Are dog thinning shears the same as human?

November 11, 2022

How to choose dog filing shears, what kinds they are, and where to buy tools for your pet

How to choose a pair of dog clippers

If your pet is a breed that requires regular haircuts (Yorkshire Terrier, Pekingese, Maltese, Spaniel, etc.) this need can become a very costly part of the family budget. Professional grooming is quite expensive. In addition, the animal is often stressed by the travel and manipulation of a stranger. You can seriously cut costs by doing it yourself. We have already told you how to groom a dog at home. This article will talk about how to choose dog clippers for home use and how much they can cost.

Types of dog clippers

Dog hairstyling is a serious matter that requires care, accuracy, caution and a good tool for cutting hair. "Human" scissors are not designed to work with wool, can make it difficult and even ruin the entire haircut, biting and breaking a dog's hair. So, if you don't know which scissors are better to buy, you should choose a special tool designed for grooming. Quick answer: Dog filing scissors are the same as human scissors.


This is the simplest and at the same time the most functional device. The length of the blades can vary depending on the purpose. Short scissors with rounded ends are used for delicate or hard-to-reach places such as cutting hair in the ears, on the muzzle or on the paws between the toes. Long blade enables quality even cuts on large areas, suitable for difficult cuts and high volume of work. Straight shear blades often have micro notches that prevent hair from slipping. This tool should be a must-have in an arsenal of a beginning home groomer. The price ranges from 2000 to 6500.

With adjustment screw

A big plus of this model is the ability to adjust the tension of cutting blades, adjusting them to different types of wool. It is very important to properly adjust the tool, as overextension can make work very difficult by increasing stress on the fingers and biting the wool. Scissors with an adjusting screw can be of different length (from 12 to 22 cm) and depending on it are suitable for different purposes. For small amounts of work or complex shearing, a shorter tool is the right choice. For simple haircuts, scissors from 20 cm in length will be suitable. Their price range is 1800-3500.


Curved scissors, or more precisely scissors with angled ends are used for cutting wool on the muzzle, tail, for creating the necessary angle, smooth lines, silhouette or ear-shaping. They can be bought from 800 to 2800.

Filleting tools.

One of the favorite tools of all groomers is the filleting shears for trimming dogs. They are used to create neat cuts, smooth transitions in step haircuts. These scissors can also be used to thin out a too thick coat or to give the necessary volume to a thin light coat.

The peculiarity of the tool is that instead of a smooth cutting blade, there are teeth on one or both sides of the tool. Several types of filing scissors will differ only in the number of teeth on the 14-15 cm long blade and the distance between them.

Gentler and neater cuts, especially for beginners, are obtained with double-sided scissors, but to create a perfect haircut for your pet, it is worth learning how to work with different kinds of this tool. Fillers are some of the most expensive grooming accessories. Their price starts at 2500 and can go as high as 10000-11000.

What are they made of

All professional tools are made from high carbon content steel. This metal has a large margin of strength and wear resistance. High-carbon steel, vanadium, chromium and nickel alloy scissors are hard, reliable, rust-proof tools.

Selection Criteria

Scissors for trimming dogs

Inexperienced owners or those who first decided to self-grooming, face the question: how to choose the best scissors to cut the hair of their dog? There are no special rules in choosing a tool, but you should take into account the peculiarities and complexity of shearing your pet, the quality of its hair. Pay attention and your comfort, comfort during work:

  • There is no need to buy expensive professional devices. But, if you decide to save on grooming on a regular basis, don't skimp too much on the tool. Choose from a medium price range.
  • Determine your goal – a medium length straight scissors and one-way fillers will be enough for a hygienic haircut. Shortening or trimming will require a tool: long straight ones or with an adjusting screw, scissors with rounded or curved ends, filleting scissors. Show grooming requires a large set of tools, including a machine with nozzles.
  • Be sure to "try on" the tool before buying. It should sit comfortably in your hand. It is better if the rings are rubberized or covered with non-slip material, and also if they are on different levels. This will ensure an even strain on the fingers and wrist while working.

The right tool for the job is the best way to get the job done.

Where to buy

Having familiarized yourself with what scissors for shearing dogs exist and having considered which will suit you, it's time to move on to the purchase. Alas, the necessary product can not always be found on the shelves in urban pet stores. Therefore, to make your task easier, below will be the best online stores with pet accessories:

Operation and Care

Any, even an inexpensive tool must be carefully and properly operated, requires constant and careful care. There are a few simple rules that you can follow to save on sharpening, repairing and buying a new one:

  • Do not cut dirty wool – dust and particles of dirt scratch the surface of the blades and contribute to the rapid blunting of the tool. The same rule applies to wet and damp wool.
  • Wool scissors should be used only for wool! Do not use them to cut claws, paper, cloth, etc.
  • After shearing the scissors should be wiped with a soft cloth (flannel for example) soaked in special oil. This should be done carefully without touching the cutting edge.
  • Keep the scissors clean and dry, in a special case, on a flat horizontal surface.
  • If it seems to you that the tool needs sharpening – leave it to professionals. Incorrectly (read yourself) sharpened scissors, especially filing scissors, will become completely unsuitable for further intended use.
  • During the first 10 days after the purchase or sharpening, try to put as little strain on the tool as possible.

Take care not to drop the scissors, as dropping them can damage the fasteners and disable them completely. Often such breakages are not repairable. Observance of these conditions will prolong the life of the tool and preserve its performance for a long time.

Useful tips

Train your pet in grooming and grooming from an early age. To dispel any doubts about the right choice of tools and haircutting techniques, visit several master classes that are regularly held in grooming salons. They will tell you in detail how to choose a pair of dog clippers and give you a demonstration of haircutting your pets.

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