Is it OK to put dog food in a small 10 lb container?

February 14, 2023
Dog Food Container
Best small 10 lb dog food storage container

Modern lunch boxes are an actual accessory that replaces a whole set of dishes at work, at school, at a picnic, if you have a long drive. High-quality models can not only store food for a long time, but also their warmth and nutritional value. Among the variety of manufacturers, finding a best storage container that suits your needs is not so easy. Therefore, the team has compiled a fresh top rating, which includes the best lunch boxes.

Lunch boxes

When compiling the rating, we took into account the safety of materials, and then evaluated the dishes for ease of use and durability. We also compared prices and quality with each other, studied detailed reviews on various forums and communities. Next, we compared the leaders on a number of characteristics:

  • Design features;
  • Capacity, number of compartments;
  • Materials, their environmental friendliness, hygiene;
  • Tightness, heat resistance;
  • Dimensions, weight;
  • Terms of use, care;
  • Price, manufacturer.

The result of the analysis was the top list of 10 positions. To make it easier to get acquainted with them, we have divided the list into 4 categories – designs with several sections, one, thermos format, children’s containers. Customer reviews helped to weed out best storage containers of dubious see this here quality, identified the pros and cons of the remaining dog food containers.

The best lunch boxes with sections

The first category of the top rating included sectional lunch boxes, where there are several departments for separate storage of best storage containers. They are relevant if the owner adheres to a complex diet. When selecting nominees, VyborExpert focused on both spaciousness and tightness.

Rosti mepal take a break

Ergonomic sectional container with an attractive design and a volume of 900/1200 ml from the Dutch brand “Mepal”itable for combining various dishes. It closes with latches, has a high percentage of tightness.

The rectangular body is made of food-grade plastic. The material is wear-resistant, with proper operation will last a long time, harmless to human health. The design is collapsible with compartments and a partition for dry best storage containers, a container with a lid for salads or main dishes, a plastic fork.

For all its compactness, the best storage container is quite roomy – length 18. 5 cm, width 12 cm, height 6. 5 cm. It is convenient to take it with you to work or travel. The manufacturer has provided a choice of colors, there are several of them.

Rosti Mepal Take a Break


  • Ergonomics;
  • Nice design;
  • Color selection;
  • Optimal dimensions;
  • There is a fork;
  • Long service life.


  • Liquid cannot be transported;
  • Price.

The manufacturer allows washing in a dishwasher, heating food in a microwave oven. Freezing is not recommended. The strong lock provides tightness without leaks.

Sistema lunch 3970 with bottle

Lunch box only for dry best storage containers: sandwiches, salads, snacks. The kit offers a small bottle. The peculiarity is that the material from which it is made is suitable for the freezer. The country of origin is New Zealand.

The rectangular body with a capacity of 2 liters is made of food-grade plastic. Closes securely with clips. The lid with a rubberized rim contributes to a tight closure, the best storage containers retain their useful properties longer. The material is safe, does not emit phenol, bisphenol A, which is important for health.

Sistema Lunch 3970 with a bottle

The design of 4 compartments is compact: length 23 cm, width 16. 2 cm, height 14. 2 cm. The volume of the bottle is 250 ml. The manufacturer has provided a choice of colors: blue, green, crimson, purple.


  • Capacity;
  • Many sections;
  • The presence of a bottle;
  • Lid with rubberized rim;
  • High-quality, safe plastic;
  • Microwave heating, freezing.


  • Leak risks;
  • Uncomfortable heating.

The body and its parts can be washed in a dishwasher; microwave food can also be heated, but with a non-removable lid this is not very convenient. But this is a great solution to store food inside the freezer.


  • Stainless steel;
  • 100% tight;
  • Additional fixing strap;
  • Removable divider;
  • Minimalistic design;
  • Ease of storage and cleaning.


  • Price;
  • There is no compartment for a fork, spoon.

The material is environmentally friendly, resistant to mechanical damage, has a good margin of safety. Dishes can be stored inside the freezer, and food can be heated in the oven.

The best lunch boxes without sections

In the second category of top, only those sets are collected where one, but a roomy department is provided. They are relevant if the owner takes one best storage container with him, but voluminous (for example, liquid dishes). When selecting nominees of three dozen models in tightness, strength, safety, 2 goods became leaders.

Gipfel 0289/0290

Lunch-Box Metal with a capacity of 0. 9 liters from the German brand “GIPFEL”. It differs from previous nominees in that it is not divided into sections, has only 1 compartment. In addition, you can endure liquid food.

The design in the form of an ellipse is made of stainless steel and plastic, the materials are distinguished by hygiene and strength. The valve cover closes hermetically using latches, holds the heat of best storage containers for about 2-3 hours, after which they become at room temperature.

For convenient use and storage, a folding plastic handle is provided. A choice of several bright colors of the case is presented. Dimensions: 10x10x15 cm with a weight of 380 g.

