How many pounds of dog food does an 18 liter container hold?

February 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
How many pounds of dog food does an 18 liter container hold?

How much dry food can you feed your dog? Feed guidelines for adult dogs and puppies

When feeding animals with dry food, the question often arises: “Is my dog overeating? How much dry food should you give your dog per day? The owner studies a large amount of information on the Internet, contacts breeders, veterinarians – and receives various information everywhere.

This is due to the fact that many people themselves do not know how to properly feed a dog with dry food, so that in the future there will be no diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and so on.

The dangers of improperly feeding dogs

The danger of disturbing feeding with dry food lies in the kibble itself. That is, each pea of feed from the manufacturer contains its own set of substances, consisting of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and other auxiliary components.

Dry food for dogs

The composition per 100 grams is read in the same way as in humans on food, only if a person receives a varied diet every day and can replenish them, then dogs are recommended to stick to one type of feeding. This has a beneficial effect on digestion. But the amount of food eaten must be monitored.

Each company (for example, Royal Canin, Proplan, Hills, Monge, Farmina and other manufacturers) contains its own set of nutrients, so when feeding a dog, it is not recommended to mix food so as not to cause an imbalance inside the body.

Be sure to read the instructions from each manufacturer, which they write on the back of the dog food storage container and follow them.


Another dangerous moment is malnutrition with dry food. These dogs have:

  • Hunger after eating;
  • The animal loses weight, but always eats with appetite;
  • A thin layer of fat;
  • Ribs are very visible.

These symptoms characterize the appearance of internal diseases. In this situation, you need to visit a veterinarian and deal with the problemch animals should not be overfeed, give more food than at normal and wait for the result. Because in this state, the pet suffers from the internal pathological process, requires diagnosis and treatment.

Binge eating

Dogs of such breeds as Labrador, Rottweiler, French bulldog are prone to fullness. Therefore, the owners will need to carefully monitor the appearance of the animal and prevent obesity.

Obesity harms the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, disrupts the functions of internal organs, affects the kidneys and liver.

The owners of older dogs should also be careful, because the metabolism is gradually slowing down, the animal begins to gain fat mass.

Feeding dry food

Feeding with dry food has its advantages, unlike other feeding methods. For the most part, dogs do not know how to control their diet and eat everything completely. This further causes problems with obesity, digestive disorder and other lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

We calculate the norm by our dog

Typically, manufacturers of dry food on the back of the dog food storage container write the amount of grams that the animal must be given per day. But these tables most often do not take into account the additional needs of the pet. Namely:

  1. The activity of the dog. All physical exercises are taken into account here during the day, the number of walking and so on. Active animals require more food than those that are considerable time on the couch. This is based on the fact that the energy expended must be replenished with food.
  2. Health of a pet. Sick animals do not eat food poorly. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to give food in a small volume, but nutritious in composition. For diseases of the kidneys and liver, it is necessary to withstand the strict content of fat, protein, trace elements in the dietch feeds do not have significant taste and animals do not eat them well.
  3. Physiological condition. Healthy pregnancy and lactation of the bitch are directly related to nutritionch animals should in large quantities receive calcium and phosphorus, which contributes to the correct growth of offspring, high-quality milk and prevention of eclampsia.
  4. The age category of a pet. Everyone knows that a puppy, an adult or elderly dog needs different feed compositions.
  5. Weight is important when feeding. An animal weighing 2 kg and 50 kg should consume different amounts of feed. Therefore, it is recommended to weigh the pet every month and, on the basis of this, offer him the number of grams that the manufacturer offers for the weight of the dog.

If the pet is obese, give food strictly according to the desired weight.

Thus, the average amount of feed per day is calculated.

If the animal eats the entire daily ration of feed at one time, then it is recommended to divide it into several doses. For example, 2 or 3 times a day.

Types of dry food and gram

Pet owners and manufacturers themselves conditionally divide food into several groups: economy, premium, super-premium class and holistics. Let's analyze them by composition and differences.

Name Cal Composition Examples
Economy Up to 300 The basis includes carbohydrate components: corn, barley, oats. Offal, meat and bone meal and other production wastes are used from protein foods. Diet poor in vitamins and macronutrients. For proper feeding, the animal needs the addition of proteins and a vitamin complex to food. Due to poor-quality composition, the dog consumes a large amount of food per day. Chappie, Darling, Caesar, Our brand, Pedigri
Premium 300-350 The amount of protein in the feed grows up to 20%. However, it may not always be full-fledged meat – most often it is meat production waste of better quality compared to the economy class. Contains a vitamin complex, fiberitable for regular feeding. Royal Canin, Pro Plan, Monge, Grand Dog
Super premium 350-400 Contains a large amount of good quality meat. Buckwheat, rice are used as carbohydrates, not corn and wheat. Rich in nutrients. Brit Care, Farmina N& D, Airi, Nature
Holistic 400-500 The source of protein is fresh meat, it is possible to contain several types at once. Does not contain vegetable protein. Carbohydrates are presented in the form of peas, lentils. Contains fiber (carrot, apple, and other vegetables and fruits). Acana, GO, Orijen, Grandorf

Depending on the composition of the feed, its content in 100 grams of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, useful additives, the consumption norms per dog are made up.

Special faceted glasses can be purchased at pet stores or home improvement stores. With their help, you can measure the right amount of food for your pet.

