Freeze dried beef heart for dogs

December 14, 2022
Freeze dried beef heart for dogs the stomach and

freeze dried beef heart for dogs

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To keep your dog healthy and full of energy, it is recommended to feed him a variety of food. You should include in the menu not only dog food, but also by-products.

Experts believe that beef heart is good for dogs, it contains vitamins and minerals that they need. But before giving this food to the pet, you should know in what form and quantity it should be done.

Benefits of

This product is beneficial to the health of dogs:

  • strengthens bones and joints;
  • promotes the growth of muscle mass;
  • helps strengthen blood vessels thanks to copper, magnesium and zinc, which are present in the composition;
  • Prevents overwork and promotes endurance;
  • It improves metabolism, preventing the development of diseases of the digestive system.
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Consuming it, the pet will be cheerful, calm, because it normalizes its nervous system. You will be able to prevent the appearance of aggressiveness and irritability. The substances in the composition help to normalize the cardiovascular system.

Despite the benefits of this product, it is possible to cause harm to health. Consuming it too often leads to poisoning, overeating. This negatively affects the digestive system, the work of the stomach and intestines. The dog becomes lethargic, its stools are disturbed, vomiting is possible.

If the pet has a weakened immune system, and he ate too much of this food, an allergic reaction may occur. Substances in the composition of this byproduct cause dizziness, nausea, increased body temperature.

How to give?

The heart is given to the pet twice a week. Its amount should not exceed 15% of the total diet. Before consumption, it is boiled for 30-35 minutes. Do not give it stewed or fried, as it can provoke digestive disorders.

Can it be eaten raw?

If the dog tolerates the product well, a small amount of it can be given raw. It can be given pureed or added to porridge or vegetables. Then it will be better digested.

In raw form, this product is given only in small quantities, and if the dog is used to it. If she does not have poisoning or an eating disorder, a few pieces are allowed to give.

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If the portion is large, it is better to boil the food, otherwise there may be an eating disorder manifested by abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

What kind to feed?

It is recommended to choose a heart that is small in size. Excellent if it is light pink, or bright red in color. This indicates that the product is fresh, ready for consumption, and contains many nutrients.

Interlayers of fat are acceptable, but only in small amounts. If the fat layer is too large, the heart is not given, because such food is fatty for it, will become long digested, worse absorbed.

How to cook it?

Before consuming the heart is thoroughly washed, cleaned of impurities. It is better to chop it finely: so it is more convenient to consume and it will be better assimilated by the body.

If you come across hard and tough particles or elements that are difficult to chew, they are removed. They can cause difficulty, aversion when consumed.

An example of a recipe

Preparing this product for your pet is not difficult at all. There is a recipe for porridge that is healthy for dogs. To prepare the porridge you will need :

  • 1 kg of beef heart;
  • 120 grams of rice;
  • 1 carrot;
  • half a medium sized zucchini;
  • pinch of dill;
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil.
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To prepare the porridge, boil the heart for 30 minutes. While it boils, you should dice the vegetables. When it boils, it is put in a separate plate, and the broth is diluted with water, cook rice in it.

While the rice is boiling, dice the heart. Then add it to the cooked grits and let it cool, then mix it all with the vegetables. It only remains to add the greens. The dish is ready to eat, the portion is large, so it can be divided into several meals.

Such a dish is good for the digestion of the dog, easy to digest, contains many vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this food, the pet will feel satiated, filled with strength and energy.

How long should I boil it?

Boil the product for 30-35 minutes. If it turns out to be stiff, it is boiled a little longer: 40-45 minutes. This time is enough to make the heart fit to eat.

Roasted and braised

It is not recommended to give the product in fried or stewed form, because in this way it becomes greasy and loses a lot of useful substances during frying and stewing.

Eating a large amount of fried or stewed heart, the dog may be poisoned. This type of heat treatment should be abandoned.


Experts do not recommend drying this product at home, because you can make a mistake in the process of drying. This will spoil the product, increasing the risk of poisoning.

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In order not to risk the health of the pet, the heart itself is not dried.

In the composition of food.

Some dog owners prefer to feed their pets not fresh heart, but dry food containing it. This method has an advantage: the dog will not refuse the heart, because it has been processed, filled with various ingredients, spices.

But there is a disadvantage: stale, low quality by-products can be used to create dry food. They can provoke poisoning.

During the preparation of dry food, processing is used, which destroys many useful substances. As a result, the product becomes less useful.

What to choose?

You should not buy food, the composition of which does not specify the source of meat. If it says "by-products", or "meat and bone meal", the feed is rejected. There is no guarantee that beef heart was used. It is worth paying attention to foods where it is stated that such a product was used.

There are well-known brands that are conscientious about how they prepare their food and create meals that are good for dogs. You can safely choose the food companies "Brit", "Zookuhna", "Zoogurman".


The pets are accustomed to this product from 6 months of age. The first time they are given a few pieces, gradually increasing the portion so that the body gets used to this food. Feed the boiled heart.

Pregnant and nursing women

Pregnant and lactating dogs are allowed to give by-products, but in small quantities. In this situation, they need a lot of nutrients, which are contained in the beef heart.

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Give it twice a week in boiled form. To make it easier to digest, it is cut into small pieces.

Different breeds

Beef heart can be given to different breeds of dogs, there are no restrictions. Intolerance of such food is rare.

If the dog has diarrhea or vomiting after consuming such food, it means he has an intolerance to the product. This does not apply to a particular breed, but occurs on an individual basis.


Beef heart for dogs is very useful and nutritious. It is recommended to give it to pets regularly so that there are no health problems. Knowing how to prepare this food, a person will not make mistakes.

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