Pure harmony dog food: wet and dry

November 9, 2022
Pure harmony dog food: wet and dry It has been in

Dry pure harmony Real Chicken dog food

In order to bring the diet of the pet as close as possible to natural nutrition, manufacturers offer special wet food with a variety of composition. You can see on sale products of economy class, medium and premium in price and quality. These mixtures support the health of your four-legged pet, but how to choose the best wet food for dogs of the proposed products? A ranking based on testing, quality ratings, dog owner reviews, and veterinary recommendations will help. The Top Review will feature food for small, medium and large breeds, describing each nominee with its pros, cons and cons.


The best wet food for dogs


To make it easier to decide which wet dog food is worth choosing, experts recommend that you start looking for a reliable manufacturer. And already after that you can get acquainted with its products. Based on the recommendations of doctors, customer reviews, the following companies were highlighted in the list of leaders:

  • Cesar – this brand belongs to the American company Mars. The first step to the production of food for four-legged pets she made only in 1935. Not a bad assortment with different types of diets sold at affordable prices. It contains not only meat products, but also vegetables, healthy herbs and vitamin supplements.
  • GimDog – branch of Gimborn, the largest German company, more than 150 years engaged in the development and production of innovative dry and wet food for pets. Products are respected in Europe, USA, in more than 40 countries around the world.
  • Royal Canin – an Austrian brand belongs to Mars, which was mentioned above. Activities are aimed at the production and supply of nutritious food for pets. For over 40 years the brand has been a recognized leader in the market of ecological food for cats and dogs.
  • Grandorf is a USA brand with production facilities located in Belgium and Italy. The dog food presented under this name has a 100% natural, hypoallergenic composition with a high content of meat without fillers. An added bonus is considered live probiotics to keep your pet healthy.
  • Pedigree is an international brand registered in the UK. Despite this, the production is American. It has been in operation since 1934. Refers to the budget brand of mass demand, has production facilities in different countries, including USA.
  • Alder`s is a German company engaged in development of food for pets on the basis of old recipes and innovative technologies. Naturality and environmental friendliness is due to the absence of dyes, flavor enhancers and preservatives. Balanced products are suitable for daily consumption.
  • Avva is a company from the Netherlands, engaged in the development and production of premium quality dog food for over 30 years. The composition is all-natural, supplemented with vitamins for proper growth, development of the animal. The range offers products for small, medium and large dogs. European quality, up to 70% natural meat, naturalness – these are real manufacturer’s guarantees.
  • Gemon is a brand owned by the Italian company Monge, which has been in business since 1963. In the product line you can see those that help in the development, growth of puppies, teenagers, large athletic dogs. All of them are prepared from high-quality natural products, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins.
  • Trainer is a brand of the Italian company Nova Foods srl. The range is presented as a line of complete foods for cats and dogs on the principles of holistic nutrition. All products are hypoallergenic, they will suit pets with predisposition to allergies, gluten intolerance, gastrointestinal problems.

Rating of wet food for dogs

Because of the large variety of brands and manufacturers, it can be difficult to decide which of them is the most useful and of high quality. The most important expert who can advise wet dog food is the reviews of veterinarians. In addition, the important selection criteria by which the rating was made will help, namely:

  • Class – economy, premium and superpremium, holistic;
  • Ingredients – percentage of meat, grains, vegetables, other components;
  • Type – daily, specialized, therapeutic;
  • Age of dog – Junior, teen, medium or aging;
  • Dog size – small, medium, large breed;
  • Physical activity – Active/Energy, Normal/Standart, Light.

Not the least indicator of a manufacturer’s reliability was feedback from dog owners. According to the level of popularity and demand were distributed among the nominees. Experts relied on value for money, since many people’s choices are influenced by price, budget, and therefore considered primarily inexpensive offerings.

Best wet dog food for small breeds

When creating a balanced dog food, experts primarily rely on the breed and size of the pet. This helps to assess the need for certain substances for normal functioning of the body. It’s important to make sure the food doesn’t lead to weight gain or vitamin overload, but still has enough resources to keep him warm and active. The rating of wet food for small-breed dogs was made taking into account the popularity and credibility of buyers, their reviews, as well as recommendations of leading veterinarians.





Among the huge selection of diets for different dogs, experts recommend giving Cesar wet food lamb with vegetables to small breeds. A delicate, young lamb with no meat substitutes and a healthy, light vegetable supplement will be a favorite. Before releasing it for sale, the manufacturer found the right formula with the physical needs of small dogs in mind. It contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy, active. There are other options to choose from – with rabbit, beef, chicken, veal, different vegetables and sauces.


  • Common availability in most stores;
  • Good appearance;
  • Premium quality;
  • Wide variety of tastes and compositions;
  • Attractiveness for dogs.


  • No detailed information about the full formulation;
  • Recipe does not take into account the natural, age-specific characteristics of the dog.

