Does Petcurean make a puppy food for large breeds?

February 7, 2023
Large Breeds
Does Petcurean make a puppy food for large breeds?

Review of feed go! for dogs


When choosing dry dog food, the owners try to choose the most balanced and healthy species for their pet. The cost of the diet plays an important role in choosing. Balance of benefit and accessibility – GOU food for dogs belonging to the Holistic class. From the article you will learn: what ingredients are included in the food, pros and cons of the brand, which types are included in the manufacturer.

About the manufacturer

Go! There were relatively recently on the dog diets market. Petcurean Pet Nutrition (Canada) began its activities in 1999, organizing a small production of dry granular feed. A feature of the manufacturer from the very beginning of the activity was the use of only fresh meat and other agricultural products.

The manufacturer claims that in the production of feed only fresh, carefully selected, vegetables and fruits, meat and eggs are used, which were not processed additionally.

Petcurean – A Healthy Philosophy

The corporation is actively involved in the protection of the ecology: it supports local manufacturers to reduce the costs of transporting raw materials and minimize exhausts, translates the fleet to hybrid engines, uses bags made of starch and can naturally decompose.

The composition of the food

Go! For dogs with sensitive digestion (with a duck)

For example, take dry dog food for dogs with sensitive digestion (with a duck).

  • Protein – duck meat flour. The ingredient is located in the first place of the composition, at 4 there is a similar one – its name can be translated as “duck without bones”). There are no more ingredients rich in protein in the recipe. Therefore, the declared 22 % are of animal origin. Note that GO food! Correspond to the recommendations of AAFCO, requiring that only meat and only a small part of the skin and bones in the food;
  • Carbohydrates – oats, potatoes, rice;
  • Fat – rapeseed oil. The ingredient is not the most useful, the manufacturer of dry dog food for dogs GOU indicates – preservation occurs using preservatives of natural origin;
  • Fiber – apples, quinoa, flax seeds;
  • Prebiotic of plant origin – chicory;
  • Antioxidant – dried rosemary;
  • A set of minerals, vitamins and substances useful for digestion, including iodine – dried algae;
  • Spices – salt represented by the name of chemical formulas.

With all the wealth and naturalness of the composition of the GOU dogs, some components are in doubt about the appropriateness of use.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of GOU food for dogs include:

  • The protein is represented by dehydrated meat, with the minimum use of koi and bones – poultry, fish, lamb, beef (depending on the recipe);
  • A variety of vitamin component;
  • Conservians and antioxidants are used only natural origin;
  • A wide range of GOU feed, including Grain-Free diets, canned food;
  • Does not contain GMOs, dyes, hormones and offal;
  • The whole line is found on the shelves of pet stores without problems.

To the disadvantages of GO food! We will take it:

  • High cost (in comparison with similar dry feed);
  • Instead of a source of animal fat (fish, birds), vegetable oils are used (rapeseed, coconut, etc.).

Than dry dog food gow is better than others

Since GOU dog feeds are super-premium holistic class. We will compare with analogues.


Acana - analogue of GO food!

Both types of feed have a natural composition, manufacturers avoid the use of meat production waste as a protein as a protein source. Gou feed is a more diverse composition of the mineral-vitamin additive, which sometimes reaches 50 points.

Acana often contains dry yeast, which are a source of vitamin B, but often causing allergies.


Grandorf - analogue of GO food!

The Grandorf brand feed recipe is about 28 % protein, while GOU offers more than 30 %. The carbohydrate composition of GOU feed is almost always represented by a set of several ingredients, in Grandorf, this is usually a mono-start. Minerals and vitamins have a poor composition, including beer yeast.

Pronature Holistic

Pronature Holistic- analogue of GO food!

In the composition of Pronature as a source of protein, corn gluten and flour are used – allergenic ingredients. In none of the recipes for gow feed, such ingredients can not be found. The carbohydrate composition also sins by the presence of allergenic products: wheat, corn, beer rice. Gou food does not contain dyes and hormones, there is salt, yeast in this dry dog food for dogs.

Gou feed line

Go! It represents three completely unique recipes that take care of the health of dogs. This is not surprising, because initially the diets were carried out for dogs with digestive problems. This means that the entire line is hypoallergenic, therapeutic.

The line includes:

  • Grain-free diets enriched with proteins (FIT + FREE);
  • Whole grain feed (DAILY DEFENCE);
  • For sensitive digestion (SENSITIVITY + SHINE).

