Are jug dogs aggressive? The most aggressive dogs photos

November 23, 2022

Aggressive dog breeds. Description, names and photos of the most aggressive dogs

"The dog is a man's best friend" – everyone, perhaps, has heard this phrase. It is difficult not to agree with it, because this four-legged animal has a lot of advantages. He is intelligent, emotional, loyal and caring.

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10 Most Aggressive Dogs in the World

But some dogs stand out against others by their natural malice. In some countries of the world, it is even forbidden to keep them as pets. Today we will talk about the aggressive breeds of dogs, and more precisely about their features, parameters and reasons for classifying them in this segment.

American Staffordshire Terrier

According to most cynologists, this is the most aggressive breed. Its second name is Amstaff. In appearance, the dog is strong, muscular and very strong. And so it is. Few people can compare to her level of endurance and power. Weight – 25-32 kg. Height – 46-51 cm. Bred a representative of the breed in America. It was there that his "career" as a fighter began.

Amstaff exploited in fights, trained on other dogs. Highly bred were considered individuals who openly expressed anger towards anyone other than the owner. It was also trained on bulls. Because of this past, today the American Staffordshire Terrier is officially banned in some developed countries of the world.

The modern representative of the breed is kinder and more loyal to animals than its military ancestor. However, in inexperienced hands, it can become a real weapon. There have been many recorded cases of Amstaff attacking people and animals, and in different situations.

With a competent upbringing he'll grow up to be a caring friend, companion and obedient pet. American Staffordshire Terrier is an excellent family dog with a pronounced watchdog potential. Protecting its owner, it will not be afraid of anything, even a hot weapon.



American Pit Bull Terrier

It is believed that the "pit" and "Amstaff" are the most aggressive breeds of dogs. However, owners of the former emphasize that there are no gentler and kinder pets. The American pit bull terrier is a very strong and temperamental dog. It grows to 55-60 cm in height, gaining a weight of about 30 kg.

This is one of the best athletes among domestic dogs. Characterized by great physical strength, agility and endurance. Aggressive nature of pit bull – the result of his long history of fighting. The dog was bred for fighting and killing. Animal fighting was popular in the United States in the 20th century. Medium- and large-sized dogs were brought into the arena and pitted against each other.

The animal always had the strongest grip with its teeth, so it regularly defeated its opponent. It was not uncommon for the latter's fight to end in death. As soon as the "pit" smelled blood, it was impossible to stop it. Of course, such a past could not but influence the formation of the beast's temperament. However, today it is exploited for completely different purposes.

The American pit bull terrier is a gentle and kind pet, which, nevertheless, should be brought up according to the rules. First, he should not be pampered, and secondly, he should be regularly shown his superiority. If such a dog learns to respect its owner, it will not grow up to be a bully, on the contrary, it will serve him faithfully until the end of life.



One of the most popular guard dogs in the world. As you know, Dobermans are extremely intolerant of strangers, especially those who try to penetrate into the territory they protect. It grows up to 67-73 cm and weighs up to 43-45 kg. It has trim and slender build.

This aggressive breed of dog on the photo is depicted as interested and wary. Such an appearance is fully justified by the traits of its character. The dog is very observant, intelligent, wary and prone to dominance. Very much in need of an early consistent upbringing.

Of the disadvantages of the dog – vindictiveness, resentfulness, pathological attachment to the owner, excessive observation. You need to teach him to react adequately to strangers you plan to let into the house. He should not rush at them, trying to protect you from potential harm. He should not be afraid.

The Doberman's tendency toward aggression should be easily suppressed with kindness. It should be made clear to him that he is safe. Then it will become calmer and more balanced. Such pets make good baby-sitters for children.

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Bull Terrier

The so-called rat-faced dog. Its main visual feature is a huge elongated head. In volume, it is broad, as is his entire body. The bull terrier has a fighting past. Several centuries ago in England, he was pitted against other dogs and rodents. The cone-shaped muzzle allowed such a beast to climb into the burrow of a rodent and grab it.

Its mass is in the range of 26-29 kg. Some individuals grow taller than others and weigh 2-3 kg more. Very muscular dog. Incredibly strong, so it is considered an excellent bodyguard. In relation to other dogs often shows intolerance and anger. Needs early training.

Bull Terrier owners do not dote on them. They call them the kindest pets in the world. Indeed, the representative of this breed is capable of tenderness and care. He loves his master, openly expressing his affection.

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Many bulldog lovers do not believe in their aggressiveness, because they show aggression and anger only to detractors and strangers


One of the best service breeds. A good bodyguard and guard. Weight – 40-63 kg, height at withers – 60-71 cm. According to the law on dogs of aggressive breeds, the Rottweiler and other dogs of this segment are allowed to walk only on a leash. A muzzle must be worn on the animal's mouth. This will reduce the risk of him attacking someone.

