Chicken chips for dogs. Delicious and inexpensive treats

November 28, 2022
Chicken chips for dogs. Delicious and inexpensive treats absolutely delighted and gladly run

chicken chips for dogs. delicious and inexpensive treats

How do you motivate your dogs to work? Personally I do it with treats. For me it is the easiest way to stimulate the mind of the dog and show him how pleased I am with the work I do. In addition to sincere and emotional praise, of course.

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Not so long ago I already published a small selection of simple and, most importantly, inexpensive treats that you can use in the training process. These are not dog snacks, to which I have a rather tepid attitude, but those foods that you can buy in a regular store. In other words, our food.

You can buy them and use them right away: go in, take them, pour them in your pocket, and treat yourself to them. They work, and, I must say, quite well. But sometimes the dogs are very picky, they reject store bought stuff at the genetic level. Simply put, they do not want to eat cheese and sausages, they want something cosmic.

And here to help comes the people’s ingenuity. Many hosts have managed to make absolutely armor-piercing goodies without spending a lot of time or a lot of money. I’ve seen it, tried giving it to my dogs, appreciated the effect, and now I want to share it with you. Because I’m sure: there are no “non-food dogs,” there are lazy owners who couldn’t offer the dog something it would really enjoy.

A few years ago, I had a badass beagle who wouldn’t eat cheese, sausage, or anything else. I had to invent some magic remedy to make the dog fly at full speed to us. I asked the hostess what the dog drooled over the most when the family sat down to dinner. Turns out, it’s fried chicken breasts. Bingo!

At my request, the hostess fried the dog’s chicken breasts, without oil, without chopping, but cut into thin slices, about 1-2 cm thick. It took as much time as possible to make the meat as hard as possible, but not burnt: poorly fried breasts can fall apart into fibers, and this is terribly uncomfortable. Cutting them into small pieces gave us a classy treat that we later found made significant learning progress.

Chicken and turkey

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Dogs always love chicken breasts. Photo:

I know, I know: chicken can cause allergies. It’s understandable. In that case, replace chicken with turkey and you’ll end up with gorgeous, almost 100 percent hypoallergenic goodies. By the way, if the dog is especially picky, you can fry the meat with a little salt, and when the breasts will be stewing under the lid, put a couple of bay leaves on them. In short, make it something that tastes good to you, and then the dog won’t refuse.

If you really don’t want to bother with cooking, but you want to make yummy treats, you can make it easier. You take raw chicken or turkey breasts, cut them into cubes of about 1-1,5 cm, pour them into a colander and pour boiling water from a kettle. This will be enough for the meat to poach and become easy to work with.


Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

There are enough breadcrumbs from two Krayushki for the class. Photo: A. Smirnov

The easiest and safest treat is croutons. Decent grain bread like Bourget or something like Krayushek is best: these are very flavorful and dogs like them much better than croutons made of Stolichnaya Bread, for example.

You cut the bread into pieces about 1-2 cm in size, depending on what kind of dog you have, place them on a baking tray and put them in the preheated oven. I must confess: before writing this post, I tried to make breadcrumbs myself (I repent, I used to use only those given to me by clients). It turned out very well. I used a gas stove, the exposure time was about 10-15 minutes, the temperature was 180-200 degrees. Experiment a bit with the time, the task is to lightly poach the breadcrumbs on top, leaving the middle soft. Yum!!!

Let the finished croutons cool and transfer to a bag or jar. To make them more appealing, put a slice of sausage or cheese in too: the bread absorbs smells perfectly, so you have a tasty, flavorful treat for your dog. No extra calories or fat, only healthy carbohydrates and fiber. The pluses are the low price, ease of preparation and storage, minimal risk of unwanted side effects or allergies.

The disadvantages include only a narrow scope of application: not all dogs like crackers. Mine, for example, started to turn their noses up at them. Naughty. Okay, let’s assume that you have such a picky dog, like me, who did not go for the simple rusks. Let’s try some more.

Beef rumen

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Boiling rumen is fun for the strong of heart. Photo:

For the brave and desperate, a great option would be boiled beef rumen. It looks terrible, smells even worse, but the dogs love it. I would not recommend it to anyone, because the neighbors of the owners of the experimenters will give me anathema. Although this is probably a good way to get rid of them.

So: you buy fresh beef rumen, boil it for about an hour (too long is not worth it), then cool it down. You can not add salt and spices. Cooled rumen cut into pieces about the same size as the breadcrumbs and divide into portions. For the class is enough amount, easily fit into a cut glass, plus or minus half a finger. You put the portions into bags and put them in the freezer. Do you want to work out in the evening? In the morning you take a bag out of the freezer, and by evening you get a great treat. Cheap, angry, but awfully smelly. No side effects noted, allergies, too. B-r-r-r!

Let’s move on from rumen to something more palatable: liver, heart, or lung snacks. Beef or lamb by-products are great, but it’s better to stay away from pork ones. What to get, depends on what your dog likes, what’s available and what contraindications he might have.

