Dog food with low protein review

February 13, 2023
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Dog food with low protein review

We all know very well that home dogs according to classification belong to a detachment of predators, and the main food of predators is meat, that is, for dogs, a high-protein diet is natural. Therefore, for many owners, the veterinarian advice to replace the usual food that the animal feeds on, for dogs for dogs with low protein content often causes bewilderment.

Historical excursion

Prior to the appearance of industrial feed on the market, dog owners fed their pets exclusively natural food. According to the recommendations of veterinarians and dog handlers of that time, the daily diet of the pet made up meat and meat products (1-2 times a week were replaced by sea fish)-40 %, sour-milk products of medium fat content (cottage cheese, kefir)-also 40 %, the rest-raw plant products, bran, eggs. Cereal and flour products were not recommended for dogs due to the high content of easily digestible carbohydrates in them. In animals that are clearly not vegetarians, they cause a violation of intestinal microflora, which resulted in a decrease in immunity. Corn was under the strict ban and was considered almost poison for dogs due to a very high glycemic index, equal to eighty-five.

And the pets lived on such a diet of 13-15, and sometimes more than years.

No, in those years the grass was not greener, and the sun is brighter. But the diet in dogs was high-protein, the content of pure protein in it was at least 30-40 %.

Natural dog food

The era of industrial feed

With the advent of industrial feed on the market, the situation began to change. The distrust with which the dog breeders initially reacted to these feed, under the influence of aggressive marketing policy and intrusive advertising, it was first replaced by curiosity, and then the dog owners appreciated the convenience of ready-made balanced feeds. No need to cut and rub, make a diet, measure doses of vitamins and mineral additives. Everything is simple: poured into a bowl, and ready. And the efficiency of these feeds played an important role.

Abundance in the market: what food to choose?

Currently, escorting the puppy to a new house, a self-respecting breeder will definitely prepare the baby given to the baby – a storage container of feed that the dog ate at home. The owner, trusting the experience of the breeder, as a rule, does not change the brand of feed until any problems begin: the pet refuses food, allergies, baldness, loss of activity, etc. Have been tried. And super-premium class, one another is better, and the situation does not change. And the moment comes when at the next reception your veterinarian recommends changing the diet, replace everyday food with a low-white one. From this moment, your four-legged friend on a diet. And you go in search of the best food for dogs with a low protein content, how else. Your favorite is worthy of only the best!

Assortment of food in a pet store

Veterinary lines of industrial feed

In the assortment of large manufacturers of industrial feed for pets, in addition to feed for healthy dogs, there are specialized diet feed for animals suffering from chronic diseases. The ingredients that make up these feeds are selected in such a way that, if possible, substances that cause an exacerbation of the disease, and in an ideal version, to defeat the disease. In these rulers there are low-white dog feed. They contain a minimum number of flavorings, dyes and other chemicals and do not include components that can cause an exacerbation of the disease.

The market presents dietary feed for animals with the most common diseases.

Such feeds have a marking Veterinary Diets. In some countries, they can only be purchased by the recipe of the veterinarian. The highest quality of them are Eukanube feed.

Diet food Eukanuba

Holistic dog food

As for feeding Holistic labeling, they are not therapeutic, as many animal owners mistakenly believe. These are feeds made using new technologies from high-quality products suitable for human nutrition. In their production, waste and food industry, chemical preservatives, flavors and dyes are not used. Among holistic feed, you can also find food for dogs with a low protein content.

Distribute to the feature of holistic feed is the high content of meat and meat products of high quality and almost a complete lack of ballast substances. The source of fiber is vegetables and fruits.

In fact, the fooding of “Holistic” labeling is products of the highest class, the daily use of which to feed the pet repeatedly reduces the risk of chronic diseases. In our market, the most common feed of the brand "Golden needle".

golden eagle holistic salmon with oatmeal

Indications for use

If the dog is healthy, to maintain vital functions, the content of proteins in dry feed should be at least 25 %. The veterinarian’s recommendation on the need to transfer the pet to dog food with a reduced protein content means that during the clinical examination of the dog, either signs of damage, or kidney disease, liver or heart were identified.

When the animal assimilates the protein, its body produces toxins, which are traditionally excreted into urine. If the dog’s body for some reason cannot properly digest this protein or remove the metabolic products, it shows a low protein diet.

Such a power system is most often recommended for animals with kidney or liver problems, in more rare cases – heart.

The duration of the use of dietary feed and treatment is prescribed by a veterinarian. He will recommend the maximum permissible percentage of protein in dry stern, which must be focused on when choosing dietary feed.

low protein dog food

The content of proteins in dry stern

Traditional everyday food for dogs contain an average of 25-28 % protein in dry dog food. Feeding with a reduced content of proteins is considered a product containing 18 or less percent of protein.

