How to properly set up a dog food bowl?

February 16, 2023
Dog Food Container
set up a dog food bowl

Feeding a dog is not only the most important moment of proper maintenance, but also the basis of its health and longevity.

All the nuances associated with feeding a dog: from the choice of bowls and food, to the correct regimen and dosage, will be discussed in this topic.

Feeding the dog. Dog bowls

Typical situation. I am conducting an introductory lesson with the owner of a German shepherd. As always, I note that the tripod and the bowls themselves are already too small for an actively growing guy. – Yes, – the hostess is amazed. – But these are already the second bowls that we bought him – the first dog food containers were even smaller! The consequence of such an unreasonable approach is obvious – again and again a waste of money. And how could it be otherwise, if two pairs of bowls have already been bought and you need to fork out again for a third!

Choosing the size of the bowls for the dog
Obviously, which bowls of the shepherd is more convenient

The difference between the “second” and “third” bowls I recommend is more than obvious. Alas, this is exactly what one of the most common housekeeping mistakes looks like. Meanwhile, you don’t even need to go to a fortuneteller to determine the future dimensions, and hence the appetites of an actively growing pet!

As I have already said, it is enough just to open any atlas of dog breeds to make sure that an adult German shepherd dog is a large dog, not a medium one (and certainly not a small one, and not a dwarf one).

  • Male weight up to 40 kg;
  • Males 30-40kg;
  • Weight 34-43kg.

Therefore, in the future, it is logical for a large breed pet to buy large bowls, for a medium breed pet – medium bowls, for a small breed pet – small dog food containers, etc.

With such a simple and logical approach, the need to replace bowls, and therefore unnecessary, unnecessary expenses, is completely eliminated in the future. Because a fast growing puppy doesn’t care what bowl they eat from. But the same thing is far from indifferent to an adult dog. Indeed, in case of emergency, a very tiny puppy can simply tilt a large bowl, bought, so to speak, “for growth”. But if the portion for an adult dog is larger than a bowl, and the food spills over the edges, then this is already a problem with many unpleasant consequences An even more obvious problem if the muzzle of an overgrown pet simply does not fit in the bowl?

Correct bowls for the dog for growth
for a large breed pet to buy large bowls

Proper bowls “for growth”.

Dog bowls are already frankly small
buy for a medium breed pet - medium bowls
the food spills over the edges

The bowls are already frankly small, although the heads of these guys are still growing and growing.

Therefore, in order to correctly decide on the choice of a bowl for a dog, you need

Bit down the amount of food, which the future adult should eat in a day. The fact is that many adult dogs eat only once a day. And this means that, if necessary, in a bowl, the entire daily portion should fit without problems.

Dosage table on a bag of food

To determine the portion, we use a diet table on a bag of food.

As practice shows, on average, dogs, especially actively growing or intensively training, eat 1. 5 – 2 times more feed, from the amount indicated on the packaging. Therefore, the recommended norm we immediately and boldly multiply by 2.

With the right (!) Feeding of the dog, after she ate, the feed in the bowl should still remain. This suggests that the dog fully satisfied its appetite. This means that the resulting portion of the feed is still increased by about 1/3, that is, we multiply by 1. 33. The volume of feed in milliliters (volume measure), on average, 2 times larger than its weight in grams. Therefore, we multiply the resulting weight by another 2.

The bowl should remain the same free volume (a high side through which the food will not crumble during the feeding of the dog, which means that it will not provoke it to select it from the floor). Therefore, we add another 1/3 to the total volume of food, that is, the total volume is multiplied by another 1. 33. P. S. It turns out that the bowl correctly selected in volume during feeding the adult dog will be filled with food by about 2/3. And the remaining 1/3 of the free volume (high side) prevents the scatter of feed and more than compensates for the differences in the sizes of granules of different types of feed.

Thus, the formula for calculating the maximum volume of the bowl depending on the weight of the dog is:

  • the recommended portion x2x1. 33x2x1. 33 or the recommended portion X7. 08

Dog feeding. Examples of calculating the volume of purchased bowls.