Go! Grain-free (for dogs of any age and breed, 4 types of meat)

Go! Grain-Free for dogs

A universal diet that is suitable for dogs of any age, activity and breed. The first Holistic dog food with a balanced composition of proteins and fats. The proportion of proteins in Go natural food is 35%. It contains three types of poultry meat: chicken, turkey and duck. In addition, there is salmon meat, boneless trout. The composition does not contain meat grown with the use of hormones. On the packaging, the manufacturer provided for the dosage of feeding dogs, depending on weight and activity.

Does Petcurean make a puppy food for large breeds? are of

Iams veterinary formula renal plus dry dog food

Go! For puppies and adult dogs with sensitive digestion (with venison)

Go! for puppies and adult dogs with sensitive digestion

Grain-free food has a mono-protein composition: deer meat (fresh and dehydrated). To make the food hypoallergenic, the manufacturer has limited additional substances. Contains pre- and probiotics, natural antioxidants, Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids. Does not contain gluten, chicken, organ meats, soy, growth hormones, wheat or other substances that can cause digestive upset.

Go! For puppies and adult dogs (with lamb)

Go! For puppies and adult dogs (with lamb)

For a whole grain diet, a unique formula has been developed – “All stages of life”. It can be used at any age for dogs with food allergies. The protein component is 25%, represented by lamb meat (fresh and dehydrated). Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and have a positive effect on the dog’s immune system. The manufacturer guarantees the absence of GMO products, by-products, and other allergic components in the dog food recipe.

Note that wet diets copy the division of dry diets, dividing into three groups.

Reviews of veterinarians

Veterinarians advise feeding pets with diets not lower than premium. The good composition of Gow’s dog food allows it to be offered to patients. The network did not find a large number of reviews from veterinary specialists.

Igor N. (veterinarian) If a tailed patient has even slight problems with digestion, I suggest the owner immediately transfer him to Holistic dog food. Among others, I propose to consider Gou’s diets. In my practice, I have not seen a negative reaction to the application, but many owners refuse Go due to the high cost.

Owner reviews

Shelley K. I am the mistress of two labradors of different ages. When the first was 4 years old, they left themselves an alimony puppy. I thought for a long time what food to choose the baby. In the family of the breeder, he ate dry, which is difficult to buy in my city, the breeder ordered large batches directly from the factory. I specified the veterinarian, suggested a choice. The senior dog was on the Grain freeya GOU, was surprised to find out that he would suit the baby. I read on the best dog food storage container about this, but I thought a marketing move. I didn’t have to rack my head, they just began to buy more ordinary food. I generally buy any storage container that is available in the store. Everyone is suitable without causing diarrhea or scabies.

Eugene S. This winter took a dog from the street, just regretted. In the pictures in groups, he looked completely sorry – demodicosis, there is practically no wool, exhausted. We have a dachshund in our house. The head was going around: how to treat than to feed. We have a proven veterinarian, the food was selected gradually, on a small package. Stopped at Go! For sensitive digestion. The dachshund is nourished by a natural woman, refused from childhood any drying. Now the hunt can be crunched. We decided, if you show interest, we will translate it too.

Buyers note a fairly high cost of GOU feed:

  • The largest weight of dry dog food (11300 gr) – from 3900 to 5000;
  • Packaging 1590 gr – from 900;
  • Canned food (400 gr) – from 300.


Briefly about the main thing

  1. Dry and wet diets go! For dogs – balanced feed of a class of class from Canada.
  2. There are only natural ingredients in the food recipe.
  3. The meat is represented by a fresh or dehydrated product with minimal skin and bones.
  4. There are no GMOs grown using hormones, offal.
  5. It was originally produced specifically for dogs with sensitive digestion and tendency to allergies.
  6. The recipe provides a rich mineral-vitamin supplement.
  7. A wide product line is always present in pet stores.
  8. The cost of GOU is slightly higher than products of a similar class.

In general, the diet of GOU justifies the attribution by the manufacturer to the class of Holistic. Individual intolerance is possible, but, in most cases, dogs happily eat drying this brand, feeling perfectly and maintaining activity.

And how do you feel about the brand of gow dog feed? Feed your pet? Share your experience in the comments, your opinion is very important and will help determine those visitors of our bestdogfood.Expert who are on the verge of choice.

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