Caesar is sold in 100g sachets. Some customers appreciate the premium quality, diverse composition, and many flavors to choose from. Others note the lack of information from the seller about other ingredients. But one thing is certain, there are no flavor enhancers or preservatives, this is the manufacturer’s guarantee.


The best dry dog food


GimDog Pure Delight


GimDog Pure Delight


Another premium wet dog food for small breeds. It comes in a tin with a convenient way of opening, as is the case with the usual canned food. But in this case we are talking about a delicacy consisting of high-quality meat of chicken, tuna, beef. It has no flavorings, colorings, preservatives or GMOs. High-tech formulas were involved in their development. They allowed the components to preserve their useful properties, vitamins and minerals as much as possible.


  • High content of meat;
  • Varied composition;
  • A high percentage of protein;
  • No harmful additives;
  • Suitable for sensitive and demanding dogs.


  • Small packaging;
  • Price.

After opening the can, a pleasant aroma is felt, causing appetite. The manufacturer indicates all the important information – the percentage of meat, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. Depending on weight, it is recommended to give the pet from 1 to 3 cans per day. Pure Delight belongs to the super-premium category, which is why it does not fit every budget.


  • Rich, balanced composition;
  • Good tolerance of nutrients;
  • Disease prevention;
  • Attractive odor and taste;
  • No doubtful additives;
  • Premium quality.


  • Infrequent cases of tampering;
  • Price.

There are many approving reviews of this product, the most frequent praise concerns the composition, taste and convenient shape of the pellets for a particular type of jaw of small breeds. Despite the small portion, a dog weighing up to 10 kg will be satiated with it. But you will have to pay for quality, and the price is one of the reasons for the rare negative reviews.

Best wet food for medium breeds

Due to the fact that the needs of dogs of different sizes and breeds differ, manufacturers offer a separate line of wet food for dogs of medium breeds. It contains a precise ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to keep your dog healthy and active without the risks of exhaustion or overeating. Expert reviews, reviews, pros and cons of the nominees presented will tell you which wet food for medium-sized dogs is best.

Grandorf Veal for Adult Dogs.


Grandorf Veal for adult dogs


A great solution for these pets would be food from the Belgian manufacturer Grandorf, particularly Veal for adult dogs. And although it is more expensive than big brands like Pro Plan or Royal Canin, it is fully justified by the super-premium quality. The product slogan is “Meat and nothing extra.” This product belongs to the category of Holistic diet with a hypoallergenic composition without GMOs, soy, dyes, preservatives, salt and sugar. Veal is lean, easily digestible, lean, which is suitable for animals with a sensitive digestive system. In addition to meat, it has vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.


  • Hypoallergenic composition;
  • The 100% natural formula;
  • The complex of vitamins;
  • Nutrition class Holistic;
  • Excellent flavor, taste;
  • Maximum amount of nutrients.


Experts note the increased meat content of up to 80%, it mainly distinguishes the wet dog food Grandorf from other nominees. Most often such a non-priced, but high-quality and useful food is bought for dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract and a tendency to allergies. The only reason for negative evaluations is the price, it is higher than competing brands.

Pedigree for healthy skin and coat


 Pedigree for healthy skin and coat


A good quality meat portion for the medium breed dog in the form of wet food. The main ingredient in the composition is meat and by-products of rabbit and turkey. They are supplemented with healthy grains, mineral components, beet pulp, vegetable oils, vitamin set. Maximum benefit for the skin, coat due to such substances as zinc, tocopherol, calcium, linoleic acid. Minimum daily dose of 3 packs, maximum – 10 pieces, depending on weight.


  • Shiny, silky coat;
  • Calcium for strong bones;
  • Support of the immune system;
  • High digestibility of ingredients;
  • Maintains normal digestion.


  • Small package volume;
  • Habituation of the dog, refusal of other food.

The most common brand Pedigree scored the maximum number of reviews. Positive ones emphasize a good composition, useful additives for the health of the pet, value for money. In negative reviews about wet dog food Pedigree complain about the insufficient volume of one portion, which makes it necessary to buy several. Some dog owners note that with constant feeding of Pedigree, the animals refuse other diets, that is, they get used to it.

Dr. Alder`s beef minced meat


Dr. Alder`s beef minced meat


This balanced diet is distinguished not only by its excellent taste, but also by its healthy formula. It contains 80% minced beef and by-products. These are supplemented with valuable mineral salts and substances, fats and vitamins. Can be used as a dietary supplement or main meal. No synthetic substances, preservatives and GMOs are not detected in the composition. The daily dose should be chosen according to weight, size, activity and physical condition of the dog.


  • A complete balanced formula;
  • No age restrictions;
  • A large percentage of meat;
  • No harmful substances;
  • Pleasant aroma, taste.


  • Insufficient variety of flavors, compositions;
  • Small portion.

