Cute 50 lb dog food container ideas

February 15, 2023
Dog Food Container
Cute 50 lb dog food container ideas

��Best dog bowls for 2023

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A pet can bring a share of positive in the life of any person. But along with him come duties and responsibilities for his life and further development. A four-legged friend will grow up completely healthy if he feels the manifestation of care, affection and warmth. Health monitoring also plays an important role. To do this, you must strictly adhere to the rules of caring for a dog. The first thing a new owner should take care of is the complete nutrition of the puppy. It's not just about following a certain regimen. An improperly selected bowl can nullify a strictly adjusted diet.

General information

Where to put?

One of the primary tasks that the owner faces is the organization of a place for eating. It must be in the right place and fully correspond to natural living conditions.

This is an untouchable permanent territory used to satisfy hunger and thirst. It has been taught since childhood.

There are a number of specific requirements for the place:

  • Spacious area, it must be taken into account that the dog will grow over time;
  • Drafts, air conditioners, heaters and high levels of humidity are unacceptable;
  • The best option is the corner of the kitchen, or hallway, it is strictly forbidden to place it near the entrance to the apartment;
  • For a pet living on the street, it is necessary to protect this place in the aviary and put up a canopy.

It is important to keep clean. Bowls should be washed after each meal, water should be changed regularly, and racks and coasters should be cleaned periodically.

Optimal amount of dishes

The dog does not need many things, for a normal life a minimum is enough for her. Everyone should have their own bowl. Dear ceramic dishes or an inexpressive iron plate remaining from past generations, this, as a rule, does not matter to the pet.

The pet stores present a wide range of food containers. The most popular questions that beginners arise: how many dishes do you need? And what to opt for.

The pet is enough 3 – 4 bowls (for water, dry food, liquid food and spare). For dogs that eat mainly dry food, you should purchase a large water container, better a drinker. Since he enhances thirst. In particular, the car plane is relevant for those who often unfortunate for the whole day. Ignoring the rule can lead to digestive problems and deterioration.

The acquisition of double options united by a common tray is allowed. They are convenient to use and stable. But several nuances should be taken into account.

  1. Manufacturers produce only small models. This design is not convenient for large breeds.
  2. Basically, the second half is filled with water. During eating, particles can fly in different directions, including water. The liquid must be replaced.

Eating will bring joy and will not cause problems if the bowl meets a number of requirements.

  1. It should not slip, or overturn. They resort to the help of the suction cup on the bottom, as well as stands and tripods. It is worth noting that even tall dogs can eat with a floor bowl. The misconception is that there will be problems with posture and back from this. Before acquiring a tripod, it is carefully studied. It should be tough, the bowl should not move and ring.
  2. The height of the side. It is strictly forbidden to use flat models with low sides. The characterization is affected by the breed of the pet. For long-haired, high and narrow bowls are preferable, preferably cone-shaped. They minimize the chances of falling wool into food and water. Narrow solutions with the shape of the cut cone are suitable for flyer dogs. Dogs eagerly absorb food. For slowdown, use models with limiters. They are implemented by one large, or several small protrusions. Their task is to slow down the process.
  3. Pallets. Actual for sloppy pets. They can get food out of the container and eat on the floor, or spray water. The pallets are easily washed or wiped with a damp sponge. The plates installed on the pallets will not be fed on the floor and have high stability. If desired, the dishes are extracted from the pallet. As an alternative, you can use rugs.

Production material

Manufacturers compete for the attention of the clientch models will not leave anyone indifferent. They successfully compete with ordinary plates, which remain on the shelves practically not noticed. Regardless of the appearance and design, pay attention to the material of manufacture. It affects the life of operation and safety. Budget containers must be changed more often, since over time, scratches and chips occur on their walls. Neoplasms are dangerous, they can injure a pet, as well as become a good environment for the development of bacteria and microorganisms that cause intestinal diseases.

  1. Plastic. Budget group. It has a bright and catchy color that will not leave anyone indifferent. The abundance of the forms presented is impressive. Those who decided to give preference to this material must carefully study the composition. It should not include impurities of toxic substances. Only environmentally friendly materials! It is not desirable to purchase best storage containers that have a bright color, or a strong smell of plastic. If you put in such a container, preheated food, it will act as a catalyst for the release of toxinsbsequently, the animal is poisoned. Plastic plates are not stablebbed legs do not correct the situation. Contraindicated to animals with strong jaws. It will not be difficult to eat the container, fragments can, damage the oral cavity. Small acute parts, getting inside, cause internal bleeding. Cracks and micro scratches that occur during operation will become a source of the development of bacteria and microorganisms, it is possible to avoid such problems, thoroughly washing and wiping dry. The material quickly absorbs smells, as a result, the pet can refuse to eat from it.
  2. Metal. An attractive solution at a reasonable price. It is resistant to minor impacts and damage, lasts a long time and does not rust. The surface cannot be damaged or scratched. The only thing to watch out for is the condition of the enamel. If a chip occurs, the dishes must be replaced immediately. The non-porous texture prevents the growth of bacteria. Steel bowls are equipped with rubberized feet that increase stability and prevent slipping, the extended base makes it difficult to turn over. The dishes are compatible with all types of food (dry food, raw meat, dairy best storage containers and vegetables). The container is fixed on the stand without any problems. The best storage container is strictly forbidden to wash with metal washcloths and aggressive chemical compounds. High noise levels during meals can cause some inconvenience to owners.
  3. Ceramics. The optimal solution for small calm dogs. Not recommended for puppies. Contraindications are due to the fact that the bowl is easy to break. For greater safety, it is recommended to use a stand. The ceramic surface is easy to clean from food debris and other dirt. Special rubberized inserts prevent slipping. It is allowed to heat food in the microwave. In addition, ceramics do not absorb odors. The disadvantages include high cost and fragility. Even if the best storage container survives after physical impact, chips and scratches will occur on it. The animal can get hurt, and harmful bacteria actively multiply in the cracks.

