Purina One puppy food for large breeds review

February 8, 2023
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Purina One puppy food for large breeds review

The health of the dog directly depends on the diet, whether it is “drying” or natural food. Dry dog food of Purina One, the composition and reviews of which are good enough, popular in the American market. It is considered a super premium class, inexpensive, like dogs.

Price and quality are the main emphasis when advertising the product. Is the declared brand so good as it is positioned? Is it worth buying or not?

About the manufacturer

Food manufacturer

125 years have passed since the opening of the Italian brand Ralston Purina. The brand specialized in the manufacture of feed for horses and cattle (cattle). In the XX century, the first workshops for the production of finished food for cats and dogs appeared. Several decades later, shares were sold to the famous Nestle company, which continues to produce food for pets. Purina fell into the American market relatively recently, quickly gained popularity among dog lovers.

A variety of types of feed

Purina ONE feed is predominantly developed for dogs of small breeds. On the official bestdogfood.Expert of the company, nutrition data based on chicken and rice for dogs of medium and large breeds weighing 10 kg are published. The choice of products designed for decorative pets is more extensive. This includes dry feed and spider (wet) with a variety of tastes.

The former consist of small granules, hardening during long-term storage, and crockets that retain the original appearance. Before feeding, they are necessarily soaked in warm boiled water or in a small amount of skim kefir.

dry dog food Purina ONE for dogs

Dry ruler “mini”:

  1. "Adult". For dogs from 1 to 6 years, leading a calm lifestyle. Consists of beef and rice.
  2. “Active”. It is suitable for animals with increased physical exertion involved in sports (Adjility, Dog Frisbee). The product is based – chicken and Fig.
  3. “Healthy weight” with low fat content. Designed for dogs prone to a set of extra pounds, as part of rice and turkey.
  4. "Sensitive. "Designed taking into account the needs of pets suffering from gastrointestinal problems and prone to allergic reactions. Salmon and rice is based on, sometimes Purina One is bought as arapeutic food for dogs. This product is not such.
  5. “For puppies” based on chicken and rice.

Categories of wet dog food “Mini” (in gravy):

wet dog food

  • “Adult” with chicken, carrots and green beans or beef, potatoes and peas.
  • "Sensitive" based on salmon, rice and carrots.
  • “Healthy weight” with turkey, carrots and peas or chicken, brown rice and tomatoes.
  • “Active” with duck, pasta and green beans or beef, potatoes and carrots.

The price starts from 30 per pouch. "Drying" is https://bestdogfood.expert/the-best-dog-food-storage-container-reviews-and-ideas/ available in best dog food storage containers weighing 200, 600 grams, 1. 5 and 3. 8 kg for medium and large breeds. The cost varies from 120 to 340, depending on the weight of the package.

Ingredients of Purina One

The manufacturer positions Purina ONE as a super premium product. The composition looks like this:

  • Dry poultry protein;
  • Wheat;
  • Corn;
  • Beef (14%);
  • Animal fat.

The first five ingredients are enough to draw the right conclusions. In addition to the above, rice (4%), soy flour, flavoring additives, gluten, glycerin, propylene glycol, minerals and vitamins, fish oil are noted.

  • Protein – 26%;
  • Fat – 17%;
  • Raw ash – 7%;
  • Crude fiber – 1. 5%.

Consider the composition of the food in more detail:

