Wet dog food – Rating of the most popular Wet foods

February 21, 2023
Dog Food
Wet dog food - Rating of the most popular wet dog foods

With the advent of a dog, the owner needs to decide on the type of food he eats.

When choosing wet dog food, you need to understand that, like any other product, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of wet dog food

Balance of incoming components. A high proportion of protein with a low content of carbohydrates ensures the correct development of the pet, without the accumulation of excess weight.

Top-class products contain up to 80% of meat, the rest is occupied by useful elements.

  • Practicality of use. Avoids daily cooking for a pet in need of fresh food. Canned or vacuum packs are convenient for long trips. A big advantage is the dosage calculated by the manufacturer, indicated on the label in the form of a table. For example, one best dog food storage container may be a single serving for a small pet.
  • Liquid consistency. Wet dog food will protect your pet from diseases associated with the urinary system. Foods with a high moisture content are absorbed better than dry dog foods. And the food consumed by the owner is accepted by the animal's body even worse and causes harm. Among other things, wet dog food will be suitable for puppies and dogs with dental problems.
  • A large assortment. The owner has the opportunity to choose food in accordance with the breed of the pet, its weight and taste preferences.
  • Wide price range.

Strong packaging. It can be transported without fear of damage and damage to the internal contents.

Ease of storage. Unopened packaging can be stored without refrigeration. If it is already open, then it must be used in accordance with the expiration date in order to prevent poisoning the pet or indigestion.

Disadvantages of Wet Dog Food

  • The opened best dog food storage container is stored for a short time and only in the refrigerator; in its absence, it is better to use products designed for one serving.
  • Eating soft textures, animals do not clean the oral cavity, as a result of which tartar and gum problems appear. In addition, soft stools do not provide proper cleansing of the paraal glands of pets.
  • Delicacy species contain an insufficient supply of useful elements.
  • Liquid consistency less saturates the body of the animal.
  • High cost compared to dry.

Addictive. Long-term feeding with a wet mixture leads to the refusal of a pet from other foods.

Selection Guide

Through their advertising, existing well-known dog food brands have pushed obscure products into the background. But this does not mean that feeds of lesser popularity do not have the proper quality of the product composition.

Regardless of the brand's reputation, the choice of food is carried out in accordance with the following parameters:

  • The composition of the product;
  • Price;
  • Product class level;
  • Dog breed, age and weight;
  • Food destination category – medical, gourmet or ordinary everyday;
  • Type of packaging – metal can, vacuum storage container or box;
  • Availability – availability in the required quantity.

Feeding an animal with wet dog food is best combined with dry or natural feeding. This will help the dog in cleansing the dental cavity, normalizes digestion and relieves problems with paraal glands.

Dog nutrition leaders

Today, the dog food market has a rating of wet dog food.

Holistic class feed

A product with the most natural composition, has a high cost.

  • Before purchasing, it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian.
  • Continuous feeding with this product is not recommended.
  • Designed for dogs suffering from diabetes, overweight and gastrointestinal diseases.

The best quality feeds in the Holistic category:

  • Grandin. Wet canned food with a large variety of meats, also includes meat broth and flax seed oil. There are no grain, vegetable, fruit additives present in the diet of animals in the natural environment. The product is suitable for dogs of all ages. The packaging contains the percentage of the product.
  • Goitable for all breeds. Helps in slowing down the aging of the animal body. Keeps your pet healthy and gives their coat a shiny look. The composition of the product includes meat, vegetables and minerals, does not contain grain additivesitable for animals with digestive problems and a tendency to allergic reactions. Feeding with this food is carried out for the purpose of prevention.
  • Barking Heads. The meat content in the product is 70%, also includes fish, vegetables, seaweed, brown rice, basil. The product is suitable for all dogs, regardless of breed, weight and age. Without flavors, dyes and GMOs.
  • Customer reviews indicate a large cost of goods, as well as a significant content of fat in it.
  • Belcando. Type of packaging of the product – banks or vacuum bags. The share of meat reaches 90 %, dyes and flavorings of natural origin. Taste options: fish, turkey, chicken, duck, beef, lamb.
  • Buyers are unhappy with the inaccessibility of the product. It must be bought in online stores.

Wet dog food - Rating of the most popular Wet foods medical, gourmet or

Wet dog food – rating of the most popular wet foods

Class feed super – premium

A distinctive feature of this category is its composition and cost, as well as a smaller share of meat – about 50%.

  • Hills Ideal Balance. The food consists of chicken or turkey meat, as well as pork. Vegetables and bran are added to it. Designed for feeding puppies and dogs of small breeds. There are no chemical additives, GMOs and soy protein.
  • The goods received a negative review from buyers due to a small share of proteins and fats in the composition.
  • Almo Nature. The composition includes meat – 50%, broth, natural food additives and rice. Without GMOs and corn. Packed in banks, vacuum bags, tetrapaks and aluminum containers.
  • Bozita. For the manufacture of the product, not only bird and beef are used, but also new ingredients as salmon and venison. The form of release is jelly stew or paste. Without adding flour, grain and GMOs. The composition is saturated with vitamins and minerals.

Premium food

Products of this category, unlike other feed, have offal.

  • Royal Canin. Very popular brand of canned food in USA. The diet consists of a large number of ingredients, the main ones are meat and offal. The series contains therapeutic feeds that help cope with obesity and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The composition is rich in vitamins, minerals and cereals. The owners of the animals speak well about the product for its attractive aroma.
  • Monge. Food is suitable for dogs of any age. The meat ingredients and offal are based on, also includes corn. There is a feeding option that helps to avoid obesity of pets, the mass of which is not more than 2 kg.

Daily rate of wet dog food

Typically, the manufacturer is indicated on the best dog food storage container of approximate information about the norm of power of the pet. When choosing, the owner should take into account the activity of the pet, his health and needs.

On the advice of veterinarians, wet dog food must be mixed with its other types or alternate their use. This will help exclude the appearance of diseases in animals.

If the dog refuses other food, it needs to be given special mineralized and bones rich in vitamins, cleansing and massaging teeth.

Types of wet feed

Canned foods are produced in the form of minced meat, jelly-like consistency, meat pieces, paste and stews. Their cost is also diverse.

Depending on the purpose of the product, there are delicious, therapeutic and for daily nutrition.

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