Purina ONE SmartBlend Reviews – Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food

January 4, 2022
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Purina ONE SmartBlend Reviews

Continuing our rubric of dog food reviews, in this article we will do a Purina dog food review. Specifically, we’ll gather of Purina ONE SmartBlend reviews – Natural Adult Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food and see what customers are saying about this food.

Review As a breeder, I recommend Purina ONE SmartBlend Lamb & Rice

I am a breeder of spaniels, all the adults I have on this food. I have long noticed its positive effect. Our recent problems with skin irritation disappeared, plus we have improved their appearance and their mood in general. We now walk and play more, their mobility has increased. Also their appetite is the same, and we used to see them grudgingly eating. But then we had a different diet, which, however, did not justify itself.

We have been friends with Purina ONE SmartBlend for one year. We only change flavors. The lamb is excellent; it smells good and has a nice, natural color. No questions to the composition at all. And most importantly, it can be given to lactating dogs. So it is twice as much work for me, I just change the portion, but for my girl, everything remains as usual, and that and less stress. The puppies are born strong and healthy right away. Plus the mother has a lot more milk, not for nothing in the food has a semblance of colostrum. I think it stimulates the production. In a word, I’m glad that there is such a quality food. I recommend it to everyone. Who we take puppies. Because this way I am sure that they will grow up strong and vigorous.



  • Can be given to expectant mothers

  • Portions are easily adjusted

  • The composition is healthy and nourishing

  • Lots of protein and vitamins

  • No

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Review Introduced SmartBlend into the diet, the dog was satisfied

I was introduced to this food six months ago. At that time the clinic recommended us to change the food, because it caused irritation on the skin. I thought for a long time what to get a better one. And I stopped at this Purina ONE SmartBlend. To be honest, even after opening the package, I was already a little bit amazed. I was expecting as usual a pungent specific smell, and got quite ordinary meat. I did not even believe that it can be. At the same time, the expiration date was okay, and the packaging was intact and there were no rips. We can say that from that moment this kind of food won me over.

Well as well as the dog, I generally rely on it for the most part. She ate it with pleasure, I think that the secret is also in the pellets: both soft and crunchy. It’s always interesting for pets and varied. I still store it today in the pack itself. I can’t think of a better container. Moreover, this does not affect the properties; the pellets do not get damp. The dog is full, but the activity is still there. No side effects, I hope, and will not happen. And even the taste is not particularly bored with it, so I have never bought the rest. Although the line gives such an opportunity. Anyway, it’s good that we found this diet in time and gradually switched to it. Despite the price, its quality is fully justified and for the health of the dog, I do not worry.



  • No pungent odor

  • The natural color of the croquettes

  • Interesting consistency

  • Convenient to store in a pack

  • No

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Review I bought this purina one smartblend following the example of a friend and his poodle

We have been friends with this food since childhood. More precisely, even with SmartBlend line. When we got our puppy, we all thought what would be better to give him – ready-made food or to make it ourselves. In the end we decided to try the first option, and we were right. We chose this nutrition because we heard about this brand long time ago and we read good purina one smartblend reviews. And even our breeder supported us. So, at first, we soaked the pellets until 3 months of age, and then began to fill the usual. Now our pet is a little over a year old and transferred to this diet – the series is the same and the manufacturer is the same, so there were no problems. Everything is usual, even the portions are almost the same.

We mostly buy him lamb. Somehow the other flavors, apparently, got bored and he eats them reluctantly. But he eats this one with pleasure and eats the necessary portion. Packing itself is already strong and tight, so that neither moisture nor the sun is not afraid of food. But I know for sure that for today and tomorrow he has food, and I do not have to look for a replacement in a panic.

Speaking of the effect, we generally like Purina one smartblend. Initially there was nothing problematic, and the dog felt good. And now there is no change in that. She is just as active, cheerful and happy. The hair and teeth do not suffer, and never noticed that there was anything wrong with them. So, this food is of high quality, as all products of Purina brand.



  • Different packaging

  • There are several flavors in the lineup

  • My dog likes the lamb

  • No side effects

  • No

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