If there is no opportunity to purchase a glass now, then it is possible to determine how many 100 grams can be using kitchen devices. On average, these are 4 tablespoons with a hill.

Daily feed rate in tables

Below is a table of feeding the dog with dry food per day. The data in it are calculated based on the average need of the pet. The priority should be considered information from the back of the feed from the manufacturer.


In order to find out how much food you need to give the puppy up to 12 months, it should be weighed.

puppy eats dry food

Puppies are added to weight every 2-3 weeks, so it is recommended to weigh them 2 times a month and change the amount of food.

Top dressing can slowly be given to animals at the age of 1 month. At this time, their nutrition is the basis of their mother's milk. You can’t start adding dry food right away. At first, up to about 2-3 months, it will need to be soaked.

Rules for smearing food:

  1. Use boiled or filtered warm water to 40 degrees.
  2. The amount of water varies at the request of the owner and the preferences of the pet himself. Typically, food is soaked in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3, where the first indicator is water, and the second is food.
  3. You can dilute with kefir or yogurt without sugar.

Particular attention deserves the storage of this soaked food. Normally, he should eat in 2-3 hours. With a longer storage period, pathogenic microorganisms develop in it, which penetrate the animal and can cause digestive disorders.

In addition, smearing granules with fermented milk best storage containers can also cause diarrhea, therefore it is recommended to add them in a minimum amount and, if clinical symptoms appear (partial refusal of food, diarrhea), abandon them in favor of pure water.

Below is a table of the norm of dry food for puppies at the rate of 1 kg:

Age The amount of kcal is necessary Gram per day
Up to 1 month 200-250 15-20
1-3 250-280 18-25
3-5 190-250 15-23
5-8 220-300 18-27
8-12 250-320 23-30

In order to calculate the amount of dry feed puppy per day, it is necessary to multiply the amount of grams by the weight of the pet.

For example, a puppy at the age of 5 months weighing 3 kg will require 54-56 grams of dry food. And a 9-month-old pet weighing 7 kg will be enough 175-180 grams of feed per day.


Calculating the norm of feed in adult animals is not so difficult. It is important to consider the weight, physical activity and condition of the dog.

For example, pregnant and lactating females need additional nutritional top dressing, so they are allowed for this period by the use of puppies feed for the diet. Its grammar is calculated based on the weight of the animal.

Dogs actively engaged in physical work during the day (service, hunting, sports) should consume their norm + 20-50% of it higher. For example, at a rate of 200 grams, the animal should receive 240-300 grams of food when actively working.

The norm of dry food for dogs of small breeds differs from large. Therefore, it is important to monitor the weight of the pet, to adjust the diet in time.

Small adult dog eats dry food

How much are you feeding How to measure your pet’s food

Table of feed norms for dogs of small breeds (up to 15 kg):

How many pounds of dog food does an 18 liter container hold? nearby pure filtered or

will a 12 liter container hold 5 pounds of dog food?

The weight Gram per day
1. 5-3 25-30
3-6 30-70
6-9 70-110
9-12 110-120
12-15 120-200

The table is designed for the weight of the pet and the daily amount of food. Little dogs are often prone to fullness, because they lead an inactive lifestyle, sit a lot and are next to the owner. Therefore, you should not overfeed them and give granules strictly according to normal.

Unlike small breeds, large dogs (more than 30 kg) have slower metabolism. This means that with the same indicators (kcal and grams per kg), they gain excess weight faster. Therefore, food for large animals is less than calorie and contains a larger amount of protein.

Big adult dog eats dry food

Dog Norms table from 15 kg:

The weight Gram per day
15-18 180-220
18-22 220-280
22-25 250-300
25-28 300-350
28-32 320-380
32-36 350-400
36-40 400-450
40-45 450-470
45+ 100 grams are added to each kg

Be sure to monitor the condition of the pet. If he does not mean or after feeding asks for more food, then it makes sense to reconsider the diet of the pet. With constant use of low-quality food (for example, economical class), the need for the number of granules in the animal increases and it can consume 400-500 grams at a rate of 300-350.

Important notes when feeding food

Dry food is a way of cooking animals. The granule contains dehydrated (dehydrated) protein, dried carbohydrates, vegetables, vitamin additives. When water gets into food, it swells, it becomes more.

water bowl and dry food

Almost the same thing happens with food inside the gastrointestinal tract of the dog. Therefore, the presence of a nearby pure filtered or boiled water is mandatory.

Calculating the required amount of liquid that the animal should use with a dry diet is not difficult. The norm is calculated by the formula: 50 ml of water per kg of weight. For example, 250 ml of water goes to an animal weighing 5 kg. This is a whole glass.

Water should always be and not limited to frames.

A pet can consume water in a larger or smaller volume based on the environment. In the heat or during active physical exercises, the dog by 30-60% may exceed the norm. In cooler conditions, at the time of high humidity in the room, it can drink less.

If the animal suddenly began to drink more water for no apparent reason, then this is an occasion to seem to the veterinarian. Increased water use is characteristic of diseases such as pyometer (purulent inflammation of the uterus), hypothyroidism and other endocrinological diseases or inflammatory processes.

It is not difficult to determine the rate of dry food for your pet. When choosing a diet and food, it is necessary to take into account the individual needs of the dog. Then there will be no problems related to the health of the pet.

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