This dog does not have a natural innate viciousness. But, it has a clear desire to dominate and dominate. If the house will contain other pets, the Rottweiler will definitely become their leader and leader. He has a very strong character and spirit. Representative of the breed is a real fighter. He can attack as an armed intruder, and a small child, if they try to cross the area he is guarding.

Watchdog service is what the Rottweiler is for. They are ideal four-legged guards, vigilant, fearless and very strong. Capable of affection and tolerance. Need a morally stable teacher who will be respected. Without tolerance training, may grow up mentally unstable.


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USA Black Terrier

A very large dog, growing up to 68-72 cm in height. Blood descendant of the Rottweiler. From his closest ancestor inherited excellent guarding qualities: observation, vigilance, courage. The dog is known for its uncompromising nature and lack of tolerance towards anyone.

Towards outsiders is extremely negative. Difficult and long learns tolerance. Gets along well with members of his pack. Needs affectionate treatment, vulnerable, does not tolerate loneliness. For several centuries, this dog watched the prisoners strolling around the camp. If any of them wanted to run away, the USA terrier.

Even a brief encounter between a USA black terrier and a stranger can end in injury to the other. Virtually all aggressive dogs, including the one in question, are capable of killing humans. In inexperienced hands they become a formidable tool. Therefore, they should be bred only by competent dog breeders.


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Brazilian Filla

One of the largest and strongest dogs in the world. It was bred in Brazil to search for runaway criminals. Weighs about 55 kg, height at withers – up to 62 cm. Her nose for smell, observation and endurance helped her to find the trail of the fugitive and to disarm him without any problems. With a loud bark she would inform the police about her find.

She is considered one of the most dangerous dogs in the world, but, at the same time, she is an affectionate and loyal friend. In Brazil, it is often heard: "Loyal as a phila." So the natives say about people who have distinguished loyalty.

Indeed, the representative of this breed can become an excellent pet, but only if trained him to react adequately to strangers from childhood. In the absence of early training, it can become difficult to control.

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Phila may show aggression towards humans


A famous cross between a dog and a wolf. A very beautiful and adventurous dog that quickly becomes attached to its owner. Wolfhound is a famous ancestor of the German shepherd dog. It is an absolutely fearless creature, ready to fight back anyone in whom it sees a threat.

By nature, the representative of the breed is endowed with an excellent guarding potential. It has a well-developed sense of territoriality, as well as such qualities as endurance and observation. The vast majority of outsiders are suspicious and wary, and some of them are outright hated.

It is difficult to come into contact with the service breeds of dogs, as they see them as competitors. From a dog this dog inherited self-control, a good-natured attitude to the owners and the ability to adapt, from the wolf – intolerance, predatory instinct and bloodlust.

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The Central Asian shepherd dog (Alabai).

A bold and large dog used for herding and guarding. It is noted for its distrust of strangers, fearlessness and courage. Alabai is a very responsible herding dog. Can fight back any predator who encroaches on the sheep. Among the people it is called "wolfhound.

He weighs up to 50 kg and grows to 68-70 cm in height. Very muscular, has a strong skeleton. Grip with his mouth – tenacious and strong. It is considered one of the most hardy dogs. The Central Asian sheepdog has a very developed territorial sense. It is related to this its aggressive nature. She always seeks to protect her home and household.

The peace and safety of the family are the most important things to such a pet. He will stop at nothing to save the people he loves. He will not let anyone into his territory without the owner's approval. Such a dog is capable of causing serious physical harm to a person. Therefore, to breed it cynologists advise only if you have the appropriate experience.

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Caucasian shepherd dog

These fluffy big guys from the Caucasus are suspicious and distrustful of any stranger. It is extremely difficult for a stranger to make contact with them. These dogs are strong and very beautiful. They adore their owners and are ready to protect them at any cost.

Caucasian shepherd dog is characterized by a desire to dominate. Desires to be the leader in the family, so often refuses to obey. Willful and spoiled. Nevertheless, perfectly performs security tasks. Remains vigilant in any situation, ready for risk. Always full of energy.

Grows up to 75 cm in height and weighs about 65 kg. Has a well-developed musculature and strong bones. An intruder has no chance to enter the house, which is guarded by a Caucasian shepherd dog. It can pose a serious danger to him.

Such a dog is also called a wolfhound, just like an Alabai. It used to herd farmers' herds and protect them from wolf raids. Now it lives side by side with humans, that is, it serves as a companion.

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The breed was bred to guard pastures from wolves and brigands, so it's easy to fight off any troublemakers.


It may be hard to believe, but this cute-looking dog is one of the most ferocious and vicious dogs in the world! The basic purpose of the dachshund has always been to hunt burrowing animals. With its compact build it can even get into narrow gorges and look for rabbits, otters or mice.

