Purina One dog food with salmon reviews

November 11, 2022
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Purina One dog food with salmon reviews Not compared to natural

purina one dog food with salmon reviews

Purina One dog food


It's important to provide your pet with the right nutrition to keep him active and awake throughout his life. Purina Van food gathers very mixed reviews about itself. The purpose of our article is to understand the composition, pros and cons of the products.

About the manufacturer

The first mention of Purina company dates back to 1902. Since 1922, the industrial production of pet food TM "Purina" began. Since 1985 Purina is under the management of Nestlé. The factory itself for the production of dry food is based in Italy.

An interesting fact: despite the fact that the company has been distributing products in USA since 2014, Purina's sales account for 18% of the all-USA pet food market.

Today, the brand produces dog and cat food of different quality. These include: Purina ProPlan , Dog Chow , Purina One. In this article, we will consider the last line of diets.

Composition of food

Purina One Mini Adult with Beef and Rice

For the analysis, let's take the food "Purina One Mini Adult with Beef and Rice". This diet is designed for adult dogs of small breeds (up to 10 kg). The first place in the composition is "dried poultry protein of domestic origin", followed by wheat and corn, only then beef (14%). Rice (4%) comes in 6th place. Among other things, it contains sodium glutamate, propylene glycol and soybean meal.

It would have been more honest to indicate that the food is poultry and corn. Beef and rice are included in negligible amounts. Instead, the lineup is replete with wheat and corn, which are not very healthy for dogs, and undesirable food additives. On the positive side, there are vitamin supplements (E, D3, C, iron, iodine, etc.). But, vitamins are a must in complete dog foods, so it's not a special achievement.

Pros and cons

Let's start with the positives. Pros:

  • relatively low price;
  • can be purchased in any store.
  • A large amount of cheap carbohydrates (corn and wheat);
  • presence of undesirable additives;
  • some owners write about the emergence of addiction;
  • presence of allergens (gluten, the same additives).

How is this food better than others

For maximum objectivity let's compare another food of the same manufacturer and an economy food of a completely different company.

Dog Chow by Purina (economy class). In first place in Purina Van food is still meat, only then cereals. With Dog Chow the situation is reversed. In general, the composition is clearer, the quality is also slightly better.

Dog Chow is another diet from Purina

Chappi from Mars Corporation (economy class). Purina Van's diet has noticeably more protein, a much more extensive amount of vitamins.

Chappi by Mars Corporation - another company's economy food

It is worth noting that the dry food in the package is presented as pellets and soft pieces (which harden over time). This interesting feature is rare.

As a source of protein in Purina One foods, poultry is most often used

Purina Van food line

In general, the line of food is characterized by a sufficient variety of names. There are foods for puppies, for adult dogs of different sizes, where the activity of the animal is taken into account. Looking ahead, we can not say that the different foods have any significant differences. The protein in the vast majority of cases is poultry. Beef or fish, as mentioned on the package, may be present in small amounts.

Before choosing a dog food, it is highly recommended to read the contents of the food first.

For Puppies

Purina One for small puppies with chicken and rice

Choosing food for puppies should be taken extremely seriously. A puppy is like a toddler: his growth and development depend on his nutrition.

There are 2 types of puppy food: for large (medium) and small breeds. "Purina Van for small breed puppies with high chicken and rice content" and for medium breed puppies with the same name. The composition of both foods is +/- similar to the diet discussed above. The same high content of unhealthy carbohydrates. On the plus side, there is no propelling glycol and glycerin.

For adults and the elderly

Purina One dry food for large and medium sized breeds

Note that Purina Van specializes more in food for small dogs. The MINI line consists of 4 types of food (not including puppy food) + a fairly extensive range of wet food. Purina Van offers the following options: for active, sensitive dogs, healthy weight and standard rations. Since there is no Purina Van food for older dogs yet, we assume that the regular food is quite suitable for 8+ pets.

Consider dry dog food for large and medium sized breeds. "Beef ranks No. 1. Everything seems to be great.

Only the little asterisk at the top of the ingredient and the illegible font at the bottom of the package will not let you deceive: instead of meat – beef by-products.

