rates are indicated at the airport
“Victory” 1999 /1999
“Ural Airlines” 2500 /35-60 euros
Utair 3000-6000 /50-150 euros
Turkish Airlines 70-170 TL/70-140 USD
Alitalia 40 euros / 75-150 euros

How to prepare for a flight with a pet?

For a cat and a dog, air travel is stressful, the task of the owner is to minimize it.

cat in a carrier

The cat should get used to the road carrier at home

  1. Gradually accustom the animal to carrying so that it recognizes it as its territory.
  2. Take your dog for a walk before your flight.
  3. Feed your pet 4 hours before departure. On the road, you can’t feed him; on long flights, you can drink.
  4. Take a veterinary first aid kit in your hand luggage. Read about the rules for transporting medicines on an airplane
  5. Line the bottom of the carrier with absorbent pads. You can stick them with tape to the container. Fillers in this case will not work – they can crumble.

The best way to calm your pet is to talk to him. If a cat or dog is flying in the cabin, talk to them, calm them down.

Top 10 best dog carrier dog food storage containers

Cages are not allowed for air travel for dogs. According to the standard, special carriers are used to ensure the safety and comfort of the pet throughout the journey.

Amazon Basics Top Load

Price – from 3000

The Amazon Basics Two-Door Rigid Side Carry combines durability with convenience. It has ventilation windows and is equipped with two doors.

It is made of high-quality plastic, and the entrance door is made of wire. Weighs up to 2 kg. For hard container lovers, Amazon Basics is one of the best options.

Amazonbasics Soft Sided

Price – from 2650

One of the largest models of dog carriers with soft sides:

  • Has an adjustable handle;
  • Equipped with a dog safety belt;
  • The lining is removable and machine washable;
  • Loading is provided through the top or side.

The spring-wire frame allows the carrier to be placed under aircraft seats. There is a small size for dogs up to 4 kg and a large size for dogs up to 10 kg.

Petmate Two Door Top Load

Price – from 3250

Carrying complies with most airline cargo specifications. Features a durable, ergonomic comfortable grip handle and ventilated sidewalls for easy transport. Equipped with two doors and ventilated grilles. Dimensions – 63. 6 x 42. 5 x 36. 8 cm.

Mid West Dog Crate Cover

Price — from 2300

Teflon fabric repels liquid and dirt. The shutter cover provides additional comfort, safety and privacy. The doors are made in the form of a metal cage. The disadvantage is the poor quality of the material.

X-ZONE PET Foldable Soft Dog

Cost – from 4450

The foldable pet carrier box provides enough space for your pet when traveling. Among the advantages should be highlighted:

  • Unique 3-door design (top, front and side). Mesh doors make the drawer breathable during use. Velcro for fixing the door
  • The design of self-locking lightning. The dog will not be able to unfasten the door and slip out.

The removable design makes a carrier easily detergent. It can be dismantled and washed.

Pet Peppy Airline

Carriage makes the transportation process as comfortable as possible thanks to removable wheels. The mesh sides allow you to circulate the air, the wire frame increases the level of reliability, and two doors on the zipper simplify access. The lining is washed, and internal latches increase the safety of the dog.

Pets Home Dog Purse Carrier

The sheep-carrier is made of nylon material and decorated with fittings. A special pocket is provided for storing things. A small sheer bag has a minimum load of 6 kg and a maximum 8 kg.

Features and advantages of Pets Home Dog:

  • There are three breathable mesh windows;
  • The inside is laid out with waterproof material;
  • The lining can be washed in the car.

Sherpa Travel Original

One of the best dogs for dogs. It has windows from a mesh, two entrances (from the side and from above). The lining of sheep leather is erased in the car. Carriage is intended for dogs from 4 to 10 kg (depending on the model).

Henkelion Soft Sided

Henkelion folding folding is in the list of the best models. This is an accessory approved by airlines, which is supplied in several colors and is waterproof. The model has 3 entrances and fleece lining, which is cleaned with machine washing. The Henkelion bag is inferior to the best storage containers of other manufacturers in quality and durability.

