How many pounds of dog food will fit in a 28-quarter container

February 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
How many pounds of dog food will fit in a 28-quarter container

Chalus dog food how much is needed per day

The manufacturer produces several varieties of chapping. Sold both wet food and dry. As indicated on the pack, only natural ingredients were used in production, without adding artificial flavors and dyes. This type of food is developed in industrial conditions, taking into account the physiological needs of the animal.


Among the varieties of the finished diet for dogs, it is considered the most useful. It differs in that it consists of 75%liquid. This species has a convenient packaging – packaging weighing 100 g, designed for one-time reception. For dogs of large breeds, options for 400 g. Inside there are delicious pieces in meat broth. The manufacturer claims that the feed is equally well absorbed by representatives of both large and small breeds, which indicates its versatility.


Sold in hermetically sealed dog food storage containers that contain dry granules. The composition of this finished diet for dogs and puppies is practically no different from canned. However, veterinarians believe that the assimilation of dry food for dogs is worse than wet. This type is not recommended to be used constantly.

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Near the cup where the dry substance is poured, there should always be a bowl filled with water. The liquid helps to maintain a water-salt balance in the dog’s body.


Before transferring a pet to a new diet, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the composition of the feed. It is recommended to undergo complementary foods gradually so that there is no allergy to any of the components. Chappi belongs to the feed of the economy class, so the meat in it is only 15% of the total composition. In addition to this component, the following best storage containers are contained here:

  • Brewer's yeast;
  • Carrot;
  • Soy protein;
  • Vitamins – C, D, B12;
  • Cereals;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Alfalfa;
  • Animal fats;
  • Cellulose;
  • Minerals;
  • Corn gluten.

Basic feed lines

“Chappi” as a commodity brand has four main rulers. Thanks to this, every housewife will be able to choose the right nutrition for her dog. The type of feed is chosen in accordance with the characteristics of the animal.

On the official website you can find many photos of chapping for dogs: meat plates, diets with beef, meals for puppies, etc.

Grass-rich herbs in the Chappie line called the "meat plate" contribute to the good health of the dog. Nettle improves digestion, and the presence of chamomile contributes to the proper functioning of the kidneys.

Vitamins will strengthen the joints of the dog. Beer yeast, minerals and meat will strengthen the immunity of the dog and improve its wool. The food is suitable for all adult dogs.


It produces 4 types of Chappi feed. Thanks to this choice, owners of different breeds can use any type, given the data of the pet. The following options are presented in the feed line:

  1. Beef at home.
  2. Meat abundance.
  3. Appetizing chicken.
  4. Meat plate.

Dry food has different dog food storage containers. The packaging may contain from 600 g to 15 kg. This is especially convenient for the owners of dogs of large breeds, who have to purchase a large amount of food. All best storage containers, without exception, have a similar composition and differ only in consistency, volume and main taste.

Description of best storage containers

The low price of chapping for dogs made it one of the most popular goods. Owners of four-legged pets leaves the most positive reviews about the feed on the sites.

Numerous buyers are surprised not only of cheapness, but also by its availability. Dry food is sold everywhere: in huge supermarkets and in small stores and kiosks.

The goods are packed on dog food storage containers that are different in volume. The minimum packaging volume is 2. 5 kg, the largest pack – chapping for dogs 15 kgch a large bag is usually sold at a better price.


In order to correctly calculate the amount of feed for the day and for a single reception, the owner must know the weight of his dog. Also, for the correct calculation of the portion, its lifestyle and age should be taken into account.

The body weight of the animal is the main indicator. When calculating the portion volume, it is better to be guided by the average data specified on the packaging. It is recommended to give the next amount of feed per day:

  • Up to 10 kg – 175 g;
  • 10-25 kg-350 g;
  • 25-40 kg-500 g;
  • From 60 kg – 680 g.

The dosage prescribed on the dog food storage container is divided into the number of meals. The pet, which is kept on the street, should receive feeding 30-40% more.

The amount of prepared Chappi food per day is determined individually. After the introduction of a new diet, it is recommended to weigh the pet once a week, then the owner will be able to determine whether to increase the feeding rate or not.

For puppies, the amount of prepared food should be calculated differently. After babies completely switch to solid food at 2-2. 5 months, they grow rapidly. In this case, it is better to consult a veterinarian so that he correctly calculates the serving size.

Advantages and disadvantages

When choosing this food as the main one, the owner must take into account its disadvantages and advantages. The advantages of the finished Chappi diet include:

How many pounds of dog food will fit in a 28-quarter container unable to fully meet the

How many pounds of dog food will fit in a 28-quarter container

  • The presence of herbs, minerals, cereals and vegetables;
  • Affordable price;
  • Varied best storage container line.

An avid dog lover. Work experience in veterinary medicine since 2009.

It also has the advantage of being free of preservatives. However, this storage container belongs to the category of an economy class, so it is unlikely that it contains natural meat components without flavor enhancers and preservatives.

The main disadvantage of the diet is the composition. There is no exact indication of which types of cereals are used. According to experts, the ingredients contained in this food are unable to fully meet the nutritional needs of the pet.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chappie feed

All the advantages of Chappie food are listed above. These dry foods are inexpensive, have a good composition, have the necessary minerals and vitamins.

But at the same time, food may not be suitable for some dogs due to the individual properties of the body. Some components may cause side effects. In addition, there is no therapeutic line of dry food "Chappie".

But the vast majority of dog owners give rave reviews about this food. They talk about improving the health of the pet, so they recommend boldly buying this food to anyone who still doubts.

The right dosage of Chappie dog food, regular walks – and your four-legged friend will be cheerful and happy!

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Reviews of veterinarians

An attentive owner always first of all studies the opinions of specialists talking about the pros and cons of using food. According to veterinarians, the best storage container belongs to the category of cheap, so you should not expect a quick improvement in the appearance of your pet. However, it contains a small percentage of meat and quality protein components that are essential for dog nutrition.

Compared to competitors in this price range, Chappie is a good food. It is suitable for feeding young healthy dogs with no problems with the digestive system. For old, weakened animals, you need to choose better options, this must be taken into account when choosing food.


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