The manufacturer is trusted in many countries around the world, including USA. This is confirmed by numerous favorable reviews of dog owners. Dr. Alder`s is suitable for different breeds, but the dosage of one package is often not enough. And this increases the expense of the purchase. Some note the small selection of compositions, flavors, because of which finicky pets will quickly get bored with beef.

Best wet food for large breeds

The most useful food for a large dog will be natural, nutritious, convenient. Most often it comes in wet form, packed in a can or plastic container from https://bestdogfood.expert/the-best-dog-food-storage-container-reviews-and-ideas/. Manufacturers have calculated everything so that one serving is sufficient for a large breed. About 53-60 kcal are needed per one kilogram of weight, and each package contains this information. Based on the percentage of positive reviews, veterinarian recommendations, the best products for large breeds were selected.

Avva Premium Adult Beef, Lamb and Blueberries


Avva Premium Adult Beef, Lamb and Blueberries


This manufacturer offers super-premium quality canned food, and the canned food in question is designed for large dogs. The composition is well balanced to keep the animal active, healthy and young. Leading nutritionists and veterinarians were involved in developing the formula. In addition to meat ingredients, we can see amino acids to prevent obesity, chondroitin to strengthen joints, fiber for the GI tract, fatty acids for skin, coat, heart, and choline for the liver. 30% lamb, 35% beef, broth, blueberries, vegetable oil and minerals.


  • Real animal protein;
  • Valuable additives;
  • Tasty treats to enhance palatability;
  • Grain-Free Composition;
  • Protein of animal origin.


  • The antioxidant components in the composition are not specified;
  • Low prevalence.

Many buyers are bribed by the Dutch production, confidence in European quality. While on the USA market the range with this name is little known. A good indicator of quality is the composition, testing by veterinarians and nutritionists. The disadvantages include incomplete information about the composition.

Gemon Bites with Beef and Rice

A complete meal that helps meet a dog’s one-time food needs. Beef and rice are the main ingredients, 45% are meat components, 4.2% are cereals, and the formula also includes eggs and minerals. It is designed for adult pets 1-8 years old. Italian quality guarantees the absence of gluten. At a weight of 30-80 kg, the manufacturer recommends 1800-3700 g of product per day, divided into several intakes.


Gemon Beef and Rice Bites



  • Price 15-20% lower than other premium canned foods;
  • Suitable diet for dogs of age, pregnancy or illness;
  • Maintains the condition of hair and skin;
  • No preservatives, no colorings;
  • Supplied from Italy with strict quality control;
  • Substances in the composition to support immunity.


  • The content of cereals;
  • Insufficient information about the composition.

The company Gemon is still little known on the USA market, its products are not easy to find in stock. But the demand for it is good, as Italian production with strict quality control is trustworthy. Weaknesses are the presence of cereals, which are not always indicated in the composition, and thus insufficient information about the product.

Trainer Fitness3 No Gluten Adult Medium&Maxi Duck and rice canned


Trainer Fitness3 No Gluten Adult Medium & Maxi Duck and rice canned


Trainer Fitness3’s new product line takes its cue from promoting the philosophy of holistic holistic nutrition and its benefits. Which means all products with this name will contain nothing extra but 3 sources of health and strength for the dog – animal proteins, digestible vegetable fats (linoleic acid), and carbohydrates. The monoprotein diet guarantees the wellness of the animal. In the composition can be seen sublimated duck meat with rice, corn oil.


  • Hypoallergenicity;
  • Real meat in a sufficient dose;
  • Holistic diet;
  • Good digestibility of the components;
  • Prevention of overweight;
  • Complete elimination of gluten;
  • Wide range of flavors and formulations.


  • Not available in all pet stores;
  • Some options do not contain enough meat.

Any product named Trainer Fitness3 is recommended by veterinarians for dogs with sensitive digestive systems and those prone to allergies. The food has received the maximum number of favorable reviews, despite not always being in stock, sold more online.


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What is the best wet dog food to buy

The nominees presented have a lot of distinctive features, pluses, as well as similar in composition, quality and useful properties. Therefore, it will be difficult to choose among them the best wet food for the dog. You should rely on the reputation of the manufacturer, the breed and physical condition of the pet, as well as the price, quality, composition. From a comparative analysis of the positions in the rating, the following conclusions can be made:

  • The broadest line of flavors, compositions – Cesar;
  • Quality therapeutic canned food – Royal Canin Mini Adult;
  • Food for sensitive dogs – Trainer Fitness3 No Gluten Adult Medium&Maxi Duck and rice canned;
  • An excellent product for regular feeding – Dr. Alder`s beef minced;
  • The most delicious quality delicacy – Avva Premium Adult Beef, Lamb and Blueberries.

Any of the canned foods presented are a significant time saver for dog owners. Recipes and formulas found by experienced experts will keep your pet active, healthy, looking good, and most importantly, its weight. The choice of what is best to buy is made on the basis of subjective evaluations and characteristics of the pet.

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