A cheap marketing ploy. The contents of the pellets also include wheat and wheat flour, corn, and dried poultry protein of domestic origin. The source of fats is animal and fish oils. Plus there are chemical additives (propylene glycol and monosodium glutamate).

Be aware that the by-products in cheap dog food are not the familiar hearts or livers. If there really were organs (lungs, stomachs, hearts), it's unlikely the manufacturer would have melted them down. Horns, bones, hooves, blood, perhaps even organs from diseased animals are hidden under vague terms. In the case of fish meal, these are heads, backbones with remnants of meat.

Purina Van Mini, sensitive with salmon and rice has an interesting combination of ingredients.

There would be no questions if the food had fish or meat separately. The composition states the presence of "dried poultry protein" and salmon.


Purina One wet food

Wet food is an order of magnitude better than dry food. Both in content and consumer reviews.

Regarding the composition, the main difference from the dry food in the presence of some vegetables (potatoes, peas (including dry)). The composition also remains vague. For example, instead of pure meat we see "meat and processed products", "processed vegetable products". In a small amount present dyes.

  • Very cheap (about 35 p. per 100 grams);
  • Sold in the nearest supermarket.
  • fuzzy composition;
  • Low protein (11.6%);
  • a lot of gravy;
  • the presence of dyes.

Reviews from veterinarians

Reviews from owners

Lydia "The dog refused to eat pellets, but he eats wet food with pleasure. Unlike dry food, it has natural meat or salmon. The vegetables are finely chopped, even the dwarf dog has time to eat everything. The only downside is that there is quite a lot of starch in the gravy. But so far there have been no problems with digestion. For the Toy Terrier (1.5 kg) 1 bag of wet food enough for 2-3 times."

Ekaterina "I often see Purina Van food on the supermarket shelves. I do not like that manufacturers are trying to position their products as "premium". The composition is clearly poor. For full-fed food is not suitable."

Christina "I try to feed my dog natural products, but sometimes I just do not have enough time and energy. Dry food comes to the rescue – fast, inexpensive and convenient. I chose Purina One Mini with beef and rice. The package is used quite economically. Despite the small percentage of meat in the composition, the dog eats with pleasure (and it is difficult to please him). Not compared to natural food, but sometimes you can give it."

Prices taken from the manufacturer's official store. In large supermarkets, the rates will be about the same:

  • Purina Vane's dry food MINI Sensitive for small-breed dogs, salmon and rice, package, 600 g – 230 p;
  • Dry food Purina Van for puppies medium and large breeds with chicken 700g – 299 p;
  • Wet food (Pouch) for small breeds Purina Van MINI Adult – 35 p. per 100 grams.

We conclude that the low price in this case corresponds to the quality.

Despite its wide popularity, we do not recommend the food Purina Van in long-term use.


Briefly about the main points

  1. To summarize, Purina One food falls short of the premium class. It's not the price, but the cheapness of the composition.
  2. The basis of the diet – carbohydrates and low-quality proteins.
  3. For puppies, the composition is far from complete.
  4. The presence of common allergens and unwanted additives.

Choose Purina Van at your discretion. Perhaps in its price category this food is really not bad: customer reviews confirm it. If there is a possibility – get a better analogue.

By main profession is a lawyer. At the moment I teach criminal law and lead various special courses. I love animals, all without exception, but at heart I am one hundred percent "dog person". Gradually formed the main hobby – participation in various animal groups, from specialized breed to the most common. I often take dogs to my home for rehoming, so food and pet care are some of the most interesting and relevant issues for me.

Thank you so much for the detailed breakdown of Purina One bark. I sometimes take wet food of this brand for my French bulldog. I thought about dry food of this brand, having read good reviews. It is clear now that dogs eat it well because of the monosodium glutamate in it. On Wildberry this food is positioned as a high quality premium food! Thanks just in time to read your article. ♥️♥️♥️

Thanks to the author , the article is very interesting ❤️�� That's why, on many sites about this food they write that but premium class? It's cheating everywhere (

I do not like pyrene van, the composition is not very, but now I have no money for a good and expensive food…((

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