Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food reviews for adult dogs Small Bites

January 10, 2022
Dog Food Reviews
Hill's Science Diet Dog Food reviews

In this article, we have collected Hill’s science diet dog food reviews from customers who have purchased this dry pet food. Some dog owners have shared their feedback on the quality of the nutrition.

Review My first purchase of Hill’s science diet dog food

Initially, when I first went to the pet store to buy Hill’s science diet dog food, I did not read the reviews. The salesman helped me in my choice, and I liked the packaging and the variety of flavors.


  • Very convenient packaging;
  • Does not smell from the dog’s mouth;
  • Stools are stable and normal (and this is very important, as I once decided to buy another food, well, I think I should probably try a new one, and the price was the same, but I regretted that I took it. My dog went to the bathroom 5 times a day, and in large quantities every time) 2 times a day;
  • He eats with pleasure;
  • It’s even written on the package how much the dog weighs and how many grams to feed him, but I pour it by eye and he eats as much as he sees fit;
  • A very good coat (as the other food that gave him horrible stools just made him have a different coat and a lot of it);
  • The pellets are the perfect size;

Cons: I think there are no cons with this food.

We have enough of this package for one month. Usually we take it with chicken.

Review Why I choose Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Bites, Chicken & Barley Recipe.

I will list the criteria that are important to me:

  • Consistently high quality;
  • Convenient pellet size, suitable for feeding Chihuahuas;
  • The food smells very nice;
  • The dog likes it; he eats it with appetite and pleasure;
  • With this food, the pet has no problems with stools and digestion;
  • Feeding is stress-free, with only two meals a day, and that is enough;
  • Between feedings, the dog has no tantrums, no kicking of bowls and no demands for food.

Review My dog’s favorite food Chicken & Barley Recipe

My dog Snowflake is 6 years old. She is an unusually beautiful white fluffy lump – everyone pampered her. We bought the best dog food. When you don’t know anything about food, you think the best food is the most expensive. So, we bought the most expensive. The dog did not eat all the food. Even if it was a premium pet food. She chose her own food. The food that never gave the dog stomach problems. Hills science diet dog food reviews is exactly the kind of food that the dog eats little – as much as he needs. Because the food is very nourishing and balanced.

Asked experienced dog lovers about the food, we got this answer: we chose Hill’s Science Diet dry dog food for small breeds with chicken and barley flavor. Our Snowflake has been eating Hill’s for 6 years. When there were difficulties with the availability of Hill’s, again tried (expensive and cheap) all the foods. But our dog did not want to eat other foods. In large stores this food is more expensive, so I buy it on Amazon.

This is what the food looks like; the balls are small, just right for small breeds.

Hill's Science Diet dry dog food for small breeds with chicken and barley flavor



  • The dog eats with appetite, very satisfied

  • Good composition

  • No

Review Good balanced pet food for adult dogs small bites

We have a family pet – a dog of the popular Jack Russell Terrier breed. He is now one year and three months old.

Our dog for us is a real friend, family member and even another child. Although, if you translate his canine age into our human age, our “young man” is already about 16 years old.

You cannot save on the health of your loved ones, so we are very careful and cautious in selecting the right food for our dog.

From the beginning, we made a deliberate decision to feed our dog dry food. We were well aware that keeping him on a proper and balanced daily diet on regular foods would not only be extremely troublesome, but ultimately more costly.

Why choose pet food carefully?

We choose our feeds very meticulously. We are caring and loving owners, so we would never buy a “pacifier” food with a weak formula. However, a couple of times our dog still refused to eat the food we bought and with a good composition.

As such an anti-example I can name the Czech dry dog food Brit Premium Adult. Our dog did not like it so much that even if I put a small amount of pellets into his bowl with his regular food, he unmistakably identified them and put them on the floor. The dog refused to eat it!

I believe that the composition of the food, of course, is the main factor in the choice, but still not the only one. The animal intuitively senses what his body needs, so his taste preferences must be taken into account!

I urge you to pay very close attention to how your dog reacts to the new food – whether he eats it with appetite or, on the contrary, reluctantly. Does your dog eat the recommended amount, or does he need to be given more food?

Never switch to a new food very quickly. It should be done gradually over a week, gradually reducing the amount of familiar food, and increasing the amount of new food (which you introduce).

Hill’s Science Diet Appetizing Dog Food

My Hill’s science diet dog food reviews. Our dog looks cheerful and happy, has a shiny coat, strong teeth, and nice strong muscles. He eats food with pleasure and appetite.

The dog eats Hill's Science Diet Dog Food with appetite

After two or three weeks you’ll be able to visually assess how the body perceived the new food – whether any allergic reactions, whether the dog’s weight has not dropped, whether your pet is still as vigorous and happy as before, whether the hair is shiny and not falling out?

For experienced “dog breeders” my detailed introduction will, of course, be the unforgiving truth, but I write so much detail for those who are just beginning to get into the science of how to make a pet grow up healthy and happy.

– After much research on various dry foods, we chose Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for our pet, and furry friend approved of our choice!

– Taylor

For 9 months now, we have been buying Hill’s Science Diet not only Chicken & Barley Recipe but other flavors.



  • Excellent composition - optimal balance of proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and fiber. The dog eats with pleasure and feels great.

  • No

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