Great Life salmon dog food review

February 20, 2023
Dog Food
Great Life salmon dog food review

This nutritious food with a limited amount of ingredients, designed specifically for dogs with special food needs, contains high quality salmon fillet, which serves as the only source of fish protein, and the prebiotics necessary to support sensitive digestion.

Sold in best dog food storage containers weighing 1. 59, 5. 44, 9. 98 kg

  • Animals of all ages
  • Dry dog food
  • The health of the digestive system
  • Food allergies
  • Healthy ligaments and joints
  • One source of animal protein

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Nothing superfluous, only the most necessary

Go line feed! Solutions Sensitivities were originally developed for animals with special food needs, but now other dogs are happy to eat them. They were created by dietetologists for pets as a source of full and balanced diet based on the minimum number of ingredients adapted to the needs of our four-legged friends.

Feed without chicken and potatoes

Feed without grain and gluten

Fat Omega-acids to moisturize the skin, brilliance of wool and control its loss

Does not contain offal or artificial preservatives

Premium ingredients from Great Life

  • Components of feed
  • Food value information

Salmon without bones

High content of protein and essential fatty acids omega-3 for the health of ligaments and joints.

Dried chicory root

The source of Inulin, a prebiotic that provides comfortable digestion.

Chickpeas, lentils and peas

Sources of protein, main vitamins + minerals, as well as dietary fibers to support digestion.

An important amino acid to improve vision and work of the heart.


Salmon 30% (fresh salmon without bones, chopped, prepared salmon), tapioka, peas, lentils, chickpeas, pea flour, canols, coconut oil, phosphate. Monocalment, dried chicory root, dried rosemary, sodium chloride

Salmon 30% (fresh salmon without bones, crushed, prepared salmon), tapioka, peas, lentils, chickpeas, pea flour, canols, coconut oil, monocal foxfate, dried chicory root, dried rosemary, sodium chloride

The number of additives per kg

Food supplements: retinel-ametate 21 250 IU; vitamin D3 1 300 IU; Taurin 1, 000 mg; iron sulfate, monohydrate 66 mg; amino acid helat iron, hydrate 22 mg; calcium iodate, waterless 3 mg; copper sulfate, pentagidate 9. 3 mg; amino acid chelate copper, hydrate 3. 1 mg; manganese sulfate (II), monohydrate 10. 8 mg; amino acid helat manganese, a hydrate 3. 6 mg; zinc sulfate, monohydrate 82. 5 mg; amino acid helat zinc, hydrate 27. 5 mg; 3b8. 12 selenium 0. 2 mg; Technological additives: antioxidants: extracts of tocopherol of natural origin.

Recommended for
Great Life salmon dog food review can use

great life salmon dog food review

Squirrels 23. 5%
Fat 12. 5%
Cellulose 3. 4%
Ash 6. 6%
Humidity 8. 0%
Kidias 1. 2%
Phosphorus 1. 0%
Omega-6 1. 7%
Omega-3 0. 8%

Young Girl Petting Dog Beside storage container of Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Grain-Free Salmon Recipe dry dog food

Nutrition recommendations

Calculate the correct amount of food for your dog

Choose the weight and level of your dog’s activity.

The composition was created taking into account food levels for animals of all ages (except for large dogs during growth, which in adulthood have a weight of 70 pounds or more), provided for by nutrient profiles contained in cat feeds that were developed by the American State Association for Control over Monitoringfeed (AAFCO). Pregnant/lactating females: increase the consumption of feed by 50%, the amount of food required by your dog depends on its breed, level of activity, age and climatic conditions. To maintain the perfect weight, you can use our table with recommendations for feeding, adjusting the amount of feed that you give to the dog. For accuracy, we recommend weighing your dog food on kitchen scales. A measured cup for feeding in our recommendations means 1 standard measuring cup (250 ml).

Winston The Dog Wearing a Petcurean Bandana


Winston developed an allergy to chicken and chicken offal, due to which it began to itch, and the skin was covered with a rash. He constantly licked and bit irritated areas. After switching to Grain freeya food! Solutions Sensitivities with salmon and a limited number of ingredients have passed, and it ceased to bite. I highly recommend Go's food! Solutions with a limited number of ingredients by the owners of pets suffering from allergies!

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