Natural balance dog food lamb and brown rice Grandorf

November 9, 2022
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Natural balance dog food lamb and brown rice Grandorf Necessary dietary fibers

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Grandorf Dog Food – full dog food overview with owner reviews, benefits

Not all dogs can digest scraps or identical food from their owner. Abuse can lead to dangerous gastrointestinal diseases like enterocolitis. As a result, the pet will lose interest in playing, become lethargic and may die.

But grandorf dry food for dogs will help to cope with the unpleasant consequences of improper nutrition. For the USA market, it is produced by the Belgian plant United Petfood Producers.

And the wet lines are made by the Monge brand at facilities in Thailand and Italy. These versions belong to holistic, the most perfect types created on the basis of introduction of a natural complex of useful substances necessary for normal development and maintenance of health of a four-legged pet.

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Distinction of Grandorf dog food container

All Grandorf lines are created without the use of dangerous ingredients, they do not lead to allergies in dogs. This is the result of not using grains with gluten and plant-based types of protein.

But uncooked rice grains are used because they are considered safe for dogs.

Any type of Grandorf canned food is approved for the diet of a dog with food allergies.

  • No rice is added to this line, and the ingredients are therefore completely absorbed and have a positive effect on the skin and coat of the dog.
  • It does not suffer from indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, which allows for a strong immune system.

Many people think that such quality costs a lot of money? In fact, thanks to the development of production, the price of food grandorf at the level of competitors, which was the reason for its huge popularity in USA.

Types of dog food Grandorf

Unfortunately, the composition of Grandorf dog food does not change depending on the breed. But lines are offered based on the size and age of pets.

Grandorf Food Types by Age

  1. For puppies 3 – 18 weeks old.
  2. The (Junior) line for puppies from 4 months of age.
  3. For mature dogs.
  4. An all-purpose diet.

The content of the basic nutrients in these lines is almost identical. But the size of the croquette is taken into account. This is necessary to create an obstacle for swallowing. The dog is forced to chew the food.

Type of Grandorf food by size

  1. Mini. Suitable for the smallest breeds. Necessary dietary fibers and active ingredients are added.
  2. Medium. Ideal for high-quality nutrition for dogs weighing between 10 and 30 kilos.
  3. Maxi. A complete diet for the biggest dog breeds. Chondroprotectors were added, which are necessary for the ligaments and joints, because they are under a great strain. This helps to keep cartilage surfaces in joints healthy.

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Composition of Grandorf dog food

Many people are distrustful of what is written on the packaging and the description. But in fact, the composition corresponds to the characteristics and effects on the dog. Let’s look into this issue with the lamb and brown rice varieties.

The portion includes dried meat of lamb, turkey. This provides a perfect combination of amino acids.

  • The brown version of whole-grain rice ensures proper production of digestive enzymes, provides proper peristalsis, and the food moves through the intestinal sections exactly as long as necessary to assimilate the nutrients.
  • In other words it does not move too fast (diarrhea) with consequent damage to the mucosal surface and loss of fluid.
  • And also it does not stagnate with the formation of gas, intoxicating the body. This is facilitated by the delayed breakdown of carbohydrates.

Important: These results are guaranteed only in a healthy dog.

In addition, the dog gets enough vitamin B. The shell of the food is formed by soluble fiber. It contributes to the complete cleansing of the intestinal walls and replenishes the supply of beneficial microorganisms in the large intestine.

  • In addition, taurine is added. This sulfoamino acid improves vision and heart function.
  • Chicory extract is used as a source of prebiotics. The beneficial microbes help create lactic acid to sanitize the intestines.
  • Carob pods are used to strengthen the immune system and prevent intestinal disorders because they contain gum, a soluble type of fiber.
  • To reliably eliminate toxic buildup, apples are added, as the pectin substances help cleanse the intestines.

This is not a complete list contained in this form, but without that it is clear that the positive reviews of the food grandorf for dogs are well deserved and based on an objective assessment.

Pros and cons of Grandorf food

We have already realized that the types of food grandorf for small dogs and different ages are offered, which is very positively received by consumers. But there is no gradation by dog breed, which is considered a slight omission.

Pros of Grandorf dog food

  • Dry and canned lines are available;
  • Protein for the dog is provided, thanks to substances based on animal origin;
  • Hypoallergenic composition without plant additives is used;
  • Virtually no grains are included, but brown rice is used;
  • Prebiotics and chondroprotectors are included;
  • Added minerals, naturally occurring vitamins;
  • The cost remains reasonable.

Minuses of Grandorf dog food

  • No percentage-based formulas are offered;
  • Not everyone is happy with the low fiber content. Only 3%;
  • Poorly effective food for service breeds in the period of increased stress;
  • Sometimes the food is not available in specialty stores.

However, the food is created on the basis of natural ingredients. It does not contain chemical additives, which is its main advantage.

Dosage rules for Grandorf dog food

Many dog owners believe that you can not feed your pet for a long time, and then pour a full bowl, because, – “And so it will do, what will happen to him?” In fact, the dog is a living organism identical to humans in many ways.

Regular and balanced nutrition is necessary to maintain health.

  • But the age, weight and way of life of the animal must be taken into account.
  • For example, a dog living in a kennel needs to eat more because it needs a lot of energy to maintain a normal body temperature.
  • More food should be given to pregnant or lactating bitches.

Tip: In the case of dry food from storage container see this here, full access to water is ensured. Adding a wet kind will not solve the problem, moreover, the combination is not recommended.

It is very important to feed the appropriate type of food. If the food is intended for an adult dog, it may harm the puppy.

An approximate serving size is written on each package. But in individual cases, you may want to consult your veterinarian.

Now we understand why the food grandorf is very popular in USA. This has become possible, thanks to the convenient form of release. It can be given to pets with allergies and digestive problems. The owners are pleased to observe how the pet eagerly consumes the food and is always in a great mood.

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