How to take delivery of a dog?

December 22, 2022
How to take delivery of a dog?

how to take delivery of a dog?

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For dog owners, the appearance of puppies is a joyful event, requiring a responsible approach. For the sake of obtaining a healthy offspring, the owner is supposed to study the information that helps to determine the signs of the beginning of prenatal activity, to navigate in a timely manner, to accurately accept childbirth. Incompetent people consider pets to do their own to cope with the process. This opinion is erroneous. The constant presence of the owner of the house and the ability to help is extremely important. Especially the said applies to dogs of extremely small or large breeds. A pregnant bitch requires care for each period. Similarly, to a person, childbirth for dog friends are considered a strong stressful moment.

How to prepare for dog family

The preparatory stage is an important point in childbirth. Try to discuss in advance with the veterinarian the opportunity to arrive a doctor if necessary. If the first birth is foreseen in the dog, the presence of the doctor is vital.

Childbirth in dogs of small breeds is more complicated and require a professional. In medium-sized females, pregnancy lasts less for 5-7 days. Animals of large breeds bring offspring 50 times smaller than the mother, small – only at 10. Moreover, miniature dogs do not differ in a strong skeleton.

1. 5 weeks before the estimated date, equip a separate place, the dog should get used to it. Prepare a spacious box protected from drafts. Provide free access to have time to help in time. Equip a separate box with newborn puppies. Think about where the family of dogs will live the first time after birth. For the first 14 days, maintain an approximate temperature of +28 degrees in the room. Make sure that there are no significant differences, the bitch and puppies do not tolerate the jumps. Two weeks later, degrees gradually reduce closer to +20.

Provide the Dog to give birth to several hours of rest. There is no need to immediately begin to admire offspring.

What will be needed during childbirth

If childbirth will take place at home, or you plan to help the veterinarian, wash and disinfect your hands, briefly cut your nails. Put on comfortable clothes (then you will have to throw it away). You will need:

  • Large oilcloth and old sheet to lay under the dog;
  • Warmer;
  • Pelvis for stained rags;
  • Thermometers: standard, veterinary and indoor;
  • Boxes for puppies;
  • Tray for sterilized medical instruments;
  • Syringes, pipettes, tweezers, scissors;
  • Cotton wool, sterile gauze napkins;
  • Silk sterile threads will be required to dress the umbilical cord;
  • Scales;
  • Woolen mult i-colored threads – mark puppies;
  • Clock, notebook, pen (fix the time of childbirth, the appearance of puppies).

Prepare from medicines:

  1. Medical alcohol;
  2. Glucose 5%in ampoules;
  3. Hydrogen peroxide;
  4. Traumel;
  5. Synthomycin ointment 10%;

If childbirth began ahead of schedule, additional drugs will be needed. Before the start of labor, thoroughly wash the genitals and the abdominal area of the dog, trim the wool there is shorter. Cut the long mustache and beard so that the umbilical cord does not interfere.

Signs of childbirth in bitches

Childbirth in a dog

The process of birth of puppies is conditionally divided into three stages: preparatory, when the birth canal, contractions, the birth of puppies and the last are revealed.

Signs of childbirth in a dog are manifested in a change in behavior. A pregnant bitch worries, rushes about, digs, does not sit in one place. The first dogs try to hide from the light. The latter become affectionate, do not leave the owner, as if asking for help. Sometimes dogs refuse to take food or, on the contrary, eat a lot. At such moments, the animal needs guardianship, supervision, support of the owner.

The dog becomes restless before giving birth due to an increase inside the abdominal cavity. Weak painful contractions begin. In addition to changing the behavior of the pet, external changes occur. The belly sags down. Holes are visible on the sides. During the first birth, signs are not required. During the day, discharge of a white or grayish tint appears, with a thick sticky structure. The heartbeat becomes rapid, the dog trembles, breathes quickly.

The most important indicator of the early onset of labor is considered to be a decrease in body temperature from the usual 38-39 to 37 degrees. On the eve of birth, the puppies stop moving.

Note the duration of the preparatory period. The norm is from 2-3 hours to a day. If the birth did not start on time, there are no contractions, urgently invite a doctor.

Contractions and childbirth

Preparation for childbirth ends, intense contractions begin. In a giving birth bitch, the uterus and abdominal muscles contract. The dog lies on its right side, tries to rest its paws against the wall of the box, with its back to the opposite side. So it is easier to endure an attempt. After each attempt, the dog relaxes, breathes heavily, looks empty. At times the dogs scream.

How to take delivery of a dog? How to prepare for

The onset of labor is accompanied by the withdrawal of amniotic fluid. Most often, the water bladder bursts on its own, in some cases the dog tears it up itself. Water flows out of the burst bubble and wash the birth canal. Don't confuse the bubble with the one containing the individual puppy! Do not tear the film yourself!

From the moment the waters recede to the birth of the first-born, a maximum of three hours pass. With the correct course of the process, after the departure of the waters, labor activity intensifies, contractions become stronger and longer. The bitch tries to rest and gain strength for the decisive moment. The birth of puppies is accompanied by strong painful sensations, the abdomen and diaphragm are intensively reduced.

Puppies appear in any position, tail or face forward, it doesn't matter. If the contractions started 2. 5 hours ago, and the first puppy is not there, the animal urgently needs the assistance of a veterinarian! If timely assistance is not provided, the dog and offspring can die.

How to help a dog give birth

The owner needs to see when help is needed. Puppies are born in separate membranes (bubbles), which the dog often gnaws on its own, freeing the puppy. If the mother does not act, try to get the puppy out quickly. If the puppy does not move, does not breathe, it is supposed to clear the nose and mouth, removing the liquid, so that breathing appears.

Assistance is required if the bitch does not gnaw the umbilical cord on her own. Speed is important, quickly express the blood in the umbilical cord towards the base, pinch with your fingers, stepping back 2-3 centimeters from the puppy's abdomen, at the same distance make a second grip and tear the umbilical cord. If blood appears, tie the best dog food storage container umbilical cord with alcoholized silk thread.

Keep your dog and puppies in a warm, quiet place away from prying eyes. Bloody mucous discharge after childbirth will gradually pass. If the discharge becomes greenish and stinks, take your dog to the vet. Abundant blood discharge signals that the bitch needs the presence of a doctor. The next estrus in dogs after the birth of offspring occurs after 4 months.

The appearance of puppies is a tiring procedure for a dog. Competent timely aiding a dog will make childbirth the least painful.

How to take delivery of a dog? prenatal activity, to navigate
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