Branded bowls for dogs

Take the branded bowls for example.


  • 0.75 L
  • 1.8 L
  • 2.8 L
  • 4.5 L

Dog feeding. Choosing a bowl – Jack Russell Terrier

  • Weight is about 10 kg;
  • Weight Up to 8kg;
  • Weight 5. 5-8. 5 kg.

That is, Jack Russell Terrier belongs to the little dogs. The recommended portion of the dog for a dog weighing 10 kg (as you remember, we take maximum weight) = 130g. 130×7. 08 = 920. 4 ml. In branded standard bowls of 0. 75l is frankly small.

Jack Russell
Choosing the sizes of bowls for jack Russell

Conclusion: for a small dog of the Jack Russell Terrier breed, the optimal volume of purchased standard bowls will be 1. 8 liters.

Feeding the dog. Bowl selection – Bull Terrier

  • Weight about 30 kg;
  • Weight up to 30 kg;
  • Weight 24-28kg.

The recommended portion of food for a dog weighing 30kg (as you remember, we take the maximum weight) = 272g. 272×7. 08=1925. 76 ml. In branded standard bowls with a volume of 1. 8 liters, our portion of feed will fit literally back to back.

Choosing the sizes of bowls for the bull terrier
bull terrier

Conclusion: for an average bull terrier dog, the optimal volume of purchased standard bowls will be 2. 8 liters.

Feeding the dog. Bowl Choice – American Staffordshire Terrier

There are no standard weights for the American Staffordshire Terrier. But, given the limitation in height to 48cm and the proportions of addition similar to his relative the bull terrier, bowls of the same volume of 2. 8 liters will undoubtedly fit for the amstaff.

Choosing the sizes of bowls for staff
big bowls for staff

Feeding the dog. Bowl selection – German Shepherd

  • Male weight up to 40 kg;
  • Males 30-40kg;
  • Weight 34-43kg.

The recommended portion of food for a dog weighing 43 kg (as you remember, we take the maximum weight) = 346 g. 346×7. 08=2449. 68 ml.

Selecting the sizes of bowls for a German shepherd

Conclusion: for a large dog of the German Shepherd breed, the volume of standard bowls of 2. 8 liters is suitable.

Feeding the dog. Bowl Choice – Tibetan Mastiff

  • Weight 65 – 95 kg;
  • Weight 64 – 78 kg;
  • They reach a weight of 99 kg.

Recommended portion of food for a dog weighing 99kg (as you remember, we take the maximum weight) = not available. But approximately it can be assumed that it will be somewhere around 611. 13g. 611. 13×7. 08 = 4326. 8 ml.

Tibetan mastiff
The selection of the sizes of the bowls for the Tibetan mastiff

Conclusion: for a giant dog of the Tibetan mastiff breed, the volume of standard bowls of 4. 5 liters is suitable. Etc.

P. S. If we assume that for some reason you will have to, God forbid, transfer your dog to homemade food, then a larger bowl, in all cases, will come in handy again. And for giant breeds, such as the Tibetan mastiff, when the maximum weight is reached, in such a situation, in general, a more universal option would be A bucket 🙂

Dog feeding. Tripod (stand) for bowls

A tripod (stand) for bowls is the next of the options offered to the bowls.

The need for this accessory for dogs is still a subject of hot controversy in the cynological world. Some, with foam at the mouth, argue that the proper height of the tripod (stand) improves the posture of the dog and serves as a prevention from curvature of the front extremities, especially in an actively growing young individual. Others are equally stubbornly dismissed, they say, all this is nonsense, and in nature for wolves no tripods (stands) are provided.

It is difficult for me to objectively judge who is right in this protracted confrontation between opinions, because it was not possible to fully investigate this issue. So, unlike the upbringing / training of dogs, here I will not be sure to say anything confidently. Therefore, as they say, “for which I bought – for that and sold. ”

So, the application for the front paws is quite theoretically justifies, given the enchondral type of ossification of numerous wrist seeds. Therefore, if a dog (especially a large or giant breed) has a predisposition to problems with joints, then the presence of a tripod (stand) for bowls will undoubtedly be a good help to prevent curvature of the forelimbs.

