Hidden camera captures a dog stealing food from a container

February 27, 2023
Dog Food Container
Hidden camera captures a dog stealing food from a container

How to wean a dog to climb on the table with food and steal

Raising pets is often difficult for inexperienced owners. A slight omission in behavior and – you have to decide how to wean the dog from climbing on the table. Inexperienced dog breeders attribute the problem to the dog’s personality or bad temper. But in fact, if a pet climbs tables, it’s the owner’s fault. The bad behavior of an animal can be associated with maintenance errors, connivance, and a number of other factors that form a bad habit in an animal. However, every problem has a solution, and you can wean a dog from stealing at any age.

How to get rid of begging

The solution to the problem of begging does not come overnight, it requires effort and painstaking training. Main rules:

  • The pet should not be encouraged. Understanding that the animal is looking for the approval of the owner in everything will tell you how to wean the dog off the table. Any manifestation of begging should be ignored. The dog will look in the face, whine, bark, put his paws on the edge of the table, but you need to remain firm and not pay attention to him.
  • You can not give anything to the puppy when you eat. Before weaning a dog from begging, you need to wean yourself and family members from giving treats to your pet. Everyone must participate in changing the dog’s habits, otherwise the training will not be successful. In particular, this rule applies to small children, who always like to feed animals from their hands.
  • While eating, you can not communicate with your pet and even mention it in a conversation.
  • You can not look at the dog, as the animal perceives eye contact as a reward.
  • When the dog begins to climb on his knees or to food, the “place” command is allowed. If this does not help, you need to send him to another room. Living in a private house, you can let the dog out for a walk in the yard at a time when the family eats. This will deprive the animal of unnecessary temptations.

It is worth getting ready that when a dog begs, he uses all his possibilities for manipulation. Therefore, it is recommended to comply with the following requirements:

  • Involvement of the owner’s family in the process of education;
  • No concessions and exceptions;
  • Ignoring the emerging feeling of guilt;
  • Perseverance if change does not come quickly.

Invite for consulting a dog handler in cases where the dog reacts aggressively to re-education or begins to bite things in revenge. A professional will study the situation in details, help to determine errors. If necessary, you can take a course of training for general teams.

Why do dogs beg for food?

What makes the dog take your favorite pose, begging the tidbing piece? There is an opinion that animals do this because of hunger. You might think that you have little feeding a pet, and he is trying to get food for himself in a half-starved fainting. Make sure that the diet is compiled correctly is worth it. But keep in mind that the dogs have no saturation center. What does it mean? The dog is begging not because you gave her little food, but because she never feels saturation. This can be especially pronounced on the example of animals that were taken from the shelter. They say about such dogs “No matter how much you give, everything is like a abyss. “

How to stop theft

If the situation is aggravated, and the dog climbs on the table for food in the absence of the owner, you will have to resort to more severe methods:

  • The easiest way to wean the dog to steal food is common commands – “fu” or “impossible”. They should be regularly worked out.
  • Place an object on the edge of the furniture, which will make a sharp loud sound when falling. Place it in such a way that it falls as soon as the dog begins to jump onto the table.
  • Use the discs of Fisher to prevent the puppy’s desire to climb the dining place of people. This sound is associated with him with a dissatisfied roar and will help if the baby is not yet trained in the main teams.
  • Put pieces of food near the table, sprinkling them with pepper. This will help to form a negative reaction to food outside the bowl.

How to wean a dog to begging and stealing food from the table?

The dog just wants to eat!

It is sad to recognize this, but often the owner may not understand that the dog is corny. If the animal does not receive enough food daily, the instinct pushes to “extract food” in any available ways. The solution here is simple: feed the dog to be added to the correct “dog” food or food (however, do not go to another extreme – overfeeding).

Incorrect behavior of the owners.

The bad habits of dogs in most cases are much easier to prevent than to correct, and theft of food, as well as begging pieces is no exception. Here are a few simple rules that will avoid this behavior:

• Never give a dog to go from the table. Ideally, the dog should not be in the kitchen or in the dining room, when the family takes food (you can achieve this by accustoming the dog to the “place” team). Once you have not settled before the asking gaze, you take the first step towards the formation of a bad habit in a dog. Firstly, once having received a yummy from your hands, the pet will rightly decide that the food that lies on the table, as if “belongs” to him that he has the right to it. Secondly, constantly receiving handouts, the dog will gradually begin to count food from the table tastier than what lies in his bowl. Thirdly, what you accustom the animal, indulging beggars, and especially if you throw handouts to the floor is the habit of picking food from the ground on the street, which is fraught with poisoning and other troubles. Finally, if you give the dog from the table only “allowed best storage containers”, on a holiday it may well get a harmful best storage container by begging it from one of your guests who are not so aware of the rules of dog feeding.