  1. In the first place – dry poultry protein. The product is the basis of good nutrition, helps to maintain the central nervous system (central nervous system). A few years ago, the opinion about the dangers of a high amount of additives in animal nutrition progressed, allegedly, it negatively affects the kidneys. Veterinarians have refuted this claim. In our case, obtained as a result of deep processing of carcasses, it loses its beneficial properties, turning into ordinary protein.
  2. In super premium products, meat is the main product. The manufacturer must indicate the amount in percent, the type (fresh or dehydrated), from whom it was received. There is nothing like this in the composition of the disassembled dry dog food. The mention of “poultry” seems too vague, about whom the manufacturer is silent. When the exact source of the protein is not specified, the owner should be prepared for the fact that it is obtained as a result of the euthanasia, case, death or natural death of the animal or bird.
  3. Wheat and corn follow. Cheap feed fillers, the dog's body is not able to absorb them. The number is unknown, but cereals are in second and third place. For good food – it is completely unacceptable, the composition necessarily contains vegetables and fruits instead of the declared carbohydrates.
  4. On the fourth line is beef (14%). It remains to find out what is hiding under this word. The offal, leather, hooves, horns and other waste may be implied.
  5. An animal fat closes the top five. Low-grade fat, not useful for better production.
  6. Rice serves as a source of carbohydrates, easily and quickly absorbed. In the stern of Purina One, he is negligible. Given the presence of other cereals in the product, an excess of carbohydrates is guaranteed.
  7. Taste-aromatic supplement is used to improve the taste and smell of food. This ingredient is comparable to narcotic substance, because dogs become dependent on the product, refusing to eat something else.
  8. Gluten is an adhesive substance contained in cereal grains. It is dangerous for the health of pets. The fact is that a peptidase enzyme that is absent in the intestines of adult animals is responsible for its splitting. Having delayed in it, gluten makes it difficult for the work of villi, the absorption of nutrients slows down. The food ceases to be absorbed due to the lesion of the mucous membrane, in the four-legged diarrhea occurs, abdominal pain appears. Regular use of the product will lead to a violation of the main function of the intestine.
  9. Food glycerin is a technological supplement called E422. It consists of sugar alcohol, does not bear any benefit, has a laxative effect, leads to problems with the kidneys.
  10. Propylene glycol – a chemical that contributes to the maintenance of moisture in the stern, enhances the aroma. Regular consumption of a product with its content provokes animal poisoning. Veterinary doctors strongly recommend avoiding such a diet.
  11. Fish oil is needed by a four-legged one, has a large amount of vitamin D, A, E, fatty acids. Useful for puppies, serves to prevent rickets, helps a little pet to grow and develop normally. Adult dogs that use it are characterized by healthy skin, shiny hair, rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases. In products manufactured by Nestle, fish oil is almost last. He is unlikely to satisfy the needs of the favorites in full.
  12. Vegetables and fruits are the main source of vitamins in dry stern. Due to the lack of data from the ingredients in Purine Van, the vitamin-mineral complex is added artificially, being chemical.
  13. Ash – the natural content of minerals in the starting raw materials. The required norm is from 5% to 14%. The disassembled brand has a sufficient amount of ash to saturate the body with everything necessary.
  14. Fiber is a part of edible plants required by dogs. It contributes to the normalization of the stool, the prevention of cancer, regulates blood sugar in animals suffering from diabetes. The optimal content in dry dog food is 2. 5%-5%. The product has no sufficient amount, which leads to problems with the health of the pet.

Based on the foregoing, the conclusion is drawn – Purina One feed is referred to as economy class products, of poor quality, and is not suitable for dogs for regular consumption.

Pros and cons of food

  • Attractive price.
  • Availability. The brand is common, sold in any pet store, you can order via the Internet.
  • Lack of natural meat, vegetables and fruits in the composition;
  • A large number of cereals that are not suitable for the dog organism;
  • The presence of gluten, taste additives;
  • Low quality animal fat;
  • A meager ruler.

Are there any advantages over other feed?

Purina One is the best choice among economy class products according to most veterinary doctors. A high amount of raw protein, a relatively understandable composition and cheapness give advantages over other brands from this category. If you compare several manufacturers – Happy Dog, Chappi, Pedigree, Stout, our brand – fat indicators are lower than in Purine Van. For comparison, a table is given.

The name of the food Composition Guaranteed indicators
Purina One Dry protein of poultry, wheat, corn, beef (14%), animal fat.
Purina One puppy food for large breeds review products manufactured, other owners criticize

Purina one puppy food for large breeds review

Protein – 26%, fat – 17%, raw ash – 7%, raw fiber – 1. 5%.

Protein – 18%, fat – 10%, raw ash – 7%, raw fiber – 3%.

The disassembled product is the only one in which the protein of poultry is in the first place. In the rest, cheap carbohydrates prevail – corn and wheat, there is no indication of their percentage ratio. Meat flour is in last place, it means waste of the food industry – skin, feathers or skin, hooves, bones. The number of the above is unknown, because manufacturers are silent about this. There are taste amplifiers and preservatives that negatively affect the health of pets.

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Reviews of owners about the stern vary. Someone is satisfied with the products manufactured, other owners criticize it. The folk opinion looks like this:

Gladys, the owner of the Toy Terrier

The pet runs from all legs to the kitchen, smelling the smell of his favorite food. Allergies or disorders of the chair in the dog were not observed. I am satisfied with the appearance of the animal. It is actively, cheerful and does not suffer from a lack of appetite. The only drawback is the cost of humid food, because the male needs frequent nutrition.

Alisha, Mistress of Toy-Podelia

I fed the Pitomitsa with spiders. At first, everything was fine, over time, the bitch began to melt strongly, the chair became more odorous, constipation became more frequent. I had to refuse this feed. We switched to better, because the health of the pet is still more important than money.

Igor, owner Chihuahua

Our Chihuahua received allergies and problems with the chair after the transition to this brand. Personally, I am dissatisfied with the products, it has an unpleasant odor, poor composition and a fairly large consumption, despite the recommendations for feeding indicated on the packaging.


Feed for small dogs Purina One is not recommended for regular nutrition of the pet. The composition is scarce, a huge amount of cereal, taste additives and the presence of gluten make the product dangerous to the health of the dog.

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