How many pounds of dog food does an 11 quart container hold?

February 22, 2023
Dog Food Container
How many pounds of dog food does an 11 quart container hold?

How to read dog or cat food packaging

Every caring pet parent wants their pet to eat a balanced diet, because this is the key to their pet's health. The range of pet stores offers a variety of options.

To avoid mistakes, learn how to read the packaging correctlystern. How to do it correctly will be discussed in this article.

Basic information

So, the dog food storage container says:

  • Best storage container name (brand, taste), purpose;
  • Class (not always);
  • Type stern;
  • Pet characteristics;
  • List of ingredients, composition analysis;
  • Supplement information;
  • Energy value;
  • Feeding recommendations;
  • Manufacturer (including country), method of contact with him, if available – importer, contacts;
  • Shelf life.

Let's deal with all the points in more detail.

Best storage container name: brand, taste, purpose

Of course, the brand comes first. Next, the name is written and what pets the diet is intended for, for example, “Dry dog food" or "Canned cat food". Usually the taste is indicated – the type of meat. It can be chicken, turkey, beef, veal, etc.


Not all manufacturers provide this information. You can independently determine which class the diet belongs to. To do this, analyze the composition.

So there are 4 classes:

  • Holistic;
  • Super premium;
  • Premium;
  • Economy


Holistic – the highest class. It is distinguished by the complete absence of cereals (sometimes a minimum amount of rice is acceptable). The basis of the composition of such diets is high-quality meat, as well as fruits, vegetables, berries, and healthy herbs. By-best storage containers, dyes, preservatives, flavorings, GMOs are absent.

Super premium class

These rations are also distinguished by the high quality of the components. There is fresh, dehydrated meat, eggs, rice, vegetables and fruits, as well as category I offal (tongue, liver, heart, kidneys).

Premium class

Rations of this class are widely represented in the range of different brands. The composition contains meat components, as well as offal (although some manufacturers do not indicate the category). Cereals are also present, but more often it is rice. Premium diets are supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals.


The lowest class of feed. Meat in such compositions may be absent altogether. There are offal, but the latest categories (beaks, tendons, claws, etc.). There are also vegetable proteins (soy, various cereals). Typically, pets are happy to use such diets, but there is an explanation for this: a large number of flavors and flavor enhancers, while there are no vitamin-mineral additives.

SternThey can be intended for both daily food and a specialized diet. In the second case, we are talking about therapeutic diets that can be given a pet only as a purpose of a veterinarian. Take carefully at this moment when you analyze the packaging.

Features of the pet

Of course, you are unlikely to get a catDog feedand vice versa. However, when choosing a diet for a pet, consider its features.

Most manufacturers are responsible for the development of the recipe, because they realize that a lot depends on the age, size, lifestyle of the pet, as well as his breed, and health features.

So, elderly cats cannot be fed diets for kittens, since the compositions for babies are high-calorie and are characterized by a high content of calcium, which for nothing to overwhelmed the seven-year milestone. However, there are universal diets such as Unica which are suitable for pets at every stage of development.

Pets who have suffered castration and sterilization should not use feed for favorites who have not undergone these procedures, because this increases the risk of obesity and urolithiasis.

When choosing Dog feed Pay attention to which dogs it is intended for:

  • Small, medium or large breeds;
  • Puppies, pets up to 7 years or older than this age.

The same applies to cats. Age is important here, and sometimes the pedigree features of the pet.

List of ingredients, composition analysis

According to the legislation of our country, all ingredients on the dog food storage container should be listed in the order of reduction in the composition. So, if you see meat and meat ingredients in the first place, be sure that they are most in the diet. In the case when cereals are the first to go on the list, it is worth considering whether the pet is needed feed

Meat, meat ingredients are an indispensable source of animal protein: we all know that cats and dogs are predators, which means that it is the meat that should form the basis of their diet. It is better if their content exceeds 30%.

The offal also relate to meat ingredients, however, pay attention to the category:

1 category is the liver, heart, brains, kidneys.

2 Category – heads without tongues, legs, tail, stomach.

It is advisable to give preference to diets with offal, which belong to the 1st category: they are rich in nutrients.

Cereals are also present in feed of all classes, however, pay attention to which dog food containers. If these are rice, linen seed, barley or oats, you should not worry: these crops improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, contain the necessary micro, macro elements, fatty acids. The above cereals have another plus: they rarely cause allergies.

It is desirable that in sternThere were fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, algae. They serve as a natural source of vitamins, minerals, micro- and macroelements.

It is also important to pay attention to the following components:

1. Fat (which are used, percentage).

2. Vegetable oil, especially linseed, which is rich in omega-3.

3. Conservatives. This component is needed in order to increase the shelf life of the feed, but it is desirable that they are natural.

4. Ash. This, of course, is not a ash, but an indicator of the content of minerals in the stern.

The use of artificial dyes, flavor amplifiers, sugar, sweeteners are undesirable.

Information about additives

Useful additives are the necessary vitamins, minerals, micro-, macro elements, fatty acids.

More often in finished diets are present:

1. Vitamin A, responsible for cell growth, visual acuity.

How many pounds of dog food does an 11 quart container hold? oats, you

A wooden container for dog food in the room holds about 55 pounds

2. B vitamins – to maintain the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system, stimulate skin regeneration, improve metabolism.

3. Vitamin C, helping to strengthen immunity.

4. Vitamin D3 – for strong Bones.

5. Vitamin E – to maintain rebest storage containerive function.

6. Phosphorus and calcium – to strengthen the skeleton.

7. Potassium – to improve heart function.

8. Sodium, thanks to which the body's water balance is supported.

9. Iron – for the prevention of anemia.

The percentage depends on the age and characteristics of the health of the pet.

Dog food storage safety | how to store dog food | Vlogtober 2020 day 11

Energy value

Energy value is also an important indicator. The fact is that the calorie content of diets for small pets, puppies and kittens should be higher than feed for large and elderly favorites. That is why it is important to choose a dimensions for a cat or dog, dimensions.

Recommendations for feeding

Feeding recommendations are presented in the form of a table containing information:

  • About the weight of the pet;
  • About how many grams of food to give per day (or dog food storage containers, if we are talking about a wet diet);
  • The number of feedings.

It is important to follow the dosage indicated on the dog food storage container in order to prevent overfeeding and, as a result, the development of obesity.

However, in consultation with the veterinarian, the dosage can be selected individually.

Manufacturer Information

The packaging contains information about the manufacturer or importer – full address, contact phone number and / ore-mail, as well as the country in which this feed is manufactured.

Shelf life

On the dog food storage container stern there is a production date, as well as information on expiration dates. Usually dry rationin an open pack is stored up to 3 months. At the same time, it is important that the packaging is kept in a dry place protected from light.

Tin cans, pouches, lamisters do not store in the refrigerator. If you opened the dog food storage container and decided to divide the portion, then transfer the leftovers to a container with a tight lid and put it in the refrigerator. Store food in this way for up to 12 hours (some manufacturers allow longer periods).

Summing up

1. Choose a diet for your pet yourself or use our food selection serviceon 4lapy.

2. If you decide to choose a diet on your own, you must be able to read the packaging correctly stern

3. The brand, composition, as well as the age and health characteristics of the pet matter.

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