Basic commands for dog training: how to teach the execution

April 4, 2023
Dog Training
Basic commands for dog training: how to teach the execution

Bringing a puppy to the house, each person dreams of an obedient, controlled and educated pet. To do this, the owner needs to devote a certain time to the upbringing, training and training of the dog.

As a result, the pet will not only learn certain skills, but will also feel and understand his master better. General rules for training, dog commands, list, gestures will be considered further.

General course of training

The general training course is based on systematic training with a dog. Formed skills during the general course make up the base for the formation of conditioned reflexes in animal. By the way, one of the first skills to accustom a puppy is the ability to go to the toilet only on the street. In the learning process, it is necessary to work out commands with gestures for dogs, and not just in a voice.

General skills include:

  • Response to the nickname;
  • The habit of a collar, leash, slope;
  • Approach to the trainer;
  • Walk beside;
  • The dog’s habit to the positions Down, sitting, standing, crawling;
  • The ability to give a voice, stop some actions, overcome certain obstacles;
  • Rejection of someone else's food;
  • Tolerance to noise stimuli.

General principles of training

For the successful training of a pet, systematic classes are needed. In terms of duration, the lesson should not exceed 2 hours. Commands for dogs: a list of practiced techniques in the lesson depends on the level of preparation of the dog, for example, the Labrador puppy begins to train from the first months.

Gradually, the number of techniques should be increased in accordance with the success of the formation of conditioned reflexes in the dog.

The development of new techniques is carried out in the first part of the lesson. After each command, it is necessary to organize a three-minute break for the pet.

Rules for successful training puppy:

  1. Properly performed techniques should be fixed with praise and encouragement.
  2. The indication is better to voice once with a gesture.
  3. Compliance with the sequence in the order and gesture.
  4. The first classes should be held in a familiar environment, then you can change the place of lessons.
  5. A good mood for both the trainer and the dog.
  6. It is better to complete the lesson with a command that the puppy gets better than the rest.

List of dog commands and how to teach

It is advisable to start training with the main and most necessary orders, such as "Come / Come here! "And "Stop that! ".

These commands for training dogs allow you to quickly call the puppy to yourself with any need and suppress undesirable actions.

The instruction is "Heel! "Allows, under different circumstances, to be near the owner.

Order "In place! "Makes the dog go to the aviary or on his rug.

Indication "sit! "Usually learned together with the command "Heel! ".

The permits "Walk! "Allows the dog to walk freely.

Next, you can proceed to the instructions “Down! ”, “Stand! ”, “Fetch! ”.

The main commands for dogs: the list and how to teach below.

  1. "Come / Come here! ".
  2. "Stop that! ! ".
  3. "Heel! ".
  4. "Sit! ".
  5. "Down! ".
  6. "Stand! ".
  7. "Drop-it! ".
  8. "Fetch! ".
  9. "Walk! ".
  10. "Place! ".
  11. "Attack! ".

"Come / Come here! "

The command is considered the main one. Its clear performance makes it possible to lead and manage the dog. To begin with, the pet must be on a leash and have a certain freedom. Next, the instruction "Come / Come here! "And the treat is shown, it is given to the animal as gratitude.

In case of disobedience, the puppy needs to be pulled to him with a leash with jerks, and then encouraged with a treat. Intonation should be calm, not causing irritation.

When ordering "Come / Come here! "The gesture is made with the right hand to the thigh. Further, it can only be given with a gesture.

This is another basic command. It requires a clear and strict intonation. When the puppy strives to raise the forbidden object or run after someone, you need to stop it with a leash and order “Stop that! ”. You can work out this skill yourself, at home.

"Heel! "

Basic commands for dog training: how to teach the execution Compliance with the sequence in

Basic commands for dog training: how to teach the execution

It is advisable to study this skill after the pet is walking up and external factors are not distracted. The dog needs to be taken on a short leash and clearly ordered "Heel! "

This technique must be repeated when the dog moves away from the leg, while it is necessary to sharply tighten the leash to itself. In order to consolidate the skill, encourage the pet. Next, this command must be repeated already in the absence of a leash. This skill is required for serious breeds of the level of Kne-Corso or Basenji.

"Sit! "

"Down! "

"Stand! "

"Walk! "

"Place! "

To the instruction "Attack! ". You should start only after mastering all the previous commands. It is recommended to train this command in the presence of an instructor. After receiving the command, the dog must attack the object. The student must be at least 6-10 months old.

Teach the command "Attack! ". You can only mentally healthy and balanced individuals.

In the course of constant systematic training, the dog gradually begins to unquestioningly obey the owner, at the same time enjoys communicating with a person. Joint lessons improve psychological contact, teach to more sensitively perceive the intonation and mood of the owner.

Additionally, check out the video about training dogs for each of the main commands:

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