The main characteristics of soft carrying:

  • The supporting structure is made of polyester;
  • The mesh allows the dog to travel comfortably.

Tirrenia Soft Sideed Pet Travel Carrier

Board-carrier for small dogs up to 4. 5 kg. Corresponds to the standards established by airlines, and is easily attached to the baggage. The inside is equipped with additional buckles that prevent escape, as well as a window for feeding. The model has mesh panels, a removable lining and an outer pocket. Size 48. 2×25. 4×33 cm.

Requirements for the size of the carrying for the aircraft

Dog click: what is it and what is needed for

There are certain rules that help when selecting a container for transporting a pet. First of all, the animal should be convenient to be inside. To check this, you need to place a pet in a carrier and observe his movements. If he is able to not only lie, but also sit, walk, turn around 360 degrees, such a container is well suited for traveling by plane. Otherwise, you will have to look for a carrier comfortable.

The container must strictly comply with the standards established by the airline

The size of the container depends on the rules of the airline. In most cases, organizations require that the sum of all sides of the carrying (width, length and height) does not exceed 115 cm.

Important! Some airports increase this number to 135 cm, others, on the contrary, reduce to 105 cm. In order not to get into an awkward situation, it is important to clarify in advance what parameters the carrying should have.

In February 2021, American established the following conditions for passengers with animals:

  • Maximum indicators for the container – 44 × 30 × 26 cm;
  • The maximum amount of measurements for soft carrying is 126 cm.

Compared to previous data, today’s indicators are slightly reduced.

Important! These numbers are relevant for those owners who plan to transport pets with hand luggage. If the dog is in the luggage compartment, the sum of the length, width, the height of the box should not exceed 115 cm.

What documents are needed

For the flight of the animal, the following documents are needed:

  1. Veterinary passport with a vaccination mark;
  2. Permission to deliver an animal issued by a municipal veterinary clinic with a mark on the state of health;
  3. Documents allowing the transportation of the animal in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of another country (for flight to other states);
  4. Certificate of a passenger disabled person, a certificate of special training for a free flight with a guide dog;
  5. Certificate of an employee of the Kinological Service of the executive branch of the USA, a certificate of specialized training for the transportation of a service dog.

Animals transported by the S7 Airlines for USA and on international flights should be chipped. The corresponding mark is affixed in a veterinary passport.

Carriage backpack: TOP-10 for your pet

We are talking about a dog’s accessory, indispensable for tourist walks and various trips. So that the dog does not seed next to the leash, purchase a suitable model of a carpet-carrier.

Pet Ami Deluxe

Weighs 1. 6 kg, has dimensions 31. 7×25. 9×41. 4 cm and is designed for pets up to 8 kg. It is the best option for carrying dogs.

Advantages of the purebrush backpack Pet Ami Deluxe:

  • Ventilation holes are provided;
  • For the convenience of wearing, there is both a breast and a waist belt;
  • There are 3 pockets for safe storage of things.

Three safety buckles are provided to prevent the escape. The backpack is made of polyester 600D.

Pawaboo Pet

Designed for small dogs that weigh up to 7 kg. The main advantages of Pawaboo Pet.

Pets at home container for dog food

  • A thoughtful design focused on details. The hook, lightning and elastic holes allow you to conveniently place the dog inside.
  • Unique design. The thickening of the sponge of the shoulder beathered, a modernized breathable mesh and polyester fiber material was used.

The backpack is indispensable for riding a bicycle, camping, hiking or meetings with friends.

Kurgo Dog Carrier

The backpack is intended for dogs weighing up to 12 kg, which love to go outside just like their owners.

Among the advantages of Kurgo Dog Carrier:

  • Waterproof bottom;
  • Washed lining;
  • Breathing mesh for air circulation.

The inner cable adds additional safety and is attached directly to the harness for pets. Dimensions 31. 7×22. 8×46. 8 cm.