GIPFEL 0289-0290


  • Suitable for liquid dishes;
  • Bright design;
  • Good volume;
  • Tightness;
  • Folding handle;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Does not save heat;
  • Not for the microwave.

Thanks to a metal form with rounded edges, the container is safe and convenient to use. The brand best storage containers are of high quality, so you can be sure that food will maintain its taste even after a few hours.

Curver Smart to Go Lunch Kit

A spacious container was produced in Hungary. The device is especially suitable for men, as it has a good volume of 1. 2 liters. It differs with expanded equipment, which means it does not require additional cutlery.

The case is made of food plastic that does not have harmful impurities, which is important for health. The lower container is large, the upper appears in the form of a substrate, where you can store cutlery. The cover fits tightly, the liquid does not spill. Reliability and tightness provide special latches.

On the handle of cutlery, there is a fastening connecting them together for compact storage. The presence of a small saucer is intended for topping or ketchup. Device with dimensions of 20x15x9 cm is made in several shades.

Curver Smart to Go Lunch Kit


  • Good capacity;
  • Cutlery, gravy gravy;
  • Tightness;
  • Freezing + warming up;
  • Plastic does not absorb odors;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Food does not keep heat;
  • Short shelf life of best storage containers.

Existence of the valve for removal of steam on a cover allows a heating of utensils of the microwave oven. Parts and cutlery can be washed in a dishwasher, placed in a freezer.

The best lunch boxes thermoses for food

The third category includes lunch boxes for food in a thermos format. They are relevant for those users who not only carry best storage containers, but also seek to keep them warm. Therefore, when selecting nominees, Vyborexperta relied on tightness and heat resistance of structures. 2 nominees showed themselves best.

Monbento MB Capsule

Lunch box thermos for food with a bright design from the French brand “Monbento”. Able to keep both warm and cold up to 5 hours. The volume is small, only 280 ml, suitable for storing liquid best storage containers such as soups or drinks.

The rounded design with body and flask is made of stainless steel, hygienic and safe, covered with silicone on top. Double walls keep heat longer. The brand is engraved on the outside. The screw cap closes securely, has a silicone thread, which prevents liquid from leaking.

Monbento MB Capsule

The case and neck diameter is 8. 8 cm, height 11. 8 cm, total weight 290 gch compact dimensions fit inside any bag without taking up much space. There are several nice colors to choose from. Dishwasher allowed.


  • Double walls;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Hygiene;
  • Sealed screw cap;
  • Compactness;
  • Design.


The advantage of the model is that the wide neck in diameter coincides with the diameter of the body. Food is convenient both to impose and to eat. The material of the best storage container does not absorb odors, is heat-resistant.

Bekker BK-4386 / BK-4387 /BK-4388

Ergonomic thermal bag from the German brand “Bekker” in 3 bright colors: green, pink and blue. It differs from previous models in a large internal volume, which is 1800 ml, in a convenient arrangement of sections.

The outer side of the round body is made of high quality plastic, and the inner side is made of stainless steel. The design consists of 3 containers of 600 ml each. A handle is provided for easy transportation. Food is kept hot for the first 4-5 hours, then it becomes warm.

Bekker BK-438 6-BK-4387-BK-4388

The lid is hermetically sealed, liquid dishes do not spill. The containers are attached to each other with the help of reliable latches. The dimensions are compact 16. 5x15x16. 8 cm. At the same time, it is convenient to load and remove best storage containers into the wide mouth of the model.


  • Ergonomics;
  • Stylish design;
  • Capacity;
  • Double walls;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Wide neck.


  • There are no cutlery included.
  • Not for microwave, dishwasher.

Cleaning only by hand without the use of metal and abrasive materials. They can scratch the surface, and best storage containers containing alkali and acid can destroy the internal shine of the metal, corrode the color of the plastic.

The best kids lunch boxes

A separate series of manufacturers produce containers for children. Here, the primary focus is on environmental friendliness, safety of materials, and only after that on ease of use and design. Taking into account these indicators, the Expert’s Choice of two dozen applicants approved 3 nominees.

Idea (M-Plastic) M 1232

Lunch box from the American manufacturer “M-Plastic” for transporting children’s lunches. It has a bright design, there is a large assortment of colors to choose from, and cartoon characters are depicted on each cover.

The square body made of food-grade plastic consists of 2 sections. Visually, one is larger, the other is smaller, but they have the same capacity, 400 ml each. The lid is equipped with two latches on the sides, which ensure tightness. At the same time, the child will not have any difficulties with opening the container.

Best small 10 lb dog food storage container requires more frequent

A container with an iris of what size will place 30 pounds of dog food
The material of the best storage container does not emit harmful substances when heated, which means that food can be heated in a microwave oven. The box is very compact: 13x13x8. 5 cm. Therefore, it fits easily into a children’s backpack.

