Bulldog sauce for dogs

December 23, 2022
Bulldog sauce for dogs

bulldog sauce for dogs

A unique cross between a bulldog and a terrier Pit bull bulldog type: description and character

Do you want to get yourself a dog that not only has a good exterior and a funny character, but also the ability to protect you when necessary? In this case, a pit bull is all you need. You will hardly find a more devoted dog.

Origin story

The birthplace of pit bulls is considered to be England at the end of the 19th century. In those days, the baiting of large animals, such as bears and wild boars, was very popular there. To participate in such a case, a very formidable and courageous dog was required, which would not be afraid of an opponent superior in size. And bulldogs were just such animals.

The unique cross of the bulldog and terrier Pitbul bulldog type: description and character

Over time, they began to take part in dog fights, thanks to which they received their notoriety. However, in the first half of the last century, such bloody events were banned, so there were fewer and fewer bulldogs. This continued until the local dog breeders decided to create another breed on their basis – the same bold and strong, but more balanced and obedient.

In this regard, it was decided to cross Bulldogs with English Terriers. The result was amazing, the new variety was more good-natured and responsive, but in moments of danger it did not offend either itself or its owner. They decided to call it a pit bull, and a few decades later the dogs were brought to the United States, where they soon became very popular.

In America, they were mainly raised as watchdogs, which did an excellent job with their work. Unfortunately, the International Cynologists Federation has not yet finally recognized these English dogs, but this does not prevent them from winning the hearts of people around the world.


Description of the breed

Currently, all dogs of the breed are divided into two types: bulldog and terrier type. The first of them embodies all the strength and grace. The body of such dogs is covered with much more developed relief muscles and extremely strong bones. Such pit bulls are very hardy and strong, they can easily ride you on a sled in snowy weather. They grow up to 50 cm at the withers, and weigh about 20 – 30 kg.

The unique cross of the bulldog and terrier Pitbul bulldog type: description and character

The body is rectangular and moderately elongated. The back is flat and straight, neither the front nor the back of the dog protrudes upwards. The neck is of medium length, thick and muscular.

It has a beautifully pronounced scruff. The loin is short, but broad and powerful. The chest is deep and voluminous, reaching to the level of the elbows of the front paws. The ribs are flexible and rounded, but not barrel-shaped. The belly is slightly tucked up and joins the chest in a gracefully curved line.

The head is very large and heavy, literally screaming about the physical strength of this dog. If you look from above, it becomes clear that it has the shape of a blunt wedge. The skull is flat on top, but rounded on the sides. The space under the eyes is excellently filled, the occiput is also pronounced. The skin is generally thick and elastic, the cheekbones and cheeks are perfectly emphasized.

If the watchdog grins, large folds of skin appear on the forehead and cheeks. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle appears well, the muzzle itself is slightly smaller in size of the cranial part. It ends in a blunt nose, painted black and having open nostrils.

The unique cross of the bulldog and terrier Pitbul bulldog type: description and character

The eyes are small, rounded or almond-shaped. They are located quite low and far from each other. Any color is allowed except blue, which is considered defective.

The front limbs are steep and muscular. The blades are long and capacious, approximately the same with the shoulders in size and are connected to them at an angle of ninety degrees. The elbows are curved back, the heels are short, but massive, easily boast of very mobile joints. The paws are round and collected in a lump, the fingers are selected. The hind limbs are slim and parallel, have a very wide set. The hips are large and perfectly formed, hocks can boast of beautiful joints of joints.

The tail grows so that it merges with the line of the top, becoming its natural continuation. It is not cut and in a calm state is lowered along the legs, and at the moments of excitement it rises up, but not higher than the back.

The woolen cover is shorter than average, thick and hard. There is no undercoat, so the dog almost does not sink. For this reason, allergy sufferers who do not tolerate dog wool are perfect. The color of the wool can be almost any, there are no strict restrictions here.


Bulldog sauce for dogs the Internet


This type of dog is characterized by a rather strong immunity, reliably protecting them from most ordinary sores. Subject to the pure medical record of your favorite parents, the likelihood of any serious disease is very small. Nevertheless, it is impossible to be completely protected from everything, so most likely storage container the appearance of the following ailments:

  • Hypoteriosis,
  • Allergy to food or various drugs,
  • Dyplasia of the hip joint,
  • Aortic stenosis.

As you can see, this list is very small, so you will not have to visit the veterinarian too often. The main thing is to remember that in the event of the first signs of the disease, you need to immediately seek help from a professional.

Incorrect self-medication will most likely worsen the situation, and will not correct it. In addition, if you go to the same specialist from the very beginning, then he will be aware of all the features of your companion's body.


The unique cross of the bulldog and terrier Pitbul bulldog type: description and character

On the Internet, you can find many positive comments about these dogs.

For example, Doris Hailey, talking about her impressions on the forum of the official club of Petes, states that these are very devoted pets. They perceive training well and quickly remember the commands.

With the appropriate effort of the watchman, even a beginner will be able to grow from them, who does not have much experience of handling the tailed friends of a person.

Pitbuli are known as far from the most expensive breed, which almost everyone can afford. An ordinary puppy without a rich genealogy can be purchased for $130. And about $300 are usually asked for a copy of the show class.

The main thing is not to chase the price and buy a pet from trusted breeders. When making a transaction, be sure to inspect the place in which puppies grew. It should be clean and well ventilated.

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