Pet Geari-Go2 Roller

Compact and universal carrying for dogs. It includes car seats, a backpack, a roller bag. The attached cable can be attached to the animal harness for additional safety. The parties can be expanded to add 7. 5 cm of additional space. It has two side dog food storage containers for storing additional accessories.

Dimensions 40. 6×34. 3×55. 9 cm for pets up to 11. 5 kg. The internal laying is made of fleece. The telescopic handle is removed to the side exactly, as in the suitcase.

Outward Hound Pouoch Pouch Carriers

Carriage for dogs made in the form of a backpack has a number of advantages:

  • The front holder Pooch Pouch is ideal for transporting small puppies that are not always ready for long campaigns;
  • Designed with a light mesh fabric, which retains coolness on warm days;
  • Waterproof material is durable and easy to clean.

An additional place for storing essential items is provided. The lateral pocket is great for small items.

Hunter Rucksack Outdoor-Kangaroo

Ideal for transporting a small dog in campaigns, travels or to a veterinarian. The pet will be everywhere with you, not holding hands. A practical carrying bag is convenient and reliable. Soft shoulder belts and abdominal belt can be adjusted individually, which makes weight perfectly distributed and facilitates wearing. In addition, a backpack can be worn on your back if your dog is used to it and is silent.

Rooksack-Tragetasche Sightseeing

The backpack of polyester carrying is characterized by a high level of convenience, low weight, additional comfort and the presence of lateral pockets. Designed for dogs up to 5 kg of weight.

Advantages Rucksack-Tragetasche Sightseeing:

  • Light weight of net: 930 g;
  • High comfort when wearing;
  • Soft ergonomic straps;
  • Abdominal belt with a clatter;
  • Free hands of the owner.

Wide soft backpack straps have an ergonomic shape. Even during long-term wearing in the area, a backpack does not cause discomfort.

Karlie Smart City Trolley

Convenient backpack for medium-sized dogs. The manufacturer took care of the comfort of the pet and the owner.

Positive sides of Karlie Smart City Trolley:

  • The animal feels safe;
  • Blocking the collar prevents the escape;
  • Soft shoulder belts;
  • Light weight of the net;
  • Easy to care the material.

Ferplast Kangoo Carriage Backpack

Lightning from above allows you to easily place and get a pet. The waist belt adds more support to wear it on your back or front. This is a really perfect bag for carrying for Chihuahua, mini-poodles, and other small pets up to 8 kg. The backpack is made with a retina of polyester fiber. It is convenient and lightitable for traveling, outdoors, excursions and camping.

Petcute Haustier

The size of the backpack is 33x28x42 cm, the load is up to 5 kg. You can open the rear zipper to create an additional space, then the pet will have more space upon exit.

The design is made in the form of a space capsule: a transparent window allows a pet to see everything outside, which can facilitate anxiety. You no longer need to stay at home alone, but enjoy the fun that brings a trip. Good breathability is provided by 9 round ventilation holes.

Measurements for the selection of the carrier according to the size of the animal

A properly selected container is already half the success when preparing for a flight with a pet. If the purchased carrier does not meet the standards of the airline, or the dog is uncomfortable to be and move in it, then the animal will simply not be allowed on board the aircraft.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a plastic container or a soft carrier, the measurements will always be the same. First of all, you need to find out the length of the dog’s back, including its head. To do this, you need to measure the distance from the pet’s muzzle to its tail. You also need to measure height. This indicator is equal to the distance from the paw pad to the back.

For your information! It is important to always add a couple of centimeters as the pet must have enough space in the container when transporting. However, too much free space should not be allowed. In this case, the dog will simply be thrown from side to side at the slightest shaking.

What pets can you take with you

The airline accepts for air transportation on domestic and international flights of healthy domestic tamed animals:

  • Cats, dogs, birds, the weight of which, together with a carrier or cage, does not exceed 50 kg, service dogs belonging to the cynological service of the executive authorities of the USA, accompanied by a cynologist, and paid at a special baggage rate.

If the weight of a pet with a cage exceeds 50 kg or you need to take an animal that does not fall under the described types, you can use the S7 Cargo service (transportation of oversized and other cargo).

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