Boiled and dried beef liver

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Liver can be boiled or dried. Photo:

Tasty liver snacks turn out amazingly tasty, dogs are absolutely delighted and gladly run to the owner to get another piece. Just be sure to keep in mind that liver is a pretty finicky product and in some dogs it can cause stomach upsets. So before you make a bunch of snacks, give your dog some liver and see how he tolerates it. Plus, boiled liver smells pretty bad and noticeably stains his hands, so it’s not always convenient to work with. Be careful with the amount: liver is the most calorie-dense of all the listed by-products.

It’s very easy to make a tasty treat with it. Fresh liver is cut into several large pieces and boiled for half an hour. You can add a little salt as an additional preservative, you can not add seasonings, you can change the water during cooking as desired.

Boiled liver can be, as well as tripe, cut into cubes, divide into portions and put in the freezer. In principle, this will already be enough. But the delicious potential of liver is much higher, and I would suggest having some more fun with it.

You spread the liver sliced into pieces on parchment, put it on a baking tray and put it in the oven at a low temperature, not more than 60-80 degrees. In a regular oven you can do this by reducing the temperature with the regulator to a minimum and opening the door a bit. To the door does not close, stick a small piece of wood in the gap – I use an old bottle opener.

The drying time is 3 to 6 hours, some of my customers just leave the liver in the oven overnight. The smell is not too strong, neither is the heat. After three hours, the liver dries out, but it remains soft, but overnight it turns into awesome breadcrumbs, very handy for classes. The main advantage of dried liver is that there is no strict need to store it in the freezer. Cooked liver is safely stored in the fridge, and even if you forget the bag in your jacket pocket after an evening walk, it will not turn into a mass grave in the morning. Yes, liver shrinks, so don’t be too shallow when slicing.

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Inexpensive, healthy and very tasty! Photo: @Apollinaria

As I was getting ready to write this article, I was prompted with another recipe for liver ooey-woey. 400 grams of liver and 2 raw carrots are twisted on a meat grinder, add 2 eggs and small oat flakes with flour, mix thoroughly. Flour and cereal by eye, so that the dough is tight. From the resulting dough, form balls of suitable size for the dog, bake for 25 minutes at 200 degrees.

Boiled beef heart

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Beef heart: convenient, low-calorie and very tasty. Photo:

The heart is much less fatty and the least fussy of all the by-products when it comes to cooking. It doesn’t smell as strong as tripe or liver, cooks quickly, but for some reason dogs don’t like it very much. However, as the saying goes, taste and color.

The heart, as well as the liver, should be cut into large pieces before boiling. The layer of fat, with which it is covered, is easier to remove after boiling. Put it in boiling water, cook for half an hour, removing the foam with a slotted spoon, then change the water and cook for another half an hour. Salt may not be added. The heart will be boiled out of all the nastiness and it will be easy to work with it.

When the heart is ready cool down, take off the fat, cut it into convenient small pieces and divide it into portions in sachets. Freeze the bags accordingly. The tasty things are ready. Perhaps additionally, the heart can be dried in the oven, but I haven’t heard of anyone experimenting with that. The pieces of cooked heart are pretty dense, so they are easy to work with, while not getting your hands and clothes too dirty.

The fat content of the cooked heart is low, and the calories, respectively, are very few. But again it is worth bearing in mind that, like any by-product, the heart in large quantities can cause stomach upset and, of course, problems with individual intolerance. Allergies to heart I have encountered are extremely rare.

Boiled and dried beef or lamb lung

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Overnight drying the lung turns into handy chips. Photo: A. Vasilkova

Lung is perfect in every way except for cooking. If you buy fresh lung, you have to either boil it or freeze it before you do anything with it – cutting, drying, and so on. But there’s almost no fat in it, it doesn’t boil or shrink like liver or heart, and dogs are crazy about lung. So if you have free time and products in the store, beef or lamb lung in the absolute priority – this is the most convenient and most effective of all the goodies that I’ve tried. They work almost without fail.

So, before making delicious lung chips, the product needs to be either frozen or boiled. With freezing everything is clear, boiling also will not cause much difficulty. You should boil the lung chopped in large pieces for about 20-25 minutes, without adding salt and spices. It does not make much sense to soak it before boiling, but it is necessary to remove the foam during cooking.

You cut the boiled or slightly defrosted lung into small pieces (don’t mince it too much, it will still dry out), spread it on parchment and put it on a tray in a preheated oven. As with liver, the average drying time is from 3 to 6 hours and the temperature is about 60 degrees. After 3-4 hours, the lung remains soft, retaining moisture inside, when dried all night it turns into gorgeous chips. Pluses are obvious: a minimum of calories, the cost of literally pennies, storage does not cause problems, allergies are rare. And most importantly, the dogs love it.

Lifehack from the advanced owners: for drying meat products you can use the electric dryer for mushrooms and fruits. Just be careful: during the drying process, fat and moisture are melted out of the by-products, which can severely stain the dryer. If the design of the appliance allows it, put the food on parchment.

Dried fruits and vegetables.

Recipe for happiness: healthy, tasty and inexpensive treats for dogs by hand

Dried apples also rule, don’t be surprised. Photo:

And, by the way, dogs don’t live on meat alone. There are quite a few four-legged companions who don’t mind eating dried fruits and vegetables. Apples and carrots, apricots, pears and bananas are used. If you have an electric dryer at home, you can use it to its full potential. Experiment! Yes, and I’d be happy if you could share your own recipes for “doggy joy” with me.

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