List of basic home training commands and how to teach them to your dog

April 7, 2023
Dog Training
List of basic home training commands and how to teach them to your dog

Dogs are the best companions for having fun. One way to have a fun evening is to learn new tricks. Learning new tricks stimulates the brain and physically stresses the pet. Most of the commands listed here refer to the OKD courseccessful completion of the basic exercises from the OKD course will establish your contact with your pet during walks, and facilitate your interaction.

Okd for dogs

To learn how to control your dog, you need to train the animal. There are no universal schemes for each individual, but there is a general training course that any novice dog breeder can master on their own. You can take a general training course by joining a cynologist club in your city. Before you pay for the classes, take an interest in the reviews of former participants, talk to the dog handler personally, or attend a trial class. Sometimes it's hard to find a coach.

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Pros and cons of OKD group classes

The advantages of OKD classes on the bestdogfood.Expert in a group include:

  • Socialization: Dogs are social animals. For them, communication with relatives, contact with other people is important. The sooner the puppy begins to get acquainted with the surrounding world of people and their own kind, the easier it will be for you to manage the animal in the future.
  • Structure: on the site, the program is thought out in advance by the cynologist. Each lesson includes theory, practice, and development of previous skills. You will not only learn new exercises, but you will also have to practice and consolidate them.
  • Support and consultation: if you decide to sign up for a course with a cynologist, then you have the opportunity not only to learn basic exercises, but also to get advice: what to focus on when training. Perhaps there are questions about nutrition – feel free to ask them to the dog handler.
  • Exam: As a rule, the course consists of a certain number of lessons. At the end of the course, many clubs arrange an exam: cadets must demonstrate the implementation of all learned skills during the course.

How to Teach The First 7 Things To Your Dog: Sit, Leave it, Come, Leash walking, Name…)

The disadvantages of group classes include:

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  • The mass and lack of an individual approach: groups usually consist of 6 to 20 people with shaggy friends. And the trainer is one, a maximum of two (assistant). With all his desire to work out the lesson, the coach will not be able to divide and pay attention to each cadet.
  • The course of OKD includes a clear list of skills that will be produced in the classroom. If you have the opportunity, then check out the course program in advance. Sometimes the cost is not justified overstated.
  • Inappropriate: if you want to correct certain features in behavior, specify whether these classes will be useful to you. Any dog handler is motivated to collect as many customers as possible in their group. The main thing is not to get the opposite effect: for example, if your dog shows aggression in relation to other people, then visiting OKD or protective-channel service will be a hasty step.

List of main dog commands

Any dog can pass OCD (a general training course) or VN-a German standard, deciphered as a “companion dog”. The passing exam on obedience is the subject of pride of the owner. But the dog is taught to the commands so that next to it is comfortable. A large breed pet that ignores all commands will cause irritation both among the people around them and among the family members in which he lives.

The list of main commands necessary for study looks like this:

  • "Heel"
  • "Come / Come here"
  • "Sit"
  • "Down"
  • "Stand"
  • "Place"
  • "Drop-it"
  • "Fetch. "

Cycologists advise mastering the skills of conflict-free training. It consists in the desire of the dog to fulfill one or another command, the owner does not force the pet. This is the main difference between conflict-free training and the classic, where the command is first given, and then is supported by mechanical exposure.

How to independently train the dog to different commands?

In addition to organized courses, you can master the basic tricks yourself. Also, the implementation of some exercises will facilitate further training if you go to the bestdogfood.Expert to the dog handler.

The training process should last no more than 10 minutes one or twice a day. It is important to be in a good mood and encourage the pet for the successful exercise. Thus, the animal will form an associative series: training is a joyful host – encouragement, so it will be happy to join the work.

General information about training.

Your task is to become a leader for your pet. Only by recognizing the leader in you, you will receive an obedient and flexible pet, which is easy to train.

If you do not think about how to educate a dog, then be prepared for the fact that a small tyrant will “refuel” in your house. You will only have to blindly indulge his whims. Agree that this is not enough. Do not forget that the most beloved toe is, first of all, a dog.

Aggression and disobedience in the animal arise due to the lack of education or non-perception of the owner of the owner as a leader's leader. Correction of the behavior of a four-legged friend is possible by education and training.