Impromptu stand for bowls for mastino
Impromptu stand for bowls for mastino

Original master’s improvisation for mastino: Cut from the 2nd upper sections of the kitchen rack of 5 shelves shortened to an acceptable height (both sections are adjustable in height), served from the puppy to advanced age 🙂

As for the “natural” topic with wolves. We will not forget that nature is anyway: you survived or not. Crooked/oblique – left offspring – well done (with an emphasis on the first syllable! Stopped – freed the place to others – no one is sorry.

Unlike merciless nature, we, people, wish our four-legged friend not only to live for a long time, but to be beautiful and live happily. And from that “natural” option is somewhat not our topic. It is all the more gratifying that those who advocate for him are still instilled in their pets.

Therefore, in my opinion, it will dwell on a compromise option. When for the dwarf, small and medium-sized tripods (stand) for bowls – this is at the request of the owners. And for large and even more giant breeds, the same tripod (delivery) is a very useful thing.

Adjustment of the height of bowls for dogs

The desired height is selected in height at the withers of an adult. You can easily find such data in the standard of your chosen breed.

By the way, it is gratifying that the volumes of the bowls and the height of the tripod (stand), which they are omnilla, as a rule, are successfully correlated with the weight and height of the dogs at the withers.

Height adjustment:

  • 0.75 L – 15 cm – 27 cm;
  • 1.8 L – 20 cm – 40 cm;
  • 2.8 L – 24 cm – 50 cm;
  • 4.5 L – 28 cm – 60cm.

Dog feeding. Selection of a stand – Jack Russell Terrier

The height of the bowls for Jack Russell
The height of the bowls for Jack Russell

Misks calculated by us the optimal volume of 1. 8 liters are sold with a tripod (stand) with a height of 20-40cm (+ 4 cm of the base). Given that the maximum height at the withers of Russell reaches different sources to 36-38cm, then this is an ideal option in all indicators: both volume and in height.

Dog feeding. Selection of a stand – bull terrier

The height of the bowls for the bull terrier

The branded bowls with a 2. 8l volume are sold complete with a tripod (stand) with a height of 24-50cm.

And although, the maximum height in the withers of the bulter, in my opinion, is more than 55-56cm, in my opinion, more than a rule (my present is by no means a large bully in the withers of 48cm), all the same, a tripod 50cm high (+ 4cm the height of the base) for any bullet will be enough.

Dog feeding. The choice of stand – American Staffordshire Terrier

Stuff height for staff

The maximum standard height of amstaff in all sources is 48cm.

Therefore, like Bulia, a 2. 8l with a volume of 2. 8l and a tripod (stand) with a height of 50 cm (+ 4cm base height) will be more than enough even for a stiff-overgrown.

Dog feeding. The choice of stand – German shepherd

The height of the bowls for the German shepherd

The male of a standard German shepherd at the withers, according to all sources, should not exceed 65cm. Therefore, the most suitable will be the largest tripod with a maximum height of 60cm (+ 4cm base height).

True, this tripod is in a set with 4. 5l bowls. But as we have already decided, the larger volume of bowls for such a large breed as a German shepherd is not a problem.

Tripod / stand for the dog Trixie

R. S. In the practice of using the largest bowls with a volume of 4. 5l, with the highest tripods (stands) 60 cm high, there is a problem with the stability of the design, in view of the insufficient massiveness of its base. Therefore, while the manufacturer, the company Trixie, has not concerned with an intelligent finalization of the best storage container, you need to either additionally modify/fix the base yourself, or look for a similar best storage container from others, more attentive to such trifles of manufacturers (if anyone has a similar best optionIn mind – lightak).

Dog feeding the question is not just multi-sized. Through the efforts of many specialists, he is now still incredibly confused and controversial. Without claiming the truth in the last instance, but only based on scientific data and many years of practice, I will share my opinion on this archive issue.

