What is the best Chewy dry dog food brands?

April 20, 2023
Chewy Dog Food
chewy dog food brands

We research, review, and recommend the best Chewy products. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a referral fee. Many thanks to the readers who support BestDogFood.expert.

Do you want to get best Chewy dog food brands for the lovely pets? We know you do, therefore just follow our detailed pet food review.

Retailer Chewy provides many different brands of dog food. But sometimes you don’t know what food to choose for your pet. Don’t worry, we can help you with this matter. Also, it will be useful to know which brands make really high-quality and nutritious food for our beloved dogs.

The ranking of Chewy dog food is based on the following metrics: customer reviews, sales popularity, value for money product, food composition, class of dog food crafted by brand.





  • Blue Buffalo. Excellent quality dog food
  • Royal Canin Dog Food. Wide variety of dry and wet food
  • Victor dog food. The company selects only fresh and organic ingredients
  • Purina Pro Plan. The brand that has been making high-quality nutrition for over a hundred years.
  • Rachael Ray Dog Food. Wide variety of natural products. Made from genuine and delightful ingredients, Nutrish offers the excellent treat for pets.
  • Nutro dog food. The company produces a big variety of animal supplies.
  • Pedigree dog food. Discover Pedigree range of adult dogs and puppies dry dog food including grain as a source of animal protein of meat by-products.
  • Orijen dog food. Premium and unique nutrition with a perfectly balanced combination of meat proteins.
  • Merrick Dog Food. The top maker’s objective is to prepare and provide consumers with best quality supply.
  • Diamond Naturals dog food. The brand produces superior nutrition using the highest quality ingredients.

    Why is Chewy better than PetSmart?

    Chewy offers a great shopping experience that’s more suitable for dog owners, with 24/7 customer support and fast free shipping on orders over $49. In addition, Chewy boasts a wider range of dog brands and products, including many exclusive options not found on PetSmart. Chewy offers a wide variety of brands and over 2000 dog foods including Blue Buffalo, Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin and many more. Using the online search tools and filters provided by Chewy, you can easily find the perfect brand for your pet by taking into account various factors such as age, breed and dietary requirements.

    Comparison of Chewy and PetSmart

    You can buy chewy dog food conveniently through Chewy’s website or app. They have a wide range of brands and flavors to select from, and you can establish regular deliveries to guarantee that your furry friend always has their preferred food available.

    The excellent Stella and Chewy food for small and large dogs

    Chewy and Stella dog food retailer offers pet owners a great raw diet and perfect nutrition. Plus, freeze-dried Beef Dinner Patties filled with many healthy elements. Stella & Chewy’s wide variety of the nutrition lets pet lovers to have a choice of different flavors of mixers. Moreover, the maker sells only the best and high quality products for out furry pets. Therefore, follow link and get the best Beef Patties or Chicken Meal Mixers for small and large dogs.

    Comparison of pet food brands: Orijen vs Taste of the Wild

    We’ve joined one of the best superfoods on the market, ORIJEN Tundra, who orders the cure of time. Great formula ORIJEN Tundra considers superfoods and quite hard to find compared to the Taste of the Wild High Prairie we’ve reviewed before, love High Prairie formula so much.

    Taste of the Wild High Prairie ingredient list:

    Taste of the Wild High Prairie ingredients

    The first ingredients are Water Buffalo, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Egg Product, Pea Protein, Peas, Potatoes, Chicken Fat, Tomato Pomace. So, that sounds pretty good, there’s flaxseed oil. There is some potato fiber, but overall, it sounds like a pretty good recipe and is well balanced. We always want to see boneless protein without by-products.

    Now dive into the ORIJEN Tundra ingredient list:

    ORIJEN Tundra ingredient list

    Firstly, we see the wonderful ingredients in ORIJEN Tundra dog food:

    Meat & Poultry Organs Fish


    Duck Liver Arctic Char


    Lamb Liver Whole Pilchard


    Pork Liver Rainbow Trout





    Nutritious Ingredients:

    Eggs, Whole Chickpeas, Lamb Meal, Whitefish Meal, Blue Whiting Meal, Mutton Meal, Herring Meal, Mackerel Meal.

    Secondly, boneless flour is good. What we see is a lot of different proteins. By the way, if you notice at the bottom, it says that the products are delivered fresh and without preservatives. These are natural ingredients. Therefore, ORIJEN Tundra is all-natural food, it’s organic, and its super food. It’s exciting to see ORIJEN Tundra using these great ingredients. Hence, our dogs receive completely natural biological food.

    Watch a video here comparing and testing these two feeds Taste of the Wild vs Orijen.

    The best puppy food brand for purchase on Chewy: American Journey

    The Best

    First 5 Ingredients

    • Deboned Salmon

    • Chicken Meal

    • Turkey Meal

    • Peas

    • Sweet Potatoes

    3,578 kcal/kg







    Firstly, this is good puppy food. Therefore, it is full of nutrients that contribute to the active and healthy life of growing puppies every day. Most importantly, the food is free of grains, gluten, artificial additives and flavors, dyes and other harmful additives. In addition, the composition includes real salmon, sweet potatoes and proteins necessary for the pet to maintain an active life. However, American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato contains fruits, carrots, blueberries and other healthy foods. Hence, it provides pet fiber and antioxidants that are good for proper digestion.
    Secondly, American Journey puppy food for large breeds is free of soy, corn, wheat and other unwanted additives. Of course, you can view dry dog food ratings, but we recommend you order that dry food for pets: American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food.