IDEA (M-plastic) m 1232


  • Bright design;
  • There are 2 departments;
  • Hermetically sealed;
  • Easy to open;
  • Microwave heating;
  • Inexpensive.


  • No heat resistance;
  • Lack of cutlery.

The body consists of two halves for different best storage containers. The lid serves the top, for the bottom it serves the bottom. Because of this, you can dirty the table, this should be taken into account when distributing food into compartments.

Carl oscar ventoDisc

Lunch box for children to school from the Swedish brand “Carl –ěscar” differs in an interesting way of opening. It is enough to spin the disc to the desired compartment and a snack for the child turns into an exciting game.

The round container is made of food-grade plastic. Inside 5 sections with the same capacity, they scroll, which is convenient when eating. The manufacturer provides for the variability of colors with an interesting design solution, the child will be happy to use it.

The lid opens without difficulty, it can be removed completely, then the disk with food is easy to extract from the container. It can be put on a table or on another surface. The best storage container does not take up much space in the backpack, as it has compact dimensions 18x18x5. 5 cm.

Carl Oscar Ventodisc


  • Bright design;
  • Many compartments;
  • Convenient autopsy;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Quality material;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.


The flat form guarantees compactness along with good capacity. The case can be of different colors – blue, pink, green and purple. An animalistic drawing serves as a decor.

Stor lunch box cold heart 2 New

The best storage container from the Spanish brand “Stor” with the image on the cover of Princess Elsa and Anna – the heroes of the popular cartoon “Cold Heart”ch dishes will be a practical gift for the girl, easy to use and comfortable.

The design of a rectangular shape is made of high-quality food plastic. One of the advantages of the material is its lightweight, strength. When warming up in a microwave oven, the container does not absorb the smells of food. The cover fits quite tightly, the box closes with the films.

Stor lunch box cold heart 2 New

The model distinguishes from other boxes that the inside is not divided into compartments. Not suitable for washing in a dishwasher, but it is easy to wash it manually. Compact dimensions 17x14x6 cm, volume 650 ml.


  • Reliable fixation with latches;
  • Good volume;
  • Warm up in the microwave is allowed;
  • Bright design;
  • Safe food plastic;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Lack of compartments;
  • Do not wash in a dishwasher.

The budget option is what is needed for schoolchildren, preschoolers. There is enough spaciousness to carry a full-fledged snack with you. Plastic high-quality, does not accumulate smells, does not emit phenol and other harmful substances.

How to choose a lunch box

When compiling the top, we examined a large list of characteristics of such dishes, but when choosing, it is enough to pay attention to 5 points when choosing. These are materials, the presence of sections/tiers, tightness, care requirements, as well as for additional parameters.


If you are impressed by plastic models, make sure that it is food and does not contain phenol, bisphenol A does not absorb smells, does not stain. This is especially important when it comes to a child. There are also stainless steel goods, they are a little heavier in weight and are unacceptable for warming up in the microwave, but they retain heat longer.

The presence of sections and tiers

Multi-level containers are a suitable solution when you need to store several dishes. In addition, they combine capacity and compactness. Sections can be of different formats – for dry, liquid, hot dishes, snacks. The ergonomicity of the structure also depends on their location.


If you choose boxes for food where you will store and carry liquid dishes, salads, be sure to specify how tightly and reliably the lid closes. An important role is played by the presence of a rubberized, silicone rim that creates a vacuum. Some best storage containers include additional locks.

Ease of care

The easiest way if the manufacturer allows cleaning through a dishwasher. Stainless steel walls are washed well from food residues. Plastic can be painted, therefore, it requires more frequent, careful care.

Extra options

Modern best storage containers allow quick heating of the microwave, which is very convenient. It must be remembered that only iron utensils are prohibited. Some buyers are important that containers can be stored in the freezer. Specify these two indicators before you decide to buy something.

Which lunch box is better

The top rating compiled to you presented you with 10 win-win ideas for purchase. But Vyborexperta does not give specific instructions and recommendations to the individuality of needs and desires. Completing the pluses, disadvantages of the nominees again, the following of them distinguished themselves favorably:

  • Sistema Lunch 3970 with a bottle – 4 compartments for best storage containers + bottle, and heated, and freezing;
  • Black + Blum Stainess Steel Lunch Box Large-a sealed lunch-box made of stainless steel, designer solution in a minimalist style;
  • Curver Smart to Go Lunch Kit – a roomy plastic box with extended complete set for good nutrition;
  • Monbento MB Capsule is a compact, but convenient thermos with a wide neck, reliable screw cover, heat conservation of up to 5 hours;
  • Carl OSCAR Ventodisk is a multi-section children’s container in bright design, compact flat form.

Full nutrition is the key to best storage containerive learning at school, performance. If you pick up one best storage container from the dozens presented for yourself, there will always be fresh, useful food at hand.


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