So why do we include the dachshund on this list? It's simple. The representative of this breed hates strangers. Yes, it is not capable of causing a person tangible harm, as, for example, phila brazileiro, but here it hurts to bite and ruffle – yes.

Owners of such a pet will confirm that it has a complex character. He is subject to sudden change of mood, if something is upset – can snap back. Such a dog weighs no more than 3.5 kg, and grows up to 30-35 cm in height. Some dachshunds can go into a rage, attacking even at its own owner.

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Jack Russell Terrier

Another aggressive representative of hunting dogs. His natural rage is well aware of the feathers and small forest animals, which he is intended to catch. When the dog finds prey, he does not pounce on it immediately, but waits for the best moment to grab it with his teeth and start tearing.

Almost all members of the group of terriers do not stand rough treatment. They go into a frenzy when someone suppresses their will or tries to harm them. No, you cannot say that the Jack Russell Terrier has an unstable psyche.

With a good upbringing, he grows up quite adequate and balanced. But, hard to forgive insults and can bite, if agitated. He is especially intolerant of noisy strangers. Guests outright dislike.

Are jug dogs aggressive? The most aggressive dogs photos openly expressed anger

are jug dogs aggressive? the most aggressive dogs photos


Tosa-inu (Japanese mastiff).

A very strong fighting breed from Japan. It has an excellent fighting ability, so for many centuries it has been used by dog-fighting organizers. Temperamental and hardy, sturdy and energetic tosa-inu is an ideal household bodyguard. A large well-fed male dog can weigh up to 90 kg!

The height at withers is 53-59 cm. Despite a developed sense of territoriality and hatred of strangers, the representative of this breed is quite adequate and calm. He easily comes into contact with people he trusts.

Has great physical strength and a whole set of virtues: fearlessness, courage, determination and patience. Able to make his own decision, adequately assessing the situation. Under extreme conditions it is ready to defend the owner at any cost.


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Cane Corso

One of the oldest and strongest breeds of dogs. In Ancient Rome it was used as a fighter, to harass people and animals in the arena. Before a fight, the animal might not be fed for several days. This made it more vicious. This animal weighs between 45 and 50 kg and its height varies from 62 to 67 cm. It is very massive and hardy. Has impressive size and can scare away even its appearance.

Excellent for guarding and companionship. However, because of the strong anger that the Cane Corso sometimes feels towards strangers, they should be brought up from an early age. They are very intelligent creatures who often make decisions on their own. They are willing to take risks. Not intimidated by danger. Prone to domination.

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American Bandog

An ancient and strong breed. Like the Cane Corso, was designed for arena battles with gladiators. Such dogs were specially pitted against people to make them angry and bloodthirsty. They understood that they could only survive by winning. So they tried to kill as many people as they could. Unfortunately, such a past has left its cruel imprint on the character of modern representatives of the breed.

Yes, they are very different from their bloodthirsty and combative ancestors, but they have inherited their anger and intolerance. Nevertheless, the American Bandog to the owner treats kindly, even with love. Such a dog weighs from 48 to 60 kg. Its height – from 50 to 55 cm. It has a powerful body, long limbs and a huge muzzle with tenacious teeth.


Argentine Great Dane

Very similar to the American Staffordshire Terrier, both in exterior and in character. It weighs about 30-35 kg and grows up to 40-45 cm in height. Originally, the Argentine Dane was bred for hunting large animals, cougar, bear, wild boar, but then began to be used as a fighter in the arena.

This is a very strong dog, which can defeat almost anyone in a fight. Characterized by aggression, aimed at outsiders. Forbidden in almost all European countries, including England.


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In some countries it is forbidden to keep aggressive Argentine dogs.


A large-sized dog native to Africa. A very serious breed, which needs early and proper socialization. Boerboel grows up to 70 cm in height, but weighs 60-65 kg. Such a dog has good security inclinations. It is cautious but determined, calm but swift.

Very aggressive to suspicious strangers, does not dare to let any of them into their territory. But in the presence of the owner, who must control the situation, for sure, will retreat. The purpose of the ancient boerboels was to hunt medium-sized and large animals. Today, however, these dogs are bodyguards and companions.

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Canary Dane

A hardy and impressive dog with a memorable appearance. Has outstanding guarding potential. It is considered one of the best dogs for guarding homes, grounds, and people. Very affectionate to household members, not just one owner.

Fearlessly and bravely defends them. Does not like strangers, treats them with undisguised distrust. Previously, the Canary Dog was used to protect livestock from wolves. This dog weighed from 60 to 65 kg and was about 58 cm tall.

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs drew up a list of potentially dangerous dogs, which should not be walked without a leash and a muzzle. This list includes the following breeds: the Alapaha Bulldog, Gul Dong, Bulli Cutta.

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