Purina ONE dog food inexpensive review ingredients

February 20, 2023
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Purina ONE dog food inexpensive review ingredients

For 80 years, the American brand Purina has been producing dry and humid nutrition for four-legged friends, who to this day occupy a leading position among such products. Purina One is an inexpensive line of unique economy class feed, taking into account the features of the life of pets of small breeds of not more than 10 kg. All diets are based on numerous studies and the latest achievements in the field of science.

Purina ONE feed composition

Dogs of small breeds need a carefully developed diet, the components of which are able to maintain physical shape and health.

Purina ONE food for dogs

Purina One feeds to the economy class. The entire ruler is designed for dogs of small breeds.

Almost the entire assortment of Purina ONE contains a meat component, vegetables, soy and meat-bone flour, offal, cereals and an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Important. On the label of food, you can find the ingredient of "dry protein of poultry". Behind such a vague concept, as a rule, there are offal, not real meat. On the label, you can see such components as “chicken” or “beef” – this means that in addition to the meat of this animal, bones, skin and other parts may contain in the stern.

Corn and wheat are cheap fillers and part-time sources of carbohydrates. Also, the food recipe includes gluten, corn cereal, malt flur, fish and animal fats, and some taste-aromatic feed additive, which can only be beneficial in the absence of appetite in the dog. But in general, any artificial taste amplifier is harmful to the dog body.

To maintain a strong immune system, antioxidants are added to the recipe, and the optimal level of proteins and fats maintains the rate of metabolism in small pets.

The main list of ingredients is complemented by vitamins A, C, E and D3, as well as the necessary elements – iron, iodine, copper, manganese, selenium and zinc. Purina ONE feed is considered complete and does not require additional additives for the daily diet of the pet.

Purina One feed and minuses

Purina ONE food for dogs

Purina ONE food is found on sale even in small towns, which makes it easier to buy.

Purina One is not an elite high-quality food, but it has its own advantages:

  • It is one of the inexpensive feeds and occupies a leading position among economy class products, which allows you to feed a dog with a good diet even in tight financial conditions;
  • Food is widely distributed and not difficult to find even in a small town;
  • The composition contains vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the activity and health of the pet.

Among the disadvantages of Purina One nutrition can be noted:

  • There is no real meat in the recipe, and offal plays its role;
  • The presence of artificial flavors and flavor enhancers that can be addictive in the animal;
  • In general, the composition is rather poor.

Why is this food better than others?

Among the variety of economy-class dog food, Purina ONE deservedly took one of the first places. This diet has many significant advantages over other brands (see Oscar dog food), one of which is the level of nutrients necessary for health.

No matter how cute and small the dog is, it belongs to the wolf family and needs protein food. In addition, small breeds (miniature hunter Welsh Terrier) are characterized by high energy consumption, which requires an increased amount of fat in their daily diet. Purina ONE is 26% protein and 17% fat to meet the needs of small breed dogs. In Pedigree, these figures reach 21 and 14%, and in Our Mark – 18 and 10%.

Purina One provides the right balance of vitamins and nutrients for small dogs.

Another advantage of Purina ONE food is the balance of vitamins. It contains a sufficient amount of vitamin D3 (1000 IU/kg) to regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, vitamin A (30, 000 IU/kg) to improve vision, as well as the excellent antioxidant vitamin E (600 IU/kg).

In many economy-class feeds, the content of these vitamins is much lower: Our brand feed contains 500 IU/kg of vitamin D3, 7500 IU/kg of vitamin A and 200 IU/kg of vitamin E, while in Pedigree diets these figures reach only 120, 1500 and 20IU/kg.

Purina One food line

The Purina One line of dry dog food comes in four varieties for pets with different needs. Each food is endowed with a characteristic name, and the contents of the best dog food storage container are represented by small round granules. They are soft to the touch, but tend to harden when stored for a long time.

Purina One Canned Moist Meal has a delicious gravy and is based on beef, turkey, chicken and salmon.

Series "Already grown up"

This food is designed for small dogs that have crossed the age threshold of one year and are adult pets. After a year, dogs have an already formed body, which also needs support and care. The "Already adult" series is represented by dry and wet dog food.

Purina ONE food is available in two types: dry and wet (canned).

Dry dog food tastes like beef and rice, while canned food comes in two varieties:

  • Chicken, carrots and green beans;
  • Beef, potatoes and peas.