• Give the dog the main portion of food and goodies only in her bowl. Do not put food on the floor, do not force the dog to “get” pieces of delicious from somewhere. The dog should clearly know: food is what lies in a bowl, everything else is banned.

• Do not leave food on the table, clean the best storage containers in a closet or refrigerator, make sure that the garbage bucket is tightly closed-do not provoke a dog, do not allow it to learn to get food from somewhere except the bowl.

How to wean a dog from begging and theft?

If the habit of stealing food and begging for the dog is already formed, it is necessary first of all to reconsider your behavior and change it as described above. In addition, the following techniques can be used:

• Feed the dog before you sit down at the table yourself. A well-fed pet will no longer be so interested in begging or stealing something tasty.

• Encourage the dog that she can get a treat only from her bowl and only after you finish eating. As already mentioned, accustoming to go to their place on command works great as soon as anyone sits down at the table and begins to eat. A dog who sits in its place and does not try to approach the table at the end of the meal can also be encouraged by a treat from a bowl or hand of the owner.


• If the dog is inclined to carry from the table and “vacuum”, that is, to select food and skills from the floor, try to form a negative connection with food that lies in a bowl. You can specifically scatter pieces of food around the apartment, having previously lubricated them with something bitter or that the dog does not like terribly.

• As a source of unpleasant sounds, you can use Fisher discs – a special accessory for training. It is a bunch of copper plates, which, when shaking, make a sound associated with a dog with a leader of a leader expressing discontent with the behavior of a member of a pack.

• If the dog begins to demonstrate the correct behavior (does not begging, does not pick up food from the floor), be sure to encourage it, but not with a “learning” food, but in a separate delicacy that you put, again in a bowl.

In conclusion, we note that weaning the dog to steal from the table and begging food will be much easier if you do not neglect classes on mastering the main teams, primarily such as “fu”, “cannot” and “place”.

General recommendations

Instead of thinking in the future, how to wean the dog climb onto the table, you should take care of the proper upbringing of the pet in advance. The dog will not look for the opportunity to climb on the table in the absence of the owner, if you fulfill the following conditions:

  • Determine the feeding time while the dog is still small.
  • Before learning the dog, review her diet. Perhaps the introduction of additional nutrients will wean it to ask for goodies.
  • It is desirable that the pet eat up at the same time as the owners either before them, but always in his place and only from his own bowl, this will wean to begging and walking on the table.
  • Strict education and authority of the owner will wean any dog to climb on the table.
  • Remove the food in containers. The lack of temptations will wean the animal to jump onto the table.
  • Encourage the right behavior, but give goodies away from the dining place of people and put them in a dog bowl.
  • Learn with the puppy the command “can” or “eat” so that you do not have to wean it to take human food.

These principles need to be followed at all stages of the life of the pet. You can’t give a dog the opportunity to look for food on a walk, climb into garbage buckets, begging on a picnic. Any relief will lead to the return of the old habit, and weaning the dog every time it will be more and more difficult.

Tagging the dog to put the paws on the table, begging and you do not need to go along the path of punishment. Worms and screams will only lead to the fact that the dog will experience stress and resentment. It is much more important to wean the pet to ask for food from the table by re-education and training. This will not only bring the positive effect of the house, but also help to wean the dog to take potentially dangerous objects on the walk from the ground.

Work out skills

When the dog tries to pull something off the table, put your palm in front of the face, as if you were fencing off. It is possible that she will again try to reach the point of causing her interest. But you put your palm in front of the face again.

The dog should clearly understand that you do not want that she behaved like that. Her attempts to get what she wanted should not be successful.

