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Samuel Carter studied the science of dog nutrition and dog food He became experienced and trained in this underserved area. Samuel Carter spent most of his time teaching healthy feeding for dogs of large and small breeds. In his youth, Samuel Carter already watched training videos for young dog handlers and tried to train his dog in agility, to make him stronger, smarter and healthier. Samuel Carter teaching him many commands, taking him to training grounds, showing him to trained dog handlers, who also helped in the development of a healthy dog, telling Samuel Carter how to make the right diet for his Labrador.

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By the time he graduated from the university, Samuel Carter realized that he had raised a really exemplary and healthy dog who could become a true friend. Samuel Carter made the decision to write articles about proper nutrition for large breed dogs because he himself went his own way in this matter.

In articles on the website, Samuel Carter shares 15 years of experience in feeding and caring for four-legged pets. Because the problem of proper feeding of your four-legged friend is faced by every dog owner. Also, Samuel Carter studied the study of reflex regulation of digestion and elucidation of the mechanisms of formation of conditioned reflexes in dogs.

What to feed your pet? What type of feeding to choose for a puppy, an adult dog, a pregnant dog? Samuel Carter will help you answer all these questions in his articles on What's more, Samuel Carter helped rank Chewy's best dog food brands.

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Samuel Carter is an author of who shares his experience and knowledge in the dog feeding area.

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