5 Best Low Protein Dog Foods in 2021

But everything is not so simple.

This is information about the stern, which is advertised as the food of the super-premium class. Alas, after studying the composition, it becomes clear that this is not so. The food class determines the percentage of quality proteins and fats in it, and not the positioning of the food by the manufacturer.

Now we study the composition. This is no less interesting than reading a detective novel if you are a little familiar with the physiology of predators, the basics of healthy diet and mathematics. However, there is nothing complicated here.

The information on the manufacturer’s bestdogfood.Expert indicates “chicken”, in the English-speaking version – “fresh meat”.

What do you think, if you do an analysis of chicken or bones, is the protein contains? You will probably answer in the affirmative. And how many protein will be absorbed by the body of the dog, if you feed it, for example, flour from chicken feathers? The answer is likely to be negative.

But the consumer will never be able to solve this riddle. "Hydrolyzed animal protein". From what animal or part of it was this mysterious protein obtained? What is its bioavailability?

Vegetable proteins in food

The food also contains corn gluten meal. Any search engine on request will kindly inform you that in world practice it is used as a protein supplement in the diet of farm animals and birds, and for the production of animal feed. It seems that the food manufacturer does not suspect that dogs belong to the order of predators.

Let's try to figure it out. Protein is of plant and animal origin. The record holder among plants in terms of protein content is soybeans, the protein in it is thirty-six percent, corn is in second place – ten percent. But it's in the grain. And in corn gluten meal, the protein content can be as high as sixty percent. In fact, this flour is a crushed and dried cake, which remains after the production of corn starch and syrup. This food component is not useful for the dog.

Pet food labeling gimmicks like this tend to confuse consumers rather than help them understand the percentage of protein in pet food.

On many best dog food storage containers of dry pet food, you will only find the percentage of proteins, and in the list of ingredients of the food the words "vegetable and animal protein".

Complete and Incomplete Proteins and the Ability of Dogs to Digest Them

Protein of animal origin is biologically complete, as it contains essential amino acids necessary for the dog's body. They are called indispensable because the body cannot synthesize them and can only receive them from the outside, they must be supplied with food in sufficient quantities.

The dog's body needs twenty-two amino acids, twelve of which are essential. A deficiency in any of the amino acids can cause health problems.

Vegetable protein is biologically incomplete, it contains only part of the essential amino acids. This is the main difference between animal and plant proteins.

In addition to the above, the dog is not able to fully digest vegetable protein. So, according to the results of research, soy protein is absorbed by seventy, corn – by fifty-four percent. But it is almost impossible to calculate exactly how much vegetable and animal protein is in the food from the composition information provided by the manufacturer. And how much of it a dog can learn – even more so.

In the pathology of the liver and kidneys, it is not the amount of protein in general that enters the body that is of decisive importance. It is low-quality vegetable protein that causes the greatest harm to the health of a dog, for the breakdown of which the digestive and excretory systems of carnivores are not genetically adapted. Unfortunately, in most industrial feeds, the proportion of vegetable proteins is quite large, which is the cause of various health problems for pets.

How to choose low protein dog food?

In the light of the foregoing, the main criterion when choosing a dog food, the most important selection criterion is the quality of the protein contained in the food. Meat, eggs and dairy products are the source of high-quality, bioavailable proteins for animals.

This criterion is currently 100% met only by food labeled holistic.

Best choice

The Low Protein Dog Food Review provides an overview of low protein dog foods to help you choose the best one. By familiarizing yourself with it, you will be well-versed in the abundance of pet store products.

Of the holistic feeds on the market in our country, Golden Eagle is the best brand. Using only high-quality natural products in the production makes it the best food for dogs.

Food Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Holistic Reduced Protein Dog Food contains 22 percent animal protein. The product has a balanced formula, does not contain any chemical preservatives, dyes and flavors.

Eukanuba's old veterinary dog food line was very good. There were mostly positive reviews about her, and pets ate this food with pleasure. Currently, the Eukanuba brand is updating the range with the replacement of feed formulas, so it is too early to give recommendations on this product. But, since the brand has been using only natural animal proteins in the production of feed since its foundation, a good result should be expected.

Reviews about Golden Eagle Holistic for dogs are overwhelmingly positive. Some pets may not be able to find the right food on the first try, but the product line is quite extensive, and if chicken and rice, for example, is not suitable for the animal, then salmon with oatmeal may be the ideal food for him.


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