We teach commands correctly: how to train a dog at home