Which dog food to choose, homemade or dry food?

Definitely high-quality (!) Dry feed. Why? Everything is simple. You can never compose a full-fledged balanced diet for your pet at home! Even to me, the master of filmology, this is not possible, in view of the complete absence of some key data.

Therefore, in order to properly feed the dog with modest average knowledge, you need to either hire a veterinary laboratory (that oh, how is an overhead), or trust professionals – manufacturers of high-quality (!) food for dogs, or just do not give a damn about the health and longevity of their four-legged friend.

How varied is the diet for dogs?

Fadal ancestors awarded their descendants of domestic dogs with a large margin of safety, so necessary for power to eating and carrion. That is why it is difficult to ruin a dog with bad food, but you can. Therefore, if you do not give a damn about the health of a four-legged friend, and keep a veterinary laboratory for a few, then the only remaining worthy option is high-quality (!) Dry feed.

True, there are nuances and pitfalls here. So, on the one hand, the variety of feeds presented on the market can satisfy any requests, which is undoubtedly good. But, on the other hand, the same variety can easily mislead an ignorant person.

The fact is that the food is the feed – discord! And only a beautiful, bright label with a funny sweet dog is its quality is not determined. Rather, even the opposite. Therefore, you need to look not at pictures and coloring, but at the composition that is modestly written with a small, discreet font away from enticing color pictures. It is on it, in this composition, that you can draw primary conclusions about the most important characteristics of the feed: the quality and nutritional value of the best storage container.

Should a dog’s food bowl be raised?

How different is the content of meat in feeds from different brands?

Here, offhand, several descriptions of different compositions.

Even with cursory surface viewing, cardinal differences in the components of the ingredients are immediately thrown into the eyes and, no less important, in their priority. So, it is these, small font spelled out the differences that are key! Because what is more in the stern, then, as the main and most significant component of the ingredient, is carried out in the first place, etc.

Assessing the above sentences from these positions, we immediately note the absence or impossible, a tiny protein component of animal origin: meat and offal. (I don’t know how you, but in the first options, I don’t see meat point blank!) The sad conclusion is obvious: in some versions of feed, meat components are either outrageously small or completely absent!

Therefore, remembering that the dog, according to the scientific classification, belongs to the predatory detachment, and the basis of its nutrition is, first of all, protein best storage containers of animal origin, then it is these very best storage containers that should be the basis of its high-quality feed. Therefore, the so-calledCereal feed, where the meat component is completely absent, is scanty or is not in the first place – our close attention is not worthy (remember this!).

Alas, but also, they do not cause me the confidence of food, where the manufacturer according to some kind of “strange”, which means involuntarily alarming “reason” does not indicate the percentage of the main ingredients! ? I still really do not like abuse of cunning somersaults with, supposedly, different names in virtually the same best storage container. Take a closer look closely. In example No. 1, No. 7, No. 11 and No. 12, corn, corn flour, corn gluten appear Okay, at least twice. But three times! This is how much it should be in the stern of this ingredient in order to reconfigure it three times!

High-quality dog feed. Price / quality of food.

But, in my opinion, examples of feed with a good animal protein component, which is hdog food containerstly indicated in percentage terms. Therefore, stopping at them and deciding with the appropriate percentage of this important component, immediately, along the way, we will evaluate the other reverent side of the issue – the cost. For calculation, we take the largest, that is, the 50 lb profitable dog food storage container for the buyer and compare the price / quality ratio.

