Is Blue Buffalo life protection formula puppy food good for large breeds?

February 6, 2023
Large Breeds
Is Blue Buffalo life protection formula puppy food good for large breeds?

Each owner of a pet wants his pet to live a long and healthy life. That is why it is so important to choose a balanced diet for him. Against this background, special attention is drawn to television advertising for ProBalace feed, which offers a healthy and nutritious diet for dogs.


The finished diet for dogs of different sizes and ages of Probalance is the result of the close interaction of two enterprises: BestDogFood.Expert the domestic brand Valcorn and Aller Petfood from Denmark. The product formula was developed by leading Danish veterinarians, livestocklists and experts in the field of animal dietetics. Production capacities are located in USA. This is an undoubted plus for all our breeders, since the product is delivered to the market, bypassing long-term transportation and customs clearance.

Probalance belongs to the average price segment: a large best dog food storage container of feed for 15 kg can be purchased for 2. 5 thousand.

The advantages of the product include the absence of substances that are dangerous for the digestive tract, such as soy, wheat, corn and meat processing waste. There are no attractants and synthetic taste amplifiers. Probalace diets include only useful components.

Dog Food Review: Blue Buffalo

Animal protein in most products is presented in the form of dehydrated chicken meat. Depending on the purpose of the power, the proportion of protein can vary from 28 to 45%. The maximum share of proteins is included in the diets for animals of large breeds, the minimum volumes of protein are present in diets for old animals. For pets prone to allergies, veal products are offered, with lamb meat or sea fish. As additional sources of proteins, fish flour, egg powder, as well as whole milk powder are introduced into the product.

Three cereal components are responsible for carbohydrates: oats, rice and barley. All of them have a low glycemic index and contain a minimum concentration of gluten, so they do not cause allergic reactions. In addition, cereals supply plant fiber to the body. This improves digestion and the formation of feces. However, in the list of the main ingredients of the finished feed, cereals hold the first positions. This means that their total share is large, and such a product does not bring much benefit to the animal. Most likely, cereals are added only to increase the total mass of the product and reduce its cost.

The food contains animal fats: fish and chicken, as well as vegetable. They are represented by sunflower oil. Fish oil is rich in Omega-3, chicken oil contains essential amino acids. These components have the most beneficial effect on the health of the pet. But their share in comparison with sunflower oil is small, there are much more vegetable fats in the finished product. And they are absorbed by the pet's body much worse.

Among other components in the composition of the ProBalance product line, the following are distinguished.

  • Flax-seed. It is a rich source of vegetable Omega-3. Its inclusion in the product helps to prevent cardiovascular pathologies, inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa and skin diseases.
  • Yeast. They are loaded with B vitamins and beneficial enzymes. They help to improve metabolism, normalize the activity of the central nervous system, improve the appearance of wool and skin condition.

In addition to nutritional supplements, there are components in the formula that are questionable. For example, "natural flavor additive". It is impossible to determine what it is. For a long time, the best dog food storage containers contained information about the presence of antioxidants E320 and E321, which are better known as butylhydroxyanisole and butylhydroxytoluene. Premium feed manufacturers have already abandoned their introduction into the diet. True, representatives of ProBalance said that they changed the composition in favor of raw materials of natural origin. However, only the word “preservatives” appears on the packaging. Their origin remains unknown.

The food also includes:

  • Beet pulp – to improve peristalsis;
  • Lysine – to increase immunity;
  • Lecithin – promotes cell regeneration;
  • L-carnitine – increases appetite and improves the digestion of foods in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Yucca schidigera – responsible for neutralizing the pungent smell of dog excrement;
  • Glucosamines – to normalize blood sugar;
  • A cocktail of healing herbs – to improve the state of articular fabric, digestive system and increase visual acuity.

Thus, Probalance, like any other food of the middle price category, has both pros and cons.

Among the advantages, the following can be distinguished:

  • Proteins are represented by dehydrated meat, and not feathers, cartilage, paws, skin and other meat processing waste;
  • Rich vitamin-mineral composition, the presence of components useful for pets;
  • A wide taste palette of dog feed for any size, ages and physiological features;
  • Competitive Probalace feed is much cheaper than other diets with similar composition.

The disadvantage of the product includes its inaccessibility. The products are not presented in every pet store, most often you have to order food via the Internet. At the same time, it is at the official distributor that you can find the most favorable prices. However, the minimum purchase amount in the online store is 1. 7 thousand. Therefore, breeders have to buy a best dog food storage container of at least 10 kg. Buying one small dog food storage container for g will not work.

Assortment of dry feed

A variety of ingredients are used for the production of ProBalance brand. Accordingly, the manufacturer offers a large assortment portfolio. In the process of creating the finished diet, the main components are grinded, mixed and moistened, after which they undergo heat treatment. At this stage, all pathogenic bacteria are destroyed, which may be present in raw foods.

Then the mixture is re-moistened and enters a special unit that works like a meat grinder. Under the influence of increased pressure, fodder granules are formed there. At the final stage, they are dried and treated with vitamin-mineral solutions. As a result, a full-line product for dogs is obtained, it is packaged and sent on sale.

