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Kirkland dog food from Costco – ingredients review of dry pet feed

Kirkland dog food review

Kirkland dog food is undoubtedly the finest brands in demand. They have been able to penetrate through the heart of many dog lovers to the stomach of their pooch without denting the pocket of the dog owner and the health of the pooch. The ability to juxtapose a Eco-friendly and healthy product has made them American dog owners’ sweetheart.

As a dog owner, it is paramount to give your pet the right kibble with the finest components to keep them in good health. Kirkland kibbled dog nutrition should be on the top of your list if you’re looking to provide your small or large dog with super-premium pet feed that is loaded with specific vitamins, antibiotics and has an organic balance without denting your pocket. Do you seek for just one bag of pooch feed that meets all the needed nutritive outline of your dog at every stage of life and also retains a vast variety of components?

This dog feed, when likened to other competitors, comes at a pocket-friendly price. But how good are their products? Follow our review as we take a look at Kirkland variables to supply you with in-depth analysis based on thousands of experiences to help you make better choices.

Why the Kirkland Dog Food is a best choice for pet owners (Costco by Diamond Pet Foods)

The famous Costco retail storage sells this dog meal all over the world. The Kirkland Dog Food brand uses quality nutritive components and also provides a class of divergent kibbles that caters for mature pooch, puppies, and all types of pooches. Their core components include proteinic sources such as:

  1. Poultry;
  2. Meat;
  3. Beef;
  4. Mutton;
  5. Fish 🐠
  6. Salad;
  7. And much more.

The dog kibble from this brand has two variables, which are Super-premium produce and Nature’s dominant produce.

Kirkland Super-premium food Products: Ingredients, Pros and Cons

low-fat specia Kirkland-dog dietary feedSuper-premium wholesome heavy pet kibble made with excellent ingredients chicken and Salad. This low-fat special dietary feed will help your pet gain more heaviness. This produce is low in fat and eminently high in fiber, antibiotics, greens, and salad, which aids digestion. However, the absence of Omega 6 and 3 in this feed can cause body surface irritation and weakness.


  • An excellent option for a adult dog suffering from indigestion;
  • Extremely low in fat.


  • Its low-fat content makes it unsuitable for all breeds
  • It’s a special dietary feed.

Super-premium Kirkland Puppy poultry meat, Cereal grain, and Salad Formula

Kirkland Puppy poultry meatThis feed is made for hyper young dog. This kibble is enriched with poultry meat and grease produce to give dinky dogs the needed nutrient and energy they need as they grow. It also contains greens, fruits, and antibiotics to aid metabolism.

  1. Puppy friendly feed consisting of natural ingredients;
  2. Rich in protein and fat which aid growth and gives energy respectively.


  1. Low in fiber;
  2. Good for only dinky dogs.

Super-premium Adult Dry Kirkland Dog Poultry meat, Cereal grain and Egg kibble

Adult Kirkland Dog Poultry meatThis is a feed for dogs who are old and have lesser years to live. The kibble is rich in poultry meat and egg produce to give your aged dog proteinic nutrients and also repair worn out tissues and flesh. The fat and nutrients for the greens and fruit help to keep the old dog and its body defence system active.


  1. A right choice for older dogs large and medium breeds;
  2. Supports bone and tissues development;
  3. Supports immune system.


  1. It’s not good for all pets.
  2. Not good for pooches suffering from bone damage

Super-premium Dry Kirkland Small Dog Poultry Meat Cereal grain and Vegetable Formula

Kirkland-dog-food for pooches who are old and have lesser years to live This is a macronutrient balanced dry feed designed for small dogs such as Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus. The protein-rich blend of poultry meat and egg is meant to restore the nutrients these dogs lose due to high metabolism. The inclusion of taurine will support your pooch’s vascular health. Additionally, the extra whole-grain brown rice, salad, greens, and antibiotics makes this formula perfect for a small pet.


  • Good for small dog;
  • Addition of taurine for wholesome heart;
  • Easily digestible.


  • Lacks bone supports for small dogs
  • Very low in fibre

Kirkland Nature’s Domain pets Dry Feed

Nature’s Dominant Beef and Sweetened Potato:Kirkland Nature’s Domain this is grain-less beef and sweetened potato kibble This is a grain-less beef and sweetened potato kibble that is fit for dogs for all life stages. it is an affordable option with 24% protein and 14% crude fat with only one meat source to eradicate the possibility of meat allergy


  1. Grain-free;
  2. Suitable for all life stages;
  3. High in proteinic and lard nutrients.


  1. Holds some controversial components such as canola oil and tomato pomace
  2. Has only one meat source

Nature’s Domain Turkey Diet and Sweetened Potato

 grain-free turkey and sweet potato Kirkland kibble This grain-free turkey and sweet potato kibble are specially formulated to give your dog the proteinic nutrients and energy needed for comprehensive growth for disparate stages during growth. It also boasts of antibodies which supports digestion, pooch’s body defence system and the overall system of the dog.

  • Grain-free;
  • Suitable for pooch all life growth;
  • Supports dog body defense system and digestion.


  • Contains canola oil and tomato pomace.

Nature’s Kirkland Dominated Salmon diet and Sweetened Potato

Kirkland organic cereal-free salmon diet and ocean fish kibbleThis is an organic cereal-free salmon diet and ocean fish kibble for dogs that are allergic to grains. This kibble boasts of large amount of proteinic and fatty nutrients. This produce supplies the pet with excellent health and shiny fur. The fruit and sweetened potatoes are a great source of ascorbic acid and carbohydrates.


  1. Fish meal;
  2. Grain-free;
  3. Good for dogs all life stages.


  1. Because it’s made from salmon fish, it has a strong odor;
  2. It contains canola oil.

Kirkland Dog Feed Components

This brand’s dog feed chain offers a wide range of pooch feed, which consist some irresistibly components that dogs love.

Animal protein:

  • Poultry meat;
  • turkey;
  • salmon;
  • and mutton provides proteinic nutrients to the dog feed for wholesome pooch development.

Probiotic: Aid metabolism and puppy’s body defense system

Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acid: for good skin, shiny fur, and a better immune system

Rice: For a carbs boost

Whole grain and fiber: For nutrient boost and a source of wholesome carbs in adult Dog Nutrition.

Super-premium Grown Dog Chicken, Cereal grains and greens kibble

Grown Pooch Chicken kibbleThis kibble is for big dogs giant and large breeds. Fresh poultry meat is its main content and it also holds a large portion of fatty acid and protein nutrients. It is enriched with ascorbic acid to match all your adult dog nutritive needs. This feed is form into crunchy kibble pieces to help your dog with its dental health. However, if your pooch outweighs its pairs in size, the produce may be a wrong option for your dog due to its high-fat deposit.


  • A good alternative dry food for active dog;
  • Enriched with antioxidants.


  • It contains 16% fat, which can be regarded as excessive for overweight dogs.

I know you want to provide your dog with wholesome diet using the best dog food, and it can be frustrating and overwhelmingly trying to figure out the best, and pocket-friendly dog feed medium breeds in a market flooded with poor and over-inflated pet feeds. This reappraisal has been helpful with the various Kirkland dog feed offers, including its advantages and disadvantages, and we hope being informed helps you make your decision process more comfortable.

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