Series "Fidget"

These diets are designed for dogs of small breeds, characterized by increased activity. These include the smooth-haired and wire-haired fox terriers and the Jack Russell terrier. Increased energy expenditure requires constant replenishment, so the food contains highly digestible ingredients in the form of vegetable and animal proteins to develop muscle mass, as well as carbohydrates to maintain activity.

Dry dog food has the taste of chicken and rice, and two flavor solutions have been developed for canned food:

  • Duck, pasta and green beans;
  • Beef, carrots and potatoes.

Series "Footer"

The food is designed for small dogs with a good appetite: Schipperke, Maltese and Klee Kai. This option contains two times less fat than other types. This significantly reduces the intake of calories, despite the size of the portion consumed. Thanks to this, the risk of obesity is prevented without sacrificing appetite.

Purina ONE dog food inexpensive review ingredients features and their

Purina one dog food inexpensive review ingredients

The Purina One Eater line contains almost half the fat, which allows you to control your dog's weight without reducing the portion.

The series is presented as dry dog food based on turkey and rice, as well as wet diets with two flavors:

  • Chicken, brown rice and tomatoes;
  • Turkey, carrots and peas.

Series "Sensitive"

Dry nutrition with the taste of salmon and rice is an excellent solution for small dogs suffering from digestive sensitivity (see Enterocolite in dogs). These include breeds of Boston terriers and papillons, whose stomachs are not able to digest ordinary dog food. The food is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and natural prebiotics that stimulate good assimilation of the product without irritating the gastrointestinal tract.

Attention. If digestive disorders are worried about the pet for more than a week, this is an occasion to immediately contact the veterinarian.

Reviews of veterinarians about dog stern Purina ONE

Ivan, veterinarian, 48 years old. The physiology of dogs of small breeds has certain features and their content should also be special. As a rule, such dogs are moody and picky in food – they will not eat something. Purina ONE feeds in its composition well-selected components aimed at the full development of the pet. In addition, diets have a pleasant taste, which is important to satisfy capricious dogs. Purina ONE feed has small granules, which is great for feeding this category of dogs. But I want to note that the composition contains artificial additives in the form of flavor and smell amplifiers, which can adversely affect the dog body. Therefore, if there is financial opportunity, give preference to natural feeds without the content of harmful substances.

Reviews about the stern of Purina ONE

Veterinarians believe that Purina One feed is the best among other economy class brands.

Shelley, veterinarian, 34 years old. Among the enormous variety of dog foods of economy class, Purina ONE feed is one of the best. But still, I strongly do not recommend feeding the dog with this food, since its composition is represented by low-quality products, and, therefore, they are absorbed poorly. The recipe takes place in corn, wheat and soy, which often become the culprits of allergies. Instead of real high-quality meat, animal offals are used here, which have a dubious origin. I will not talk about the dangers of artificial preservatives and flavors used in the production of feed. In general, Purina ONE can be used as the main nutrition, but not for long, otherwise the health of the pet can be added.

Reviews about the stern of Purina ONE for dogs

Owners praise the food of Purina ONE, but try to combine it with other food options.

Grace. I want to share my impressions of dog stern Purina ONE Fidget. I have a wonderful dog of the Basenji breed, which is in constant movement. But he has a problem in the form of frequent allergies, so picking up food for him is a real dilemma. A familiar veterinarian advised Purin and we decided to try. The composition, of course, is not perfect: little meat, dyes, vegetable fats and other nonsense, but the dog liked the taste very much. During daily feeding, she began to notice that the dog began to melt and problems with the chair began. I decided to combine food with other types of nutrition. In addition, if you constantly feed the dog with this food, it comes out quite an invoice. Therefore, I recommend it only as a treat.

Boris. A year ago, we were presented with a little spitz, whom we began to feed Purina ONE. The dog ate with pleasure, ate the entire portion. About six months only ate this food, and there were no problems. But recently, our dog stopped approaching a bowl, and we came to the conclusion that he was simply tired of her. After all, dogs also need a variety of food. Now I add separate components to the food (rice, pasta, buckwheat) and the dog echoes with pleasure. Good food, boldly recommend it.

Conclusions about Purina ONE food

Reviews about Purina One feed are mostly good: many dog owners advise switching to this food, citing quality and affordable price. In fact, the food is not of high quality, as evidenced by its cheapness. With prolonged use of low-grade nutrition, the risk of health problems increases significantly.

All feed options have a small packing of 100 grams, 600 grams and 1. 5 kg. For 1. 5 kg of dry dog food, Purina One will give about 400, and for 100 grams of canned food – about 40.

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