What should a puppy food contain for large breeds?

February 15, 2023
Large Breeds
What should a puppy food contain for large breeds?

Feeding large dogs: What do you need to know about?

Large breed dogs require special feeding rules. Features that are important to consider when choosing a large breed puppy are intensive growth and development in the first years of life, a large massive skeleton, and high activity of the pet. Let's talk about how to choose a diet for your ward.

Large breeds – a special approach

Cooking your own food for a large dog is a difficult task. In each serving of the pet, useful substances must be present in a clearly calibrated proportion. Therefore, veterinarians recommend giving preference to professional feeds: they already contain everything that a dog needs, and she will not need any additional vitamins and minerals.

Complete food for large breed dogs of premium class and above is perfect for feeding a pet. In the segment you are interested in, you can pick up both dry and wet dog food. The ideal solution is to combine them in one diet. For example, an adult dog's morning meal will consist of a portion of dry dog food, and the evening meal of a portion of wet dog food.

Choose food from one manufacturer, so you will be guaranteed quality and a similar composition, the food will be familiar to the body of a four-legged friend and will not cause digestive problems.

Professional dry dog food for large breeds has larger kibbles than other lines. They help to clean plaque from the pet's teeth, give the optimal load to the jaw apparatus. Wet dog food will saturate the body with moisture, in addition, pets show a greater appetite for it.

How to feed a large dog

How are large breed foods different from other diets?

Food for large dogs differs not only in the size of the granules.

An adult large dog has a relatively slow metabolism. She needs less high-calorie food than representatives of small breeds.

In feed for large breeds of dogs, the necessary ratio of nutrients, the ratio of phosphorus and calcium for the joints is observed.

Nutrition for puppies of dogs of large breeds should also be special.

Diet for large breed puppies

Puppies of large breeds in the first year of life grow from babies that fit in the palms, to dogs the size of the owner. Joints and the musculoskeletal system in general need support in order to develop harmoniously.

A common mistake owners make is overfeeding a puppy. Overfeeding a young representative of a large breed causes excessive growth. However, the pet must grow as prescribed by the breed standard. A growth spurt can lead to changes in the musculoskeletal system in a young pet.

Special food for puppies of dogs of large breeds allows you to adjust the fooding rates during the crucial period of growth – the main thing is to observe the fooding rate. Keep track of your feedings. At two to four months, a pet needs to divide the daily ration into four, five or even six feedings. By the year you need to come to the mark of two feedings per day, in the morning and in the evening.

Weigh your puppy once a week and monitor his body weight.

Another common mistake is to give the ward vitamin and mineral complexes without first consulting with a veterinarian.

What should a puppy food contain for large breeds? to combine them in

What should a puppy food contain for large breeds?

Complete feeds are called complete feeds because they completely cover the pet's needs for vitamins, minerals and other substances. If you and your veterinarian have carefully worked out the issue of choosing food, then you will not need additional supplements.

A good example of such a dry complete food is Gemon Maxi Puppy, a large breed puppy food based on chicken and rice. It is suitable for puppies of large breeds aged from two months to a year. The balance of calcium and phosphorus in the diet contributes to optimal growth of the skeleton, and glucosamine – to the proper formation of joints. The food is made from fresh meat – which means that the baby will not only be healthy, but also very tasty!

Large breeding puppies

We take into account age and activity

Feeding large dogs over a year old largely depends on your pet's activity level.

Consult a veterinarian about how much energy your dog is required in accordance with its lifestyle. There are pets who live in an apartment and provide themselves with a load with long walks. And there are dogs that monitor safety in a private house and live in an aviary. They need to consume more energy to warm up. For example, for adult dogs with an optimal amount of load, professional Premium class feed for large breeds (32-80 kg) Gemon Dog Maxi, chicken and Fig. The food is produced in Italy and does not contain GMOs, artificial dyes and flavorings – this distinguishes it among other brands of the Premium class. It can be combined with wet feed from the same manufacturer – Gemon ( canned food for dogs ). You can serve canned food at room temperature or slightly heated.

Do not go beyond two feedings per day, preferably at the same time.

Remove the bowl 15 minutes after the start of the meal, even if the pet did not eat everything.

Feeding on a clear schedule disciplines a four-legged friend and weanes to be excessively picky in food.

Always take care of maintaining the physical shape of your pet. The dog’s stomach should be tightened, and the ribs must be felt.

Remember the basic rules for feeding pets. The food should not be hot or cold. Do not feed the ward just before going for a walk and immediately after physical activity. The access should always be clean drinking water at room temperature.

We wish you health to your pets!

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