Hidden camera captures a dog stealing food from a container place on command works

Hidden camera captures a dog stealing food from a container

Pen with a pen

There was such a case: when the dog took the cutlet from the table, I punished it with a slap in the face. Then she decided to hunt for a wooden pen with a pen at the end. After several days, when she nevertheless waited, when the handle remained unattended, she dragged her to her corner and bit her feather. After that, the pen was no longer interested in her. The dog forgot the punishment, because the pen is not a cutlet. A slap for a cutlet does not mean to her that you can not take a pen.

Ways to solve the problem

Theft from the table is similar to the problem of choosing a dog of all sorts of muck on the streetch a habit can easily appear, but it is difficult to eradicate.

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To wean a pet from a bad habit for several reasons:

  • A flash dog can irritate and interfere with enjoying the meal.
  • Food can be cold or hot, bitter or salty. This can greatly harm the body of the animal.
  • Undressed food consumption, overeating can lead to obesity. Many breeds are prone to it.

Determining the time of feeding

The animal should eat at the same time. It is better to feed him when the owners eat. In this case, there will be no temptation to steal something. But at the same time, the pet should clearly understand the hierarchy in the family. The owner should eat the first. The dog is the youngest member of the “pack”. After the dog moves away from the bowl, remove it. It is impossible for food to stand in a bowl all day.

Food on the table – a source of unpleasant sensations

It is necessary to ensure that the dog in the table evokes negative associations. You can build a design with your own hands from a tin can. Fill it with metal objects so that when shaking it makes a loud sound. Bind the rope, and at its end to fix a piece of some kind of delicacy. Put the treat so that the rope is stretched. Leave the animal in the kitchen and go out. When trying to steal food, the design will make a noise and scare the dog. This method is good because it wears to steal food even in the absence of the owner. At the same time, the dog will not feel resentment. After all, the owner has nothing to do with it.

Consolidation of commands

If the dog tries to steal something from the table in the presence of the owner, it is necessary to put a palm in front of her, fencing it off. Tell her “fu” or “place”. The animal should learn that the owner does not like his behavior. He needs to constantly repeat that this cannot be done. But such training is recommended in different conditions. That is, being somewhere on a picnic, you also do not need to treat a pet either. He must understand that begging and theft is unacceptable not only at home. The main thing is to show sequence and unshakability in education.

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Ban on the kitchen

To save the dog from the ability to steal something from the table, you just need to block her access to the kitchen. A bowl of food can be placed in another place. When you try to go to the kitchen, first you just need to stop it, give commands “on the spot”, “you can’t. If the animal remains outside the kitchen and does not come in, you must praise it, treat it with something (just not near the table).

How to achieve this?

Step 1: Throw food on the floor frequently throughout the day, preferably at your meal time, and keep a close eye on the animal. For trying to pick up immediately punish. The best way to punish a dog is to use an unpleasant sound. Take an iron can of Coca-Cola, 0. 33, pour out the water from the can, wash it. Put 10 coins there, preferably 10 by 1 and seal the hole with adhesive tape, preferably carry a jar with you everywhere. As soon as he tries to show such behavior, then say “No” and shake the jar, if there is no reaction, then throw the jar in the place where the food lies. It is necessary that the jar falls as close as possible to the dog’s nose, but does not hit the dog. The jar can be replaced with Fisher’s disks Fisher’s disks are a set of special copper plates, whose sound is perceived by the dog as the leader’s roar in case of erroneous behavior of a pack member. They are designed so that they can be silently lifted, placed or carried, but at the right moment, when shaken, a growl-like sound is heard and distracts the animal from an unwanted act.

Fisher disc for dog training

Fisher disc

In the same way, punish any attempt to jump on the table. Second stage: After a few days, you will notice that your pet no longer has the desire to take food from the floor, at least while you are watching him. Therefore, now you need to make a trap, take a jar of coins or Fisher discs, tie a thread to them and put the jar or put the discs on a hill, for example, on a chair, tie a treat to the other end of the thread, you can take crackers for these purposes. The thread should be in tension. When the dog grabs the treat, the jar will fall to the bottom and scare the dog. At this point, you can enter the room and scold the dog by removing the trap. Place several traps in different parts of the apartment and soon you will notice that the dog has learned not to take anything, even if you are not watching him. Try to keep the traps untouched for 5-7 days. Then lay out exactly the same traps on the tables, placing a jar of coins or a glass of water, again on a hill, for example, on a closet. This exercise should be done only if you are at home.


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