Feed with a good animal component

50 lb profitable dog food storage container

Composition (photo) The name of the feed Animal protein composition The most profitable packaging Price? (on 02. 24. 15) Price per kg?
Nutra Gold Pro Breeder
No. 1 Nutra Gold Pro Breeder 40% 20kg 1382 69. 1
Orijen Puppy Large Breed
No. 2 Orijen Puppy Large Breed 80% 13 kg 2223 171
Acana Puppy & Junior
No. 3 Acana Puppy & Junior 50% 18 kg 2099 116. 61
1st Choice Puppies Medium & Large Breeds
No. 4 1st Choice Puppies Medium & Large Breeds 35% 15 kg 1492 99. 47
Eukanuba Puppy Largie Breed
No. 5 Eukanuba Puppy Largie Breed 31% 18kg 1423 79. 06
Pronature Holistic Puppy
No. 6 Pronature Holistic Puppy 45% 13. 6 kg 2023 148. 75
Puppy Healthy Development Mini
No. 7 Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development Mini 40% 7. 5 kg 845. 00 112. 67
No. 8 Purina PRO PLAN PUPPY LARGE BREED 25. 5% 14kg 1126. 50 80. 46

It would seem, definitely, the benefit of the food where there is more meat (as much as 80%!), But. If we calculate, for example, two portions of feed No. 1 of the table, we will get about 80% of the nutritionally more valuable, in comparison with the fish, chicken best storage container, and still for less money!

So the conclusion is the first: the price of food No. 2 of the table, in my opinion, is somewhat overstated. (You can figure out yourself by other feeds yourself.)

In addition, a significant part of the food heeded by the dog is spent on energy needs: the work of internal organs, maintaining constancy of body temperature, muscle activity, digestion, nervous activity, energy consumption for growth Therefore, it turns out that a significant part of the expensive meat component of feed No. 2 of the table is not consumed on the tableAnabolism (the formation and updating of the structural parts of cells and tissues), but simply burns.

Yes, according to scientific research, unlike a person, the dog is able to miraculously exist for a long time exclusively and only on high-white best storage containers of animal origin. But this is an extreme option for the north, where trouble is with carbohydrates.

When, in addition to, undoubtedly, a valuable and important protein animal component, there are also cheaper carbohydrates in access, it is much more reasonable to use them as a source of easily accessible energy, instead of expensive and energy-consuming high-protein best storage containers of animal origin, not so rational, both in biochemical and economically.

That is why, I think that the manufacturer of feed No. 1 of the table, having these same carbohydrates in stock, uses them without losing the quality of the best storage container, but in one way, along the way, facilitating the digestion of dogs, and their life not the richest owners.

Violence: snorty of sort of meat – this, in the non-copper Rode, chic, for which the same break is not a small day. Lead the soglas of the cinological science: “The largest part (by energy value) in the diets of dogs should fall on carbohydrates (sugars, starch, fiber). They are the main source of energy, providing 70% of the total amount of diet.

Well, and once science, not against, then it is a nica. It is pain that such an entrance is treated cheap and easily for the equipment not the most thick wheel: the part of the bolky livestock best storage containers on the energy of the bolky livestock best storage containers is replaced.

But the Uglovodes to the Uglovis – Roll! Teaching that the intestine has a brief short and disagreement on the issue is easily digested by the pisch, which is in the rabilial and omnivorous mullet (in the number of people), then the extent of the questionnaires. Glubtyvaty, the mole of the ceiling in the bolting of grain, inhibitors of piscillary in legumes, as well as specifically specific raster glyuten, mowing in the bolt of the phenomen.

Here, the better variant of the exgiarian sprout all the rice, and as the depot of the depot of the energy of the easily wound, and as the practice of the gluten-free dyetetic best storage container. Poem, exterior – pay.

I, oriented for the consumption of this/cat: – sufficiently sore percentage of meat of Kuritsa (20%) – a full-dodnon thinner of unmarried amino acids;- not a member 18% of chicken by-best storage containers – the soutler of the amino acids, vitamin, mineral suits;- the most Bolshay percentage of the trait (18%) – a boat dietary is a well-designed exterminated;, barley and ows). But this is not all.

Dog feed. The focus of the forage is due to the analms of need.

The question that is one of the first to arise for each owner: is it possible to trust the composition indicated on the bag? About the feeds of the “our” production of I “will not say anything. But the feeds of the Western manufacturer made for the Western consumer, I trust. The thing is that there, in the West, into a real national sport, there was a desire to catch someone in the inconsistency of the declared parameters and lower the $ millions. Therefore, existing in such rigid conditions of total control, the Western manufacturer for each indicated position is literally responsible. If not with the head, then the wallet for sure!