For puppies

For young puppies from 1 to 3 months under the Probalance brand, Starter feed mixture is offered. It can also be used for nursing and pregnant dogs. It increases the content of glucosamine and chondroitin.

These components have a positive effect on metabolism in articular tissues and help to form a healthy bone muscular apparatus.

The growing organism requires a larger volume of proteins: their share is 30%. Fat in the finished product 18%, calcium – 1. 3%, phosphorus – 0. 9%. These micro- and macro elements are needed for the proper development of bones.

  • Puppies Maxi – power for large puppies. Contains a lease, as well as chondroitin and glucosamine. Protein accounts for 28%.
  • Puppies Small & Medium – a diet for young animals of medium sizes. From the previous diet, it differs only in an increased share of protein, which is 29%.

For adult dogs

For adult pets, several diets have been developed taking into account their age characteristics, well-being and lifestyle.

  • Delicate Digestion. Feed for animals with problematic digestion can be used for any breeds. Made of salmon, rice and linen seed. The diet is enriched with valuable omega acids, optimal for dogs predisposed to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The protein accounts for 25%.
  • Adult Beef. A universal product with beef for adult animals. As a special component, a lysine is introduced. This additive strengthens the immunity of the dog, helps to maintain activity and vigor. The protein content is 25%.
  • Adult Active. Feed for active animalsitable for workers, hunting and sports dogs experiencing increased physical activity. A distinctive feature of this product is its high calorie content. The energy value of 100 g of the diet is 394 kcal, the protein content is 30%.
  • Adult Maxi. A diet for pets of large and giant breeds. Contains an amino acid lysine, as well as glucosamine and chondroitin. Protein concentration – 25%.
  • Small & Medium. A product for pets of small and medium sizes. The main components are fully consistent with the previous products, the share of protein is slightly increased – 26%.
  • Gourmet Diet Beef & Rabbit. Food with rabbit meat and beef. Optimal for dogs of various breeds, the proportion of protein is 25%.
  • Adult Grain Free. Grain-Free diet for adult dogs. Includes prebiotics that have a positive effect on the digestive tract. Sources of carbohydrates are lentils, peas and potatoes. They also supply vegetable protein to the body and make the product as balanced as possible. The total content of plant and animals of proteins is 26%.
  • Adult Light. Food for dogs living in an apartment without going outch animals are predisposed to a passive lifestyle. As a result, they often face the problem of overweight. For them, a special feed with a fat-burning ingredient is developed-L-carnitine. The protein content is 22%, and 10%accounts for fats.

Canned food

Is Blue Buffalo life protection formula puppy food good for large breeds? of the middle

Blue buffalo life protection formula puppy food

The composition of wet canned food is almost identical to dry. The difference lies only in the form: this product is sold in the form of pates and juicy pieces in saucech feeds are distinguished by a wide ingredient composition based on the highest quality raw materials. They provide the pet with all the amino acids it needs, phosphorus, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, as well as vitamins A and E.

Fitocare phytocomposition is used as a special additive – it is a composition of several medicinal herbs that has a tonic and tonic effect.

Wet dog food ProBalance does not contain dyes and GMOs. For their manufacture, minced chicken, meat-containing products and offal are used. They account for at least 10%. Humidity is 81%. The share of protein accounts for about 8% of the product, the amount of lipids is 5%, the ash content is kept within 2. 5%. The fiber content is high.

The following products are popular.

  • Spiders for adult animals of small and medium breeds. They are a premium complete feed for small pets.
  • "Scumbag" canned beef. Contain mouth-watering pieces in a jelly-like gravych food is well absorbed by the pet's body. In addition to beef, several types of meat are included in the diet, and this significantly increases the overall proportion of proteins.
  • Canned Immuno. Product for animals designed to protect and strengthen the immune system. Made from beef, has a 100% natural composition.
  • Canned food Sensitive. This is a diet with lamb meat. With frequent use, it minimizes the manifestations of food intolerances and allergies.

Overview of reviews

Reviews by professional veterinarians about ProBalance dog nutrition are that the formula of this diet meets the main criteria for premium products. At the same time, experts draw the attention of dog owners to the high fiber content.

In addition, doctors point to the presence of preservatives that are banned due to their toxicity in many countries. Of course, the manufacturer announced the rejection of such additives. However, there is no information on which components are used today on the packaging.

Users are attracted by a pleasant price tag for products. In many respects, it is explained by the fact that production is established in our country, therefore, transportation with customs duties is not included in the cost. For this reason, the product is cheaper than many other feeds in this segment.

In addition, such a product is universal: here you can find food for both young puppies and old dogs. Separate rulers are created for Chihuahua, Bigley, Shepherd and even Senbernars. In a word, you can choose a product for pets of different breeds and sizes, most importantly, observe the norms of feeding. A rich taste palette will become the key to the fact that the animal does not get tired.

However, the composition of the diets has many dubious moments. Therefore, only healthy pets can be recommended. But even in this case, food should be combined with natural products to provide the dog with proteins necessary for it.

When choosing nutrition for animals requiring a special relationship, it is advisable to enlist the advice of a veterinarian.


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