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Dog food recall alert: The list of top pet food brands is growing

Dog food recall

The call off history begins with the United States of America in 2007. An American firm, Menu Foods announced the first ever dog food recall in a country. The consumers started sending multiple complaints about ill animals to the company. As a result, many animals died. The source was the food contamination. The maker started searching for the cause of animal sickness. They had been looking for the contaminant and they found it.

A massive recall of multiple pet food makers has happened for excess of contamination

A massive recall of multiple pet food makers

The contaminated foods have caused various diseases. For example, like liver and heart failures and deaths in lovely pets. As a result, thousands of consumers started complaining about this situation. They have written to the proper authorities at the different levels. Under the circumstances, the food and drug authorities forced to initiate the biggest cancelation of pet foods from the multiple manufacturers in the different states.

Science diet recall that had been connected to excess a vitamin D

science diet recall that had been connected to excess a vitamin DThe pet products of this maker contained a high level of certain vitamins. The excessive concentration of that vitamin led to severe health issues. The lovely pets have suffered from kidney and livers problems. Due to this review, the complaints had floated agencies responsible for the quality control. So, the company launched voluntary products cancelation.

The Blue Buffalo review was just last year

The Blue Buffalo recall was just last year



This brand Blue Buffalo had been linked to health problems with a heart in animals. The Blue Buffalo pet products review included too much beef thyroids. They have led to various heart diseases in the pets. But scientific researchers have proven to consumers that beef thyroids had nothing to do with the heart issues in the animals.

According to scientists the Blue Buffalo wet food for dogs recall related to aluminum defects

According to scientists the Blue Buffalo food for dogs recall related to aluminum defectsThe cans for food produced from the aluminum metal. Furthermore, the metal could cause all those health issues in the lovely companions. The Blue Buffalo faced serious problems with the metal cans. For that reason, they decided to start using paper packs instead of aluminum metalĀ  for their wet products.

There is a Wildology dog food maker that sells some excellent foods for furry friends

Wildology dog food maker that sells some excellent foods


The products they carry have solid reputation among food buyers. Besides, they provide all pets with tasty and healthy eating to keep them happy. Their nutrition is custom tailored and fits almost to every animal. However, different animals require a special approach to their daily diet at the life stage they are. Despite all that the Wildology perfectly meets the needs of growing pets.

This Redford pet treats brand is an example of healthy eating for the furry companions

Redford dog food brand is an example of healthy eating for the furry companions


Seems like, people like to choose this maker for their pets. They offer exclusive range of pet treats for various breeds. As a matter of fact, there are no scandals noticed in terms of cancellation. The solid and nice reputation always precedes them. So, the people who adore pets trust them with the foods. We also recommend watching our review on the best dry dog food for small breeds.

A Pure Harmony wet pet food producer recommends several food lines for the animals

A Pure Harmony dog food producer recommends several food lines for the animals


The quality and nutritious eating from this firm allows pups and other animals stay active. Eating this wet food stimulates a perfect appetite in our pets. Most dog lovers believe that their food formulas are the best around to buy. The manufacturer sells their nonhuman food in vet stores and supermarkets.

That Merrick dog food recall has happened in the past

That Merrick dog meal recall has happened in the pastThe products that were recalled were mostly distributed through pet and grocery stores. The problem was discovered because of a consumer complaint.

The massive dog food recalls was triggered by the governmental agency. The maker launched a search for the cause of the problems. The authorities had conducted some testing and found salmonella infection in the foods.

The bacteria could cause:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Allergies
  • Other serious health problems in the animals

At first, they could not spot the source of the health issues. Next, the company turned to the scientists at the university. They asked them to send some samples of products are recalled, so they did. The lab has been running different tests for chemicals and found the cause of the problems. Then the firm removed the source of the contamination in the products. The restrictions were lifted and they started manufacturing of their supplies for the animals again.

The Rachael Ray pet food recall occurred a few years ago

The Rachael Ray pet food recall occurred a few years ago

The maker associated with the cancellation scandal, as the foods had contained the high level of vitamin d. The excessive presence of this element could trigger a series of health issues. For example, it may involve muscle and stomach problems, increased thirst, and so on. So, the recall campaign was launched on the certain products of this manufacturer.

This Redford naturals wet dog food firm has a rock-solid reputation for making animal supplies

This Redford naturals pet food brand has a rock-solid reputationSeems like, this brand focuses on exclusively biological and organic products for the manufacturing. Despite competitors, they always manageĀ  to provide quality eating supplies for the different types of animals. They are so popular among the consumers. People purchase wet healthy food for their furry friends. Moreover, the food cancelation have significantly affected the municipal shelters for the animals.

As a matter of fact, many city shelters rely on the supplies that are donated by donors and volunteers. Those institutions are short on the financial budget. And they forced to accept all kinds of foods to feed the animals. Due to the series of various call offs the shelters had to discard tons of contaminated supplies.

Finally, for the pet lovers, it has always been crucial to purchase the foods for their companions as the people people want to know which dog food has never been recalled and who enjoy their company strive to make them cheerful and healthy. They are usually looking for the best brands in a town to buy nutritious foods for the loved ones. In addition, the pet owners are always surfing the internet and all kinds of sources to find the right food. After all, only the energetic and vigorous animal can make its owner fully happy at home.

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