Do not wait at what age the dog can be trained. From the first minutes of appearing in your house, the animal should understand that he got into a flock to a strong leader.

Since the elementary “rules of behavior” of dogs are not transmitted along with the pedigree to that terrier, you have Come / Come herethodically accustom the pet to simple things (toilet, place, command, etc.).

Shake (Paw)

To master the command, Shake (Paw), you do not need to have special knowledge skills. This is a simple trick that a novice dog breeder can handle. What is it for? In everyday life, it can come in handy when cutting the claws of a pet, or examining the paws for damage.

How to teach a dog a command Shake (Paw)? Take a little fragrant treat and hold into a fist. Set the dog in front of you, bring a fist with a delicacy to the chest level of the pet. First, the dog will sniff out food and lick your hand. Your task is to wait for the moment when the animal puts his paw on your hand. At that moment, tell me a paw and fed the treat. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times, then take a break for 10-20 minutes. Repeat.


How to teach a dog a place a place? The place is a necessary exercise for execution. Firstly, this is a household need. When a puppy or an adult dog appeared in your house, you must allocate a place for relaxation and sleeprely you will not like it if a four-legged friend will nibble juicy bones on your shoe rug or, moreover, your sofa will defend. Therefore, for the comfort of all family members, this trick must be mastered. Secondly, the command is included in the list of necessary OKD skills and is submitted during certification.

To master the exercise, take the food and put it on a dog bed or in a cage (if a cage has a cage as a house). When the dog takes a treat, tell me and praise a friend. Use the excerpt: when the pet sits in place to take a treat, go up to him and fed a little more treats. Fasten the skill 6-8 times.

If you accustom an adult dog to the place, then make sure that the pet knows the commands to Down, Come / Come here.

Take a shaggy friend in place. Ordinate to Down. Step 5-10 steps and command me. When the pet comes up, tell the place and take it to the bed. If the dog does not understand where to go, indicate her direction, repeating the “place, place”, and reward with a delicacy during performance. Give a treat. Then repeat the actions.

Voice command

Many owners are interested in the question of how to teach the dog the Voice command. But it is worth remembering that this learning skill is not important, so if the dog does not understand what is required of it. Do not torment the animal, breaking its psyche. So that the pet is not distracted by extraneous stimuli. To teach a dog, choose a calm, deserted place. Prepare your favorite treat or toy. Praise the dog to you, interest a piece of delicious, preventing a piece of tidbing or picking up a toy. Even if the dog is nervous and whining, give the command “Voice”. The interested dog will most likely succumb to natural instinct and begin to bark. To fix this skill, it is necessary to spend at least 15 minutes a day on its training daily. After the dog masters the command, you can continue to consolidate the material without a delicacy. For example. German shepherds can be taught the “Voice” command for the Fetch subject. This command can also be served with a gesture (sharply raised up your arms).

Come / Come here!

Come / Come here is the most important command. If your dog performs the exercise Come / Come here, you can let it go while walking without worrying about calling.

When studying the stunt, use a very tasty treat Come / Come here. At the initial stage of training, the animal should be hungry. Then he will have a motivation to approach you when calling. Never scold the dog when performing the exercise Come / Come here, otherwise he will have an association that it is worth going to the owner, something bad should be.

Start training in a familiar area without distracting factors: other animals, people, noisy construction projects and the like. Let the dog and after a while attract its attention. The distance should not exceed 3 meters. When the pet approaches you, tell me and generously praise. Before giving a treat, stroke the pet, command to sit. Your task is to make it clear that you called him for a reason. And only then treat you to delicious. Repeat the exercise several times, take a break.

The next day, increase the distance between you and the dog to 5 meters. Gradually, the pet will master that the command followed by a generous praise.

The command should be pronounced once. In case of ignoring, you should approach the dog yourself. If the pet gets used to it that you can ignore your commands, then it will be much more difficult to retrain it.

Gradually fix the exercise in different circumstances. At first, it will be difficult for an animal to perform Come / Come here in a new environment. It is important to show perseverance here.