    Main benefits:

    • Real salmon
    • Grain free & no glutens & no artificial colors
    • Natural ingredients, including fibers
    • Rich in nutrients and minerals
    • Includes chickpeas, sweet potatoes, carrots 🥕
    • Made in USA

    What types of dog food are the top Chewy brands making?

    There are four classes of Chewys dog food:

    1. Economy: Some Chewy brands produce dog food that is low in natural ingredients, high in soy and grains, and flavored. The advantage of this class is the affordable price.

    2. Premium: These are branded foods that include meat/fish, rice and vegetables (such as beets or potatoes). There are by-products, but good quality.

    3. Super Premium: This is a natural and balanced product for dogs from trusted brands of Chewy’s dog food, as it contains only real meat, contains a minimum of grains, and no artificial flavors.

    4. Holistic: the components that go into these feeds undergo strict quality control. Holistic dog food brands do not use preservatives or flavors.

    How to choose the right brand of food on Chewy for your dog?

    The composition of dog food plays an important role in choosing the right brand of Chewy for your dog’s healthy diet.

    When choosing a diet, carefully read the information on the label. Typically, Chewy’s trusted brands prioritize the ingredient that is most in the dog food formula.

    Shanna Derrick

    Pay special attention to these parameters:

    1. The presence of meat: ideally it is a turkey, chicken or beef, preferably boneless.

    2. Types of cereals: the most useful are brown rice or barley, the rest can either be poorly absorbed or provoke allergies.

    3. The presence of vitamins and minerals: Of course, it is better if the dog food contains fruits or vegetables. Also, dog food from the best brands on Chewy is additionally enriched with vitamin complexes.

    Important! Keep in mind that a dog may be hypersensitive or allergic to one or another type of product. This is not a sign of poor quality food or brand, but a feature of your pet.

    Jump to the list of the best Chewy dog food brands you can trust without fear of consequences for your pets, except for allergies and individual intolerances.

    How to rate brands of dog food on Chewy?

    Each owner wants only the best for his pet and strives to provide him with a long happy life. The latter largely depends on proper feeding. In this article, we’ll show you how to evaluate the quality of dry dog food on Chewy and choose the best brand.

    The perfect products to pick for adult dogs

    perfect chewy pet food brandsBest dog food from brands like Chewy retailer sells the big selection of the brands and pet supply online. People who keep the pets can go through all the brands and select the right one for adult dogs. Besides that, the shipping is included if you buy over the internet.  Thus, don’t wait too long to decide, just follow the link and pick the brand you like to.

    The easiest way to buy dry or raw products online for dogs

    buy stella chewy dry raw pet food at ChewyChewy’s food for dogs online is available to order for all the pet owners. This retailer carries lots of pet supply for different animals. It is very easy to buy any pet product over the internet. In addition, there is a quick delivery to any place. For example, here is a link to all the pet related supply that you can purchase.

    see the best dog food brands on chewy

    The biggest companies in the industry is ready to sell any pet supply

    chewy companyThe Chewy company is an online retailer that offers people who keep dogs the high-quality pet supply. It runs successfully the pet product business over the internet. Besides that, Chewy has recently outrun the Amazon in the pet market. Also, Chewy sells over 90 brands and pet products such as dog food and treats, cat food and treats, flea treatments, soap and other supply. In a proper way, the company has been growing fast, therefore it will have a future.

    The top site Chewy.com dog food to order pet supply

    chewy com dog food online retailerChewy.com dog food online retailer that offers people the pet related products. Moreover, it carries many different brands and their products for the pet owners. Here shoppers can get the great deals and the coupons on a wide selection of the pet supply as well as free delivery. Accordingly this online retailer is growing day by day and its popularity among all the dog lovers.

    The best quality Soft dry pet food to buy for large breeds

    best quality soft chewy bdand of dry dog foodThe highest quality dry pet food is perfect for small, large breeds and animals. The food formula does not contain any aggressive elements, glutens, artificial colors and additions. Most importantly, it is grain free and totally safe for your pets to eat. In addition, the soft food includes novel protein, fresh and real meat of buffalo 🐂, peas, potatoes 🥔, right minerals to boost the energy that needed for active needs of the lovely one. Moreover, the soft food made from fresh vegies, chicory root, fruits, and other healthy elements to support right digestion.  Therefore, most experts advise to order and try this product:

    Taste of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Pet supply High Prairie Puppy

    Roasted Venison & Bison

    Main benefits:

    • Real meat of buffalo 🐂
    • Grain free & no glutens & no artificial flavors
    • Natural ingredients, including vitamins
    • Rich in nutrients and minerals
    • Made in USA

    The fastest delivery meal for dogs anywhere

    fastest delivery service for Chewy pet foodChewy supply for your dog delivery is the quickest around. Most importantly that’s really matters when you get home after your work and realize that you forgot to grab the food for furry one. Besides that, Chewy runs the best delivery service for pet food. Therefore, it is no wonder that people love to use that service for the pet food delivery. They help the people to keep their home stocked with the pet meals. For example, check this link out puppy food reviews for large breeds.

    Choose Chewy Dog Crates

    We are often asked the question, which cage is good for a dog? Therefore, our expert has selected good cages on the Chewy website for small and large dogs. On the page you will find the advantages and parameters of each dog crate.

    best Chewy dog crates for large dogs

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