Purina One Joint Health dog food review

November 16, 2022

Purina ONE Dog Food

The history of Purina food production began more than 100 years ago – in 1894 – with the manufacture of feed for horses. For quite a long time the products were produced only for livestock, then in 1986 the transition to the production of food for pets occurred. At the turn of the century the company was sold to one of the largest concerns in the world, Nestle, where food is still produced today.

The company entered the USA market only recently, in 2014. But during this time it has already managed to win the love of many dog breeders.

There is no information about the creation of recipes and the production process on the official website of the manufacturer.

Assortment of feeds

Purina Van food line for dogs is considered very narrow. It is designed exclusively for pets of small size weighing up to 10 kg. Packages are made small, taking into account the small size of animals – 600 g and 1.5 kg.

To date, the range of dry food of the two series together gives 8 items.

The manufacturer offers 4 types of dry food under the name "My Dog". All of them are made for adult dogs over a year old:

  • "Already Adult." The food is for healthy dogs and is made with beef and rice.
  • "Sensitive." Developed on a salmon and rice basis for dogs with GI problems.
  • "Nepotodaya." Food with chicken and rice, designed for overly active babies.
  • "Loves to Eat. A diet for dogs with a good appetite based on turkey and rice.

The pellets of these foods are small in size and unusually moist, not common in dry diets. They harden considerably after long periods of open storage.

The price for a package of 600 grams is 150-200.

The manufacturer also offers a line of food "Mini" for man's little friends:

  1. "Active. A diet for dogs with an increased level of activity based on chicken and rice.
  2. "Sensitive". Prepared on a salmon and rice basis, designed for pets with gastrointestinal problems.
  3. "Healthy Weight. A lightweight diet with 40% less fat based on turkey.
  4. "Adult". The food is designed for healthy dogs, made on the basis of beef and rice, creates a special care for the pet's mouth.

The cost of this line is slightly higher – about 200 for a package weighing 600 g.

Purina van for dogs

In addition to dry Chewy food, the manufacturer offers an assortment of wet canned food with bags of 100 grams.

They are exactly the same divided into 2 lines and repeat their names, the only difference is the presented flavors.

Line "Mini":

  • "Active" with beef.
  • "Sensitive" with pasta, duck and beans.
  • "Healthy Weight" with turkey and carrots.
  • "Adult" with green beans, chicken and carrots.

"My Dog" line:

  1. "Already Adult": with beef, peas and potatoes; with beans, chicken and carrots.
  2. "Fidgety" with pasta, duck and beans; with beef, carrots and potatoes.
  3. "Loves to eat" with peas, turkey and carrots.

Wet food is priced at 35 per 100-gram bag.

Purina Van Chewy dog foods can be called highly specialized. They do not have a broad focus and are only offered to small adult pets. There are also no special veterinary diets for pets with health problems.

Purina dog food

An overview of the composition of the food

  • In all Purina Van dry dog food the meat ingredient is in the first place, which is a very good indicator for an economy class food. However, the labeling of this ingredient, dried poultry or animal protein, raises doubts about its quality, since the protein most likely includes animal by-products rather than pure meat in the first place.
  • Next on the list are the main sources of carbohydrates – wheat and corn. These are not the best ingredients, as they are allergens and cause intolerance in some cases. But in the economy segment, they are found in almost every brand of food.
  • Vitamins, fish and animal fat, vegetable extracts are good additions to the main ingredients.
  • A big disadvantage of the composition is the presence of flavoring and aromatic additives.
  • The total proportion of proteins ( 25-27%), fats ( 10-18%) and fiber (2.5%) are normal.

The composition of canned foods also begins with a meat ingredient, the percentage of protein for a wet inexpensive food at a decent level – 12-13%. Vegetables, fish, fats and vitamins – besides this, there are no additives or other harmful products in wet food.

Advantages and disadvantages

A detailed analysis of the range and composition allows you to identify the pros and cons of food for small dogs, presented by Purina Van brand.


  1. The main advantages of the brand – low price and availability of purchase (the products are presented not only in pet stores, but also in hypermarkets).
  2. A plus can be called a fairly good composition for the economic segment, as well as the presence of vitamins in the list of ingredients.
  3. The protein, fat and fiber content is within the range and is considered good for the economy class.
  4. Another plus is the lack of additives in wet foods.


The disadvantages in the food of this brand are revealed much more :

  • Poor composition with unclear origin of the main protein component;
  • A narrow range of foods for small pets only;
  • No food for dogs with special needs;
  • Flavor and flavor additives in dry foods.

Reviews from veterinarians and customers about the food

Dog owners and veterinarians are happy to share their opinions on pet food.

Feedback from owners about Purina pet food:

  • Tatiana, owner of a Jack Russell Terrier:

"I want to tell my story of feeding our baby with Purina Van food. My dog is extremely active, but the main problem in his feeding – constantly occurring allergic reactions. When once again changing the brand of food I chose for him the variant Neposeda.

The composition, of course, is so-so – almost no meat, fats, dyes, but the baby eats with pleasure.

With the daily feeding the hair continues to fall out. But with the addition of natural food and a mixed diet, the problem is gone."

"Gave my wife a little Spitz a year ago. The breeder advised her to continue feeding him Purina Van food. The dog ate it with great appetite at first, but at one point stopped going to the bowl. We decided that the food she just got bored. We added some cereal to it, and sometimes I dilute the dry food with canned food. Her appetite has returned, we are satisfied.

Overall, I recommend the food storage container for such small breeds."

Reviews from veterinarians:

  • Boris Alexandrovich, veterinarian:

"Dogs of small breeds have their own anatomical features, so the creation of a separate line of food for them is only welcome.

Most of the time, babies are capricious in their choice of food, so a pleasant taste of the food is important. However, the presence of flavor additives in the composition makes me very uncomfortable!

The size of the pellets is appropriate for the purpose of the feed.

If possible, I would still recommend a better quality feed or a balanced natural diet."

  • Ekaterina Viktorovna, veterinarian:

"Among the variety of inexpensive foods, I definitely think Purina Van is the best option. Nevertheless, I can not recommend feeding it to the dog. The quality of the composition is quite low, and to call it a complete diet is not possible.

In the composition there is a complete absence of full-fledged meat, only flour and by-products. Artificial additives also do not add optimism.

This food can be used to replace the main diet only for a short time."

Purina One Joint Health dog food Chewy mini protein component

Purina one joint health dog food

Reviews on the forums


Purina Van feeds have good reviews from amateur dog breeders. However, professionals strictly do not recommend this diet for daily nutrition. The composition is too poor for the full functioning of the body. Veterinarians advise to choose it only for small forced breaks in the main diet.

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