Wellness dog food made in the USA

November 14, 2022
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Wellness dog food made in the USA be classified as

wellness dog food made in the usa

Wellness Core dog food

Wellness CORE dry food for dogs is made in the United States (for the American market) and France (for the European and USA markets, at United Petfood, by order of WellPet). This food can be classified as holistic.

The official website of the food – https://wellnesspetfood.com/ , there is information (composition, feeding standards, etc.) on the entire line of food. But we need to switch the region to Europe, as the default version of the site displays the U.S. version, where the rations are different.

In addition to dog food, Wellness CORE cat food is also available. WellPet also owns the Eagle Pack, Holistic Select, Sojos, Old Mother Hubbard and Whimzees brands.

Ingredients for Wellness Core

Let's look at the contents of Wellness Core using Adult Original, Medium Breed, Turkey with Chicken Recipe as an example:

Composition Information.

The first two ingredients, 28% turkey and 25% chicken, are good sources of protein. However, it is clarified that "chicken" includes 6% chicken fat and 5% chicken sauce in addition to meat. Chicken fat is a good source of fats and fatty acids, as is salmon fat 1% further down the line. Chicken sauce is a natural flavor additive.

The food is grain-free, so the sources of carbohydrates are 14% peas and dried potatoes. These are followed by potato protein, the percentage of which is not specified.

Given the location of the potato protein and the amount of meat ingredients, most of the protein in the guaranteed analysis of 34% must be of animal origin.

Recall, animal protein is richer in amino acid composition and better digestible than plant protein.

Beet pulp 4%, flaxseed 3%, lignocellulose, carrots 1%, and apple are sources of fiber. Flaxseed is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Yeast extract, dried chicory root are sources of prebiotics that have a positive effect on digestion.

Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes blueberries, cranberries – contain antioxidants and various useful substances. It is true that their percentage is so small that the real benefits seem questionable. D-glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate are good for joints. Yucca schidiger – reduces the smell of excrement.

Technology supplements indicate that natural antioxidants are used, as well as bentonite (a natural clay mineral, food additive E558 that prevents clumping and clumping).

Pros and cons

Advantages of the feed include:

  • Meat ingredients are the main source of protein;
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients;
  • natural preservatives are used;
  • grain-free composition;
  • In addition to dry food, there are canned foods.
  • no significant disadvantages identified.

Wellness Core dog food - reviews

Wellness Core dog food – reviews

Dry and wet Wellness Core food has been sold in USA for more than a year, but reviews about them are few. Only a few dog owners have shared the results of feeding, below we have posted the most recent and informative of these reviews.

Customer reviews

We have a pug. He is a very unkind, willful and surprisingly selective pug who was 1.5 months old when we bought this dog food. The breeder fed him straight food, but we decided to transfer the dog to dry food, for a number of reasons.

The food is not very strong smelling, but to our surprise, the dog began to crunch on it with gusto. The shape of the galette is convenient, in the form of a triangle, the pug easily grabbed it. Allergies are not caused, although it all scared – pugs are allergic, and they say-de to many dry food can be a bad reaction.

Feed recommended! I will feed it.

Review of the Wellness CORE dog food

Reviews of Wellness CORE Dog Food

*Pictures above are not a direct illustration of the reviews.

No exercise, low activity, metabolism slows down with age and as a consequence the appearance of excess fat on the sides of the dog, so I decided to try a new grain-free food for Lika Wellness CORE, which contains no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The peculiarity of this diet is that it is rich in animal proteins, but contains 30% less fat, so it helps to lose weight without the excruciating feeling of hunger and harm to health) Let's try☺

Review of Wellness CORE dry dog food

Price and where to buy

The cost of Wellness CORE dog food:

  • Wellness CORE dry food 1.5 kg – from 1280 ;
  • Dry food Wellness CORE 2,75 Kg – from 2350 ;
  • Dry food Wellness CORE 5 kg – from 3555 ;
  • Dry food Wellness CORE 10 Kg – from 5,470 ;

Wellness CORE dog food you can buy at online stores:

  1. "Yandex Market" ( link )
  2. "SberMegaMarket" ( link )
  3. "Staraya Farma (link)
  4. "Beethoven (link)

These prices are current as of August 2022. For exact prices, check out the stores at the link above.

Conclusions about Wellness Cor Food

About the dog food Wellness CORE reviews so far are isolated, but positive. The composition is also good and full-fat, there are no obviously harmful and highly undesirable ingredients. With this in mind, the site "PetObzor" can recommend this dry food as the main diet for your pets.

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