Training in hunting commands


For training, it is advisable to choose ultrasonic whistles for hunting dogs that are heard by the animal, but are not heard by others.

Any command of dogs on hunting can be reinforced by a whistle, then the pet will get used to it faster. It is important not to use the whistle after the animal has been punished. Otherwise, the pet will associate the whistle with the threat of being punished.


This command can also be trained in apartment conditions.

First, you need to let the pet get used to action that he can carry something in the mouth. After a while, it’s worth calling a puppy to yourself and asking to give a thing. If he does not give the subject, you can take it yourself. After that, be sure to treat a four-legged friend. If the training of a hunting dog takes place on the street, then at times you need to throw an object into the water so that it brings it from there. It is necessary to accustom the animal to water, this is very important for four-legged hunters. This command will come in handy for dogs on hunting than others.

Search in lands

Search in land is directly a hunting command. The main thing here is to teach the pet to move correctly and look for game.

It is important that the dog has a developed flair and she could look for an animal against the wind, otherwise it will only be able to track down the beast, but not find it. So, moving with the owner, the pet must cross his path from left to right. In this case, the hunter must stop the movement of the pet with a whistle and show his hand to the direction for further movement. With a whistle, the animal unfolds and continues to search for game. An ideal place for training is a wide swampy area.

Work on game

To do this, let the pet go to places where there is a lot of game. The dog should understand this by smell and stand in the rack. When the bird takes off, the pet is most likely to rush at it. It is important not to let the young hunter achieve game, I must say "Hush! " And stop him. Often the training of hunting dogs is taking place using parfors.

At the final stage, you can introduce the pet with weapons and directly with a shot. First you need to use incomplete charge. After the shot of the pet, you need to lay and let the game sniffbsequently, you can shoot at full power, the pet will not be afraid of the gun.

You can take dogs that already have experience in hunting for training. As a rule, hunting breed puppies have a tendency to learn commands faster if they see their execution on the example of an older brother.


To teach the dog the command to sit, take a treat and choose a calm place without distracting factors. To teach this trick, it is necessary to use physical impact.

Call the pet, get your hand with a treat over his head, and gently press the sacrum with the other hand. Say to sit, fed the treat. Usually the exercise is accompanied by a gesture – a raised hand. When the pet understands that the phrase should sit on the sacrum, he will perform the exercise without mechanical exposure. In the future, use the gesture with your right hand.

It is useful to use the command to sit in a public place, when visiting a veterinarian and before feeding food. This exercise helps to calm the dog, prepare for further training – contributes to concentration.


This command is the base and belongs to the OKD course. It can be useful when visiting a veterinarian, while traveling in public transport.

How to teach a dog to Down:

Set the pet on command. Put one hand on the withers, and take a handful of goodies in the other hand and bring it to the front paws. When the pet lies, say “Down” and reward with a delicacy. A similar method of learning can be applied using a leash: put your left hand on the level of the withers, the other pull the leash down to the front paws.

With the correct execution of the exercise, the front paws are Down exactly in front of the dog, the rear ones are pursed. The position of the animal on the side or on the back is not allowed.

In the OCD, the command is indicated by a gesture: the right hand raised horizontally palm down, drops to the level of the thigh.

The video shows a detailed method of teaching a trick to Down. Also in the video shows the use of exposure.


What is the command Heel? This position of the dog at the owner’s left foot: the pet shoulder should be on the same level with the owner’s foot. The dog should go Heel, synchronously, without tensioning the leash.

How to teach a dog a command Heel? To get started, take the pet on the leash. Mechanically put it on one level with your left foot. Say next and take a few steps. If the dog moves calmly next to you, reward it with a delicious treat. If the pet breaks forward with a strong tension of the leash, return it to its original position.

Examination option next to the delicacy:

1. Make a dog on a leash

2. Eat the left leg, take the leash in the right hand, click on the left hand

3. Save next, a hand with a clamped treat at the nose of a pet, begin to move forward slowly.

4. The food will try to gnaw the treats out of your hand, say next and move 10-20 steps like that.

5. Climb the pet and do the same actions in a different direction.

The video shows two learning options: with and without encouragement. Choose which one you like best.