Selection of the optimal size

This characteristic causes problems for almost every owner. As a result, the dog eats from dishes that are not the right size. The following signs will help determine if the selection is wrong:

  • During feeding, food constantly crumbles;
  • The portion occupies the full volume;
  • Drinking is accompanied by spilling water;
  • For 1 reception, the pet absorbs more than a third of the water capacity.
Cute 50 lb dog food container ideas preference to this material must

Chewing bag in a dog food container

Buying an oversized bowl will create additional difficulties for your pet. Experienced cynologists have deduced the dependence of volume on breed and mass.

  1. 150 – 250 ml. For miniature breeds (Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier).
  2. 300 – 500 ml. For dogs weighing 3-6 kg (spitz, shih tzu, toy poodle).
  3. 600 – 800 ml. Permissible body weight 6 – 15 kg (dachshund, cocker spaniel, pug).
  4. 1000 – 1500 ml. Weight within 15 – 40 kg (Labrador, Husky, English Bulldog).
  5. 2 – 3 liters. For large breeds (Newfoundland, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog).

What are there?

  1. Single. Simple and convenient option. Easy to wash. It won't be hard to find the right size. Due to the variable dimensions, it is often used as water dishes.
  2. Simple with a wide bottom. Trapezoidal bowl. Available in plastic or metal version. It's almost impossible to turn it over. Not recommended for water. The dishes create a visual illusion that significantly increases its dimensions. This often leads to the mistaken purchase of an item that is the wrong size.
  3. Non-spill. It is not uncommon for pets to spill water on the floor or spill food. The device is designed to facilitate the maintenance of cleanliness in the houseitable for large and not neat pets. A special compartment supplies water to the upper part in small portions. This minimizes the chances of spilling water. For greater convenience, the slopes of the container are provided.
  4. Double. The group is equipped with rubber feet for stable placement on the floor. They allow you to place water and food in one structure. They have small dimensions. Produced mostly from plastic. The design will require owners to constantly monitor the content. Too close placement of bowls leads to mixing of the filler.
  5. On a stand. The set consists of 2 bowls. Height adjustment provided. They are characterized by long-term operation, with proper care for a lifetime. Allocate models where there is no possibility of adjusting the height. They received small plates, the stand plays the role of a fastener so that the dishes are stable and stand in place.
  6. With holder. Special travel bowl used in cagesitable for long journeys by train, plane, exhibitions and more. It is relevant in situations where the dog is in a cage for a long time. The design is mounted on the wall and does not take up space. It does not restrict movement in confined spaces.
  7. With a timer. It is divided into a certain number of sectors covered by a lid. On the control panel, you can set the opening time for each compartment. A real find for those who spend most of their time at work. Designed for feeding at least 4 times a day. Not every pet, if you leave him a lot of food, will periodically eat from there. The dog may eat too much, causing digestive problems, or spill leftover food.

How to choose?

Beginners, who only have taken a small puppy, try to provide him with everything necessary. Having visited the nearest pet store, they are wondering what kind of tanks to give preference for feeding. She should be attracted by a four-legged friend and be safe.

Experienced dog handlers recommend:

  • Pay attention to the length of the ears. For pets with hanging ears (spaniel, etc.), deep dishes are suitable, which gradually narrows. They minimize contact with the food of the unauthorized parts of the body and will help to remain neat.
  • The structure of the muzzle. For breeds, York, Pug, Beijes and similar dog food containers will need a wide, not deep dishes, otherwise it is inconvenient for them to get food from the bottom. Dogs with an elongated nose (shepherd, etc.) prefer narrow deep bowls. In addition to the length and shape of the bow, the size of the pet is taken into account.

The criteria of the bowl itself:

  1. The size. Determining factor. They are guided by a simple rule: a one-time portion cannot occupy more than half of the area. The sides are deep enough. This will help to avoid a scatter of food when the pet, eating the rest, pushes forward. For water, buy dishes of large volumes. It is important to monitor the purity of liquid and change regularly.
  2. Material. The dishes are made of plastic, metal and ceramics. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose based on personal preferences and capabilities of the owner.
  3. The form. Choose based on the breed. Convenient dishes are equipped with a round bottom. Compared to rectangular and square options, food does not get stuck in the corners.
  4. Do you need a stand? The solution allows, they will not bend down to the dog low to the floor, and will also provide additional stability. She will act as an additional obstacle so that the puppy does not climb into the container with all 4 paws.
  5. Heating. Normal vital activity is possible only if the dog eats at room temperature. The thermomy will warm up water and food in the fall and in the cold season. Reliable protection of the wires from damage is provided.

The best budget bowls for dogs

A universal round solution will appeal to both the owner and the pet. It is made of stainless steel. It is convenient to wash the round bottom. A simple bowl without any frills will not cause difficulties during meals. It is resistant to minor physical influences. The texture is not favorable for the propagation of bacteria and microorganisms.

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