The second faithful guideline of the suitable for your four-legged favorite of high-quality food will be the “reaction to it” the dog herself. It is important to remember that the so-called “recommended dosage” is only the starting point of the reference and nothing more! But the incorrect interpretation of the term “recommended dosage” is not only a cunning and insidious loophole for unscrupulous manufacturers, and in addition, a common mistake that completely deprives the owners of the opportunity to choose a really suitable home pet food. So far, it is no longer too late.

For example, a dog eats a recommended portion without a trace. Whether she has eaten or not – you do not know in this case – the pet will not tell you about it. And, meanwhile, the unsatisfied appetite is the first obvious sign of navigation of nutrition! It looks completely different when the dog eats food-“how much will eat. “After all, if the dog eats food, leaving the rest in the bowl, and at the same time it is active and healthy: it does not get fat, does not lose weight, it does not slam it, has no problems with wool, does not get sick. – So, the feed is cool and in the balance of the ingredients your pet is completely suitable.

For example, this is how my dogs and stuff react to the feed by me. If the picture of the reaction to the dog’s feed is directly opposite and your four-legged favorite: gets fat, loses, it is slaughter, problems with wool appear, and sick. – Feeding your dog is not suitable for the balance (low quality, remember, we excluded at the very beginning).

Then everything is simple. The food needs to be changed to no less high-quality, but with a more suitable balance for your dog. So everything is simple and quite logical.

Example. A year ago, I worked in Borispol with a client who had two puppies at once: Labradorchik 4. 5 months and 4 months old sheep.

gradually increasing the dose

In the process of work, we also touched on the topic of feeding. The owner told what kind of food he feeds, and in order to determine whether the food is really suitable for puppies, I recommended gradually increasing the dose of food until the moment when the kids start leaving food in the bowls. See you in a week. I’m wondering how you’re doing. – Labrador, – says the owner. – He eats up, leaves food in the bowl and normally spoils. But the shepherd eats, as if not in himself, and shits with diarrhea. “Sure,” I conclude. Show the food you feed your baby. The owner takes out a bag. I read: ” COMPOSITION: poultry flour 33%, zhito. ” Stop! As we have sorted out, if there is no specific indication of meat with a percentage designation, these are by-best storage containers!

This means that the nutritional value of the animal protein component is not as high as mixtures with a separate percentage indication of meat and offal. Moreover, it is not clear what kind of bird? Go and guess: what if they chopped up budgies there or drove an ostrich and ground it? ! In addition, in super-premium class feeds, carbohydrates should be primarily represented by rice, and here “zhito”. I look up at the name and see that it says “premium” above it. Everybody! I have no complaints about the manufacturer. Dog food containerstly indicated the lower class of his feed, which corresponds to a lower quality composition! Who recommended this food to you? – I’m interested in the client. – Labrador breederper! Everything immediately fell into place! An experienced breeder of Labradors, considering that the Labrador, as a breed, is inclined to be overweight in itself, chose a less saturated food for her pets. As a result of such a correct selection, the Labrador puppy felt great on this storage container.

However, for a German Shepherd puppy, which had a much greater growth potential, this food turned out to be low-nutrient and absolutely unsuitable in terms of balance. Therefore, the poor shepherd dog could not get enough of them either, overeating literally to the “shit”, but without getting the urgently needed amount of nutrients. As soon as we changed the food to a more suitable and nutritionally valuable super-premium class, the problems with diarrhea disappeared, and at the same time the puppy began to fill up and leave the food in the bowl. However, if the owner of his shepherd continued to feed according to the “recommended dosage” – the unfortunate shepherd dog, chronically hungry, would grow up as an underfed “Buchendwald strong man. “And the question would no longer be about breeding value, but about the health of the poor scumbag. Thank God we caught on soon!

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