Teaching the command "Crawl! "

Be careful when choosing a place for the first lesson – the area should be even, dry, without sharp stones and branches. Serve the command "Down! " And keep the dog on a leash, then command "Crawl! " And pull the leash forward a little. If the pet tries to get up, slightly click on his withers and repeat the command. For a correctly completed task, encourage the dog with treats and stroking. At first, crawling for the animal is tiring, so do not force it to crawl more than 1-2 meters.

You can also teach instead of pulling up with a leash with a treat: hold a delicious piece in front of the nose of the Down dog, and then gradually push it away, at the same time warning the animal’s attempts to get up. Instead of goodies, you can take your favorite toy of the pet. Gradually, you can increase the distance and choose a more complex terrain.

Fu or you can’t

This command is prohibiting. The purpose of its implementation is to stop undesirable behavior: damage to things, the use of prohibited food, the selection of garbage, and so on. It is not easy to achieve a clear execution. There are many ways of training.

To teach a pet exercise or you can not need to be as soon as possible. Puppies examine the world with the help of teeth, so in your interests to achieve the execution of the command as early as possible.

The fu command is not encouraged by a delicacy and should only be applied.

How to train a dog to a command of fu, you can’t?

One of the popular methods is provocation on the selection from the ground and the leash jerk. Prepare pieces of sausage, sausages or other food in advance and scatter around the territory for walking. When a furry friend reaches out for a treat, sharply pull the leash and say loudly or not. Do not encourage the pet. Move on. To relax and distract the dog, say another command, for example, sitting either Heel and praise for execution. Detailed video instruction How to wean a dog to select from the ground presented below.

During training, your task is to form unpleasant associations when pronouncing fu. You can use an electric collar, a “string” or a folded newspaper. Punish the puppy for business.

Another way to teach the dog a trick is impossible – to “bite” the puppy behind the withers. In this case, we act as if his mother punished the puppy. This method is quite effective, the puppy quickly understands the essence. Detailed instructions are shown in the video.

It is better to teach puppy prohibitions than to be afraid to take away your expensive shoes from an adult dog weighing 30-40 kg. The pet should clearly understand the consequences of the command.


Fetching is work with the subject on the command of the owner. This exercise is included in the general course of training, but they are not studying it in all clubs in films. You can independently train the dog to a port.

List of basic home training commands and how to teach them to your dog to the

Why is the clker more effective for dog training?

How to teach a dog a command Fetch? What does the Fetch look like? The trainer throws an object (toy, stick), gives a command, the dog selects a thing, returns to the owner and gives the object. The dog should take the position of the owner’s left leg.

For the successful execution of the Fetch, you need to train the pet to give you objects on the command "give".

To teach a trick, Fetch take any subject (large or medium), give a four-legged friend the opportunity to grab it and say Fetch. After that, take the toy on the command. Do the exercise several times so that the dog understands the difference between the Fetch and give.

The next step will be the training to follow the thing and select it on command. To do this, take the dog on a leash, tease a thing and throw it forward, commanding the Fetch. Together, run to the thing and when the dog takes the object in the mouth, actively praise it.

In ideal performance for the period of training, this looks like this: the dog is next to the owner – he monitors the subject – runs after him on the command of Fetch – returns to the owner – gives the subject on the command give – sits down next to the owner. Over time, the dog should make the whole complex on one command Fetch.

Below is a step-by-step video instruction.

What to teach

Many owners want their pets can perform various tricks, which certainly will not leave any of the guests indifferent. But first of all, you need to figure out which commands the dog must certainly know. There is a whole list that you need to study.

If the training is multifaceted, and you will begin to vaccinate the pet all the mandatory skills, the results of the education of the animal are satisfied. Let's look at what kind of dog tricks are the most important to study.

Come / Come here

One of the basic commands that the dog should perform is “Come / Come here! ”It is not so difficult to teach her her dog. Wait for a walk while the pet runs a short distance, then attract the attention of the animal, calling his nickname, and in a calm, but in a firm voice, say the command.

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To achieve obedience from the favorite, at first use his favorite toy or delicacy. Then the dog will have an incentive to resort to your call. However, in the future, when his habit is fixed, it will be possible to abandon the encouragement.

Video "Three Rules of the command Come / Come here"

In this video, you will learn three secrets of studying the command “Come / Come here! ”, Which will help to correctly train the dog for a call.

In the process of training, it is very important to teach the dog not only those commands that are associated with pleasant emotions, but also certain prohibitions. Command Stop that! – one of those. Some dog owners initially use special collars with a minimal electric charge or water pistols.

Keep a close eye on your pet. If during a walk he runs after a cat, starts to bark at passers-by or shows disobedience, use the deterrent of your choice and say the command “Stop that! ”. In this case, the negative associations with such an indication will be fixed in the mind of the dog, and in the future pistols or electric collars will not be needed.


How to properly teach a dog to walk beside is another issue that needs to be clarified in a timely manner. Start learning a new skill at the end of the walk, when the ardor of the animal will decrease a little, and external factors will no longer distract it.

Take the dog on a short leash and clearly order him "Heel! ". Walk together, and as soon as the dog begins to move away, pull on the leash and repeat the command. In the future, it will be necessary to work out the skill without an auxiliary element.


Again, the pet must be taken on a short leash. Hold a treat in your hands, then hold it up and order "Sit! ". Once your four-legged friend fulfills your request, treat him to treats and repeat the exercise several times. In the future, practice the command without treats.


It is also necessary to teach the dog to Down, however, it is worth starting to study this command after a clear mastery of the previous one. In the process, use a short leash again. Say the command, then gently press on the withers of the pet and pull down the leash. At the same time, lower your right hand so that the dog remembers what is required of it.

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You need to teach the dog Stand by taking this position: stand to the right of the animal and make him sit down. Then raise your stomach with your left hand while saying the command. You also need to make a certain gesture: raise your right hand up from the hip. Repeat the exercise step by step until the pet masters the new skill.

Training the dog for this command must begin with the gameplay. To get started, play with your pet with a toy, then pick it up by saying the command “Drop-it! ”. When the dog complies with the requirement, give him something to reward.

Video "command Drop-it! "

In this video, you will learn how to teach the dog the command “Drop-it! ”.


To learn the “Fetch! ” Command, you need to first put a pet next to you. Show him his favorite toy, ball or stick, interest him. Then drop the item at a short distance, wait a few seconds. After that, stretch your right hand forward and say the command "Fetch! ". As soon as the dog grabs the toy, give him a treat. Over time, the procedure can be complicated: after the pet will pick up the toy, call it to you and work out the command “Drop-it! ”.


Take the dog for a walk, then unfasten the leash and clearly say “Walk! ”. In this case, you need to indicate the direction with your hand. The development of this command, as a rule, does not cause much difficulties.


The study of this command begins with the fact that you choose a place and denote it to the subject familiar to the pet (but not by which you worked out the command “Fetch! ” Or “Drop-it! ”). Ordinate the dog “Down! ”, Then put an object in front of her and command “Place! ”. After that, call the pet to your place, after which say "place! " Again. The dog should go to the area where its subject remains to Down, and Down there. Be sure to repeat this command, but without a familiar object.

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If previous commands can be mastered with a pet independently, then this part of the training is recommended to be carried out in the presence of an instructor. After pronouncing the Attack! Your four-legged friend should attack the object. In this case, the PSU should be about 6-10 months so that it can be safely taught this skill.

However, it is worth deciding on such a lesson only if your pet’s psyche is stable. When the dog itself is angry or tend to growl on strangers without reason, show aggression, it is better not to look for problems with such training.


The Speak! Command is useful if you often get out with a dog for nature or participate in search events. In some breeds, barking is very pronounced (likes, spitz) and training a pet on command is simple. Other breeds do not always show barking, and the owners are interested in how to teach the dog this trick.

To train the dog to bark on your command, take a treat, leash and sit in a convenient place. Plant the pet opposite you, raise your hand with a treat and say a voice high. The dog may not understand what you want from her. In this case, provoke it. To do this, step on a leash and tease with a treat. When she begins to bark, tell me a voice and give a treat. Fasten the skill 6-8 times.

If your dog barks uncontrollably, and you would like to solve this problem – read the article how to deal with barking.


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