How many pounds of dog food holds a 72-liter container

February 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
How many pounds of dog food holds a 72-liter container

Natural feeding dogs by weight and age

Having started a four-legged friend, each owner faces a difficult question – what feeds his pet: natural food or purchased dry feeds. This choice is incredibly important, since the appearance of the dog, its health and life expectancy depend on the right approach to nutrition.

Many owners go along a simple path, choosing high-quality dry and canned feed of famous brands for their dog. This is a quite reasonable solution, because manufacturers offer balanced food, containing all the necessary trace elements for the health and exterior of the dog, depending on its weight and age. In addition, this approach eliminates the owner of the need to select suitable best storage containers and cook daily for his pet.

However, some breeders choose a difficult path for themselves, believing that their dogs need natural feeding with a piece of meat in a bowl. And as food additives, cereals, vegetables and herbs are added to the diet.

At the same time, agreeing to natural feeding, many owners do not even suspect that they feed their pets incorrectly, and thereby cause serious harm to their health.

Important! Each breeder must understand that feeding the dog with natural best storage containers costs 2-2. 5 times more expensive than purchased feeds.

In this article we will talk about how to properly feed a four-legged friend with natural best storage containers, depending on weight, age and motor activity.

Three main postulates in feeding dogs with natural food

There are several postulates about natural feeding the dog, which cannot be violated. Consider them:

1. Each breeder must remember that it is prohibited to mix natural food with purchased dry feeds

Why is it so important? The fact is that getting used to canned food or dry feed, the dog stomach produces a certain number of enzymes. In this case, the transition to natural best storage containers will lead to indigestion and other serious digestive problems.

Moreover, if the stomach will receive heavy food for a long time, for the digestion of which there simply will not be enough enzymes, this can lead to the formation of putrefactive processes and the development of gastritis.

2. Daily porridge with pieces of natural meat – this is inferior food

Here you need to make explanations. In addition to slow carbohydrates and fiber necessary to replenish the energy and good life tone of your dog, it also needs vitamins and minerals.

It is not possible to replenish their stocks through natural nutrition alone, and therefore be prepared to supplement the food of your dog with vitamin and mineral complexes. This will avoid vitamin deficiency, which means that problems with the wool and health of your pet.

3. Before choosing a diet for your dog, you need to visit a veterinarian

Without a specialist, choosing proper nutrition for a dog is very problematic. Based on the weight and age of your pet, the specialist will be able to choose the type of feeding, and also advise a set of necessary best storage containers in the diet, taking into account the physiology of the dog. In addition, the veterinarian will advise suitable vitamin-mineral complexes, and will tell you when to give them a pet correctly.

Table of best storage containers recommended for feeding a dog

We go to the table of best storage containers recommended by the Barf for animals international power system:

Important! Bones and meat in the dog’s diet should be equally equal. It is desirable to feed the dog with these best storage containers raw.

Important! If your pet refuses raw vegetables, try to boil them a little or twist. Perhaps then they will like a pet.

It is better to give Bones raw

Important! The Barf system does not recommend feeding his pet with cereals. However, if you do not want to strictly adhere to this system, you can sometimes give a pet boiled barley, buckwheat or rice.

Dog feeding rules for natural food

Now let’s get acquainted with the basic rules for feeding your pet natural food, which every owner should know about:

Important! Some dogs may develop food to food. In this case, it is worth finding out which best storage container is allergenic and choose a replacement for it.

How many times a day to feed a dog

The frequency of feeding your pet is determined by his age. For example:

Bone – an excellent simulator for the proper development of the jaws

The daily food rate depends on the age of the animal:

How much food does your pet need

This dry feed can be given according to the instructions on the dog food storage container depending on the weight of the dog. And natural food needs to be selected, and for this you will have to observe some time for a four-legged friend.

In a general sense, the proportion of food in the diet should be as follows:

Important! Neutered dogs often have the problem of obesity. In this case, the owner should reduce the amount of cereals (carbohydrates) in the diet, and increase the amount of vegetables (fiber).

If your dog instantly eats everything that is put in a bowl, and besides, he licks it, he probably does not have enough of the offered portion. Try a little more food next time. When, half an hour after feeding, there is food left in the bowl, most likely you have exceeded the norm. Try reducing it at your next feeding.

Important! Until you establish a nutritional quota for your dog, keep an eye on his weight. The fact is that many dogs are prone to overeating, and by increasing the portion size, you risk provoking obesity, problems with the spine and the cardiovascular system in your pet.

Important! If it becomes necessary to reduce the weight of the dog, reduce the portion and increase physical activity.

Foods that are forbidden to the dog

There are a number of foods that should not be included in the diet, because. They cause obesity or provoke problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Consider them:

How many pounds of dog food holds a 72-liter container Based on the weight

How many pounds of dog food holds a 72-liter container

Fried foods with a lot of spices irritate the stomach

Some owners are wondering: is it possible to feed a dog with soups? In fact, soups will not bring your pet much benefit, as, by the way, harm.

Berries and fruits – natural vitamins

Approximate weekly dog diet

So, having decided to feed your dog with natural best storage containers, you can use the following scheme:

1. Morning feeding

Ideally, fermented milk best storage containers (kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk, sour cream) with the addition of porridge are suitable for the morning. It is advisable to add vegetables to the porridge.

2. Evening feeding

In the evening, the pet should be given meat with porridge. You can also add vegetables and fruits. Once or twice a week, meat should be replaced with fish.

Twice a week, it is worth adding the yolk of a chicken egg (or two quail eggs) to the meat. Also, at each feeding, a little vegetable oil should be added to food.

A natural dog may not look very appetizing to a human

How to cook dog porridge with meat

From experience, we say that for good nutrition 2-3 times a week you need to feed the dog with porridge with meat. Pearl barley, oatmeal, wheat porridge will bring benefits, but buckwheat is the most useful. It contains many useful minerals, and besides, it helps the dog to lose weight and cleanses the circulatory system.

Therefore, then we describe the process of making buckwheat dog porridge. It will not be difficult to cook such a dish. In the evening, pour buckwheat cereal with cold water and leave it overnight. To cook porridge, you need to take 1 part of the buckwheat and pour 2 parts of waterch a porridge is cooked for 15 minutes, after which it is still insisted in a pan.

You can add meat cut into porridge to the process of cooking to porridge. Before adding to porridge, the meat must be boiled to prevent the possible infection of your pet. The total amount of meat should approximately be 1/3 of the volume of porridge.

Many dogs love to crunch cucumbers

As for the additives and seasonings, it is advisable to refuse to add salt to the porridge, but the teaspoon of vegetable oil will be very useful.


Natural nutrition is as close as possible to the nutrition of the dog in the natural habitat. Therefore, if you have time and desire, you can always create a balanced and useful diet that will be the key to the health and longevity of your dog.

By the way, if you decide to transfer your pet from natural feeding to dry feed, you need to do this gradually, for 10-14 days. At the same time, in the transition period, in the diet of the dog, probiotics need to be added daily.

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