Is All Dogs dog food useful for dogs?

November 15, 2022

All Dogs Chewy dog food – reviews and full breakdown of the line



ALL DOGS is a complete diet for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. In this article, you will learn more information about the food, regarding its manufacturer, quality and composition. We’ll help you understand if ALL DOGS is the right food for your pet.

About the brand

The food “ALL DOGS” is made in USA at the Tver plant, which belongs to the Danish company “Aller Petfood”.

Production is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000, which guarantees that the food is produced under the same quality standards, which are used in the manufacture of food for humans.


Description and composition of the food

ALL DOGS” includes various ingredients: cereals, meat and by-products, vegetables, fats and oils, fish and fish products (source of omega-3 and omega-6), vitamins and minerals. The product is made from raw materials without GMOs or other artificial additives.

Manufacturer’s guaranteed values of substances contained in the food “ALL DOGS”:

  • crude protein 22%;
  • crude fat 10%;
  • crude fiber %;
  • crude ash 8%;
  • calcium 1,4%;
  • phosphorus 1.1%.

Additives per 1 mg of feed:

  • iron 75 mg;
  • copper 5 mg;
  • manganese 5 mg;
  • zinc 100 mg;
  • iodine 1 mg;
  • selenium 0.2 mg;
  • Vitamin A 15,000 mg;
  • vitamin E 50 mg;
  • tyramine 4 mg;
  • riboflavin 3 mg;
  • 7.5 mg niacin;
  • choline chloride 100 mg;
  • pantothenic acid 0.5 mg;
  • pyridoxine 2.5 mg;
  • folic acid 0.5 mg;
  • B12 0.015 mg;
  • biotin 0.3 mg.

Food allowance for ALL DOGS is adjusted to your dog

Daily food allowance

The portion of ALL DOGS food is determined in relation to the dog’s weight. You can adjust the daily food allowance a little bit, if you feel that your dog is not well-built (thin or has problems with excess weight)

Your pet’s weight (kg) Daily food allowance (grams)
0-5 30-95
5-10 95-180
10-15 180-240
15-20 240-300
20-30 300-400
30-40 400-500
40-50 500-600
50-60 600-680

ALL DOGS for puppies

Product Line

At the moment, ALL DOGS has a product line for adult dogs as well as puppies. The product is suitable for animals of all breeds and ages. The food is available on the market in packages of 2.2 kg., 13 kg. And 20 kg.

ALL DOGS is available in large, medium and small packages

Pros and cons

  • Inexpensive price tag. The food is absolutely suitable for owners who are considering a budget option for feeding their pet.
  • Convenient packaging. There are small, medium and large packages.
  • Perfect price-quality ratio.
  • The absence of artificial ingredients. The manufacturer guarantees the naturalness of the composition in the product. The dog will not be fed with chemical additives.
  • Guarantee of quality. The product is made according to all accepted standards of production.
  • Lack of specificity in the composition (what kind of meat, what kind of fish, what kind of by-products, what kind of vegetables). This is important because, for example, you may think that by-products include tripe, liver, lung, stomachs, kidneys, heart, but it actually turns out to be tails, hooves and horns – things that are unfit for human consumption and are sold for a cheaper price. This may explain the low price of the product.
  • Not a diverse line. The selection is quite sparse – a line for dogs and puppies. ALL DOGS” does not have divisions for small, medium and large animals; there is no variety in flavors, which can make the pet bored with the food.
  • Not available in many pet stores. “ALL DOGS” is easier to order online, but even then, many stores the product is not in the catalog.
  • Crumbly pellets. The dog can choke while eating, and a lot of product goes to waste, turning into crumbs.

ALL DOGS contains all the ingredients your dog needs

Veterinarian reviews

“The food “ALL DOGS” belongs to the “economy” class, but is one of the best in this category, because it has a quite acceptable composition. Dogs rarely have allergic reactions to “ALL DOGS”. The product is good for its price tag and can in principle be considered as pet food.”

“Owners who have fed ALL DOGS food to their pets have rarely complained about the condition of their pets. Yes, every dog has an individual perception, and this food will not be suitable for everyone, as not every dog will find this food to their liking or taste. If you want to feed your dogs more or less on a budget, I recommend you consider this particular option.”

“There are far better food options on the market in terms of composition than ALL DOGS, but not every pet is suited for even the most expensive food. I don’t think ALL DOGS is the best option, but it’s still a good one to consider. Many animals digest this food very well.”

Owner reviews

“My dog ate ALL DOGS food for a while. She ate it with great pleasure. The stools were fine, as was the quality of the coat and external health indicators in general. We have now switched to another food, which is higher quality than this one. I can recommend ALL DOGS if your wallet does not allow you to buy more expensive food. If this is the right food for your dog, then why not.”

“I prefer to buy my dogs ALL DOGS food because they feel great on it. The only downside is that the food is quite difficult to find, I order it from an online pet store.”

“Switched from our previous food to ALL DOGS. I have two dogs breeds of French bulldog and German shepherd. We have been feeding for the second month. The coat is good, activity and appetite have not changed, they eat at the cheeks. So I think that with the selection of food all purely individual.

“The food is domestic. The price is not high, at the level of typical supermarket foods, but the proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in “ALL DOGS” I like more. The composition, of course, does not quite suit me, because the manufacturer does not specify exactly what ingredients are included. But the food is not bad, because it has no chemicals, all from natural products. I feed my mutt this food and natural products, it is a mixed diet. The dog does not complain.”

“Doing charity work, I’ve been carrying different brands of food to the shelter. Of course, a large number of animals are concentrated in such a place, and it’s financially impossible to provide them with expensive food. In the end, I settled on ALL DOGS. I only order it for the shelter dogs. It’s a pity there aren’t more pouches, and even 20kg pouches are often out of stock at the stores. It is very economical and the dogs are happy with it. I think for cases like this, there is no other option that would be more suitable. The food is not bad by composition, and I, as a volunteer, am satisfied with everything.”


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Briefly about the main points

  1. “ALL DOGS” belongs to the “economy” class, but is one of the best in its category.
  2. The composition includes cereals, meat and by-products, fish and fish products, vegetables and vitamins, including omega-3 and omega-6.
  3. ALL DOGS products are on the market for both puppies and adult dogs. The brand does not have a variety of product lines.
  4. Most people think that ALL DOGS food is the most advantageous and adequate option out of the “economy” class products. Such food has its pros and cons.
  5. Regardless of the properties and qualities of the food, each dog’s nutrition is individualized. The body is old yeller Kirkland dog food good for dogs of different animals reacts differently to products. The owner should pay careful attention to the choice of food for his pet.

We hope this article has helped you understand ALL DOGS food. Whether or not to feed this product to your pet is up to you to decide. We wish you good luck!

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