Best Dog Food Storage Container – Reviews and Ideas

September 22, 2022
Dog Food Container
Best Dog Food Storage Container

These days many pet owners want to give their companions healthy dog food. But before buying it you usually get veterinarian advice on it. Moreover, when you have finally chosen the right dry dog food for your pet you may get a problem with its shelf life and storage. Because the best dog food storage container and bin are quite big, and we all want to keep the pet’s feed fresh as long as possible.

Unfortunately, even the best pet feed, if stored incorrectly, can go rancid, develop bacteria or mold, and your pet will not eat that or even worse. Even more, it could make your pet sick.

What is the best container to store dog food?

In this dog food storage container review we are going to give you some good tips for storing the pet foods using different types of wooden, large, steel and plastic containers. In addition, we give you advice on bowls, drawers, cabinets and shelves where you can safely and for a long time store the food for your dogs.

Types of Dog Food Storage Containers

This 3-piece combo sealed plastic container with scoop is the perfect storage solution for dog or cat food.

Furthermore, many storage containers are made of different materials, have various designs and intended for multipurpose usage. For that reason some of them are good for travels and the others are being used for the dog food storage at home.

Airtight containers for pet food storing

First of all, these storage packages keep humidity down, help to prevent mold, dust mites, and keep away from other unwanted insects. Additionally, the pet’s meal will stay longer fresh and healthy. Also, the most box come with a special dispenser and you can easily store these big cans and buckets in your pantry. Furthermore, when choosing for storage such containers, you should look at what material they made from. As a result, the safest container are made from feed grade plastic and stainless-steel materials.

Here is example of airtight containers made of food grade plastic:


  • Offered in sizes ranging from 5 to 80 pounds
  • Airtight seal
  • Easy access and scoop food from container
  • Special cover design keeps your food fresh
  • Offered in various sizes ranging from 6 to 55 pounds
  • Free rolling for easy mobility
  • Airtight cover keeps moisture, humidity and pests out
  • Suitable for food storage for small sized dogs
  • Graduated measuring cup included
  • Great airtight cover design
  • Small shape is good to take it for travelling

Airtight dog food storage container made of stainless steel

First of all, most of these crisper are made in small sizes. Also they have great design and long use age as well they are easy to clean. Moreover, some dog food storage container come with two or five-piece sets, including the bowls for meal, treats, water, and so on.


  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Large capacity up to 35L
  • Magnetic lid-mounted scoop

Product information:

  • Offered in two colors: Silver and White and three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Non-Insertable lid
  • Made of recycled steel
  • Multiple Layer ergonomic design
  • Ideal to take it for travelling
  • Leakproof bowls included

Pet Food Large Metal Storage Bin

Thanks to its sturdy construction and tight-fitting lid, it keeps food for your pet securely out of the reach of the paw.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Stackable Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

This Gamma2 Vittles Vault container perfectly protects against pests and prevents dry food from staling! The container has an airtight seal to prevent moisture ingress. Storing the food in this container will prolong the flavor and richness of the dry dog food. Holds 40 lbs.

Vintage container for pet food storage

We all want the house to be cozy and beautiful. Sometimes, we just do not have some room or a pantry for the big plastic crispers. Certainly, a way out of this situation would be vintage and diy containers for storing the pet food. In addition to that, they may come with various colors, textures and funny lettering or could have a classical design.

A set of 2 treats jars with a lattice wood print on the background, with plenty of room for your dog’s favorite treats:

Pet Feeder Stand

Designer Diner is a raised dog bowl, water bowl. The pet feeder for all stages of life can be raised 3 heights.


Above all you can also purchase a wooden feeder stand that combines a pet feeder with water and food bowls. Furthermore, it may include a compartment for storing the food and the treats.

Here is an example of a multifunctional feeder stand:

Discover the best Chewy dog food brands on this page:

This rating of premium dog food includes the most worthy and high-quality options that you can safely feed your pets.

More furniture for storing the pet food

Furniture Tilt Out Storage Cabinet

If you have a medium or big size dog, it is better to use the multifunctional feeder stand for the feeding. For that reason, it has elevated dog feeder with bowls and your pet will love to eat and drink out of it. Above all, this perfect design has lots of advantages such as easy access to food for your pets, perfect for storing pet food and it will last a lifetime.

Also, there is available an option without a drawer at the bottom, as it only has a feeder with bowls. Seems like, this design is perfect when you have a storage room.

Proper feeding of a dog is the key to its health, so every pet owner should know the principles of feeding. Read more about really good premium food for small and large breeds:

Pet bowls for water and food

We have just reviewed many useful options for storing the dog meal. Furthermore, it is time to take a close look at the pet bowls for water and food. Also, the bowls are made from food grade plastic, ceramics and stainless steel. Certainly, it is totally safe to buy the pet bowls that are made of environmentally friendly materials, your pets would not have any allergies or other negative side effects. Finally, keep in mind you need to put in fresh food and water regularly.

Here are some examples of the bowls:

right bowls for food and water are important as containers

Plastic type of dishes Dog Food Storage


  • Come with different shapes, colors and sizes
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect to take it for travelling


  • Easily break down and scratch up
  • Weight is too light, so they could easily fly away in different directions

Ceramic type of Dog Food Storage

ceramic bowls for the small size dogs

Ceramic bowls are very good for the small-sized dogs.

Above all, they have beautiful shapes and come with various colors. In contrast, they are much heavier than the plastic ones, so they don’t slide around the floor when your dog is eating. For this reason, there are also available options on stands.

Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

different colors and sizes of steel bowls

Stainless Steel bowls are perfect for pets that have different ages and sizes. In addition, a unique silicone bottom and the adjustable stand keep your pet in a correct standing position and pet’s spine healthy. Unfortunately, the high price could be a real disadvantage.


  • Long use age
  • Easy to use for feeding
  • Size combinations
  • Environmentally friendly material

Consequently, it is very important to look after health of your pets as well as monitor their diet. Certainly, right food containers will help you to store safely and properly any pet nutrition, namely:

  • Plastic and stainless-steel pet food box for the pantry
  • Small box for traveling
  • Sets of decorative containers and bowls
  • Multifunctional feeder stands with the bowls

How to store dry dog food?

  • The best option is a special plastic, glass or metal storage container with a tight-fitting lid, which should preferably be placed indoors away from batteries, in the driest and coolest place in the apartment – in the corridor, dark room, closet. But you should not choose an open balcony or garage as a place of storage, where temperature and humidity cannot be controlled in any way.
  • It is better not to pour the food into the storage container, but put the whole bag into it, squeezing the air out of it, wrap the edges, fix it with something (adhesive tape, clothespins) and then close the container with a lid. If overfilling, make sure the container is clean and dry.

How long to keep dry dog food after opening?

  1. Even with strict observance of all the rules, open dry food is stored for no more than 4-8 weeks. After which even antioxidants cease to cope with the continuous oxidation of fats, the destruction of nutrients.
  2. You can also pour the dog food needed for a short period of time. For example, for a week, into a hermetically sealed storage container. So as not to open a large bag every day. This way air will enter it less often, which can prolong the safety of the food.
  3. The longer the feed is left open, the more likely it is to spoil prematurely. If you buy a lot of feed at once, keep an eye on the expiration dates and open the first bags that were released earlier.
  4. If during this period your pet cannot cope with a large bag of dog food, give preference to other packaging options.


Finally, we reviewed some good tips for interior solutions where you can easily fit the needs of your pets, such as cabinets and drawers with built-in bowls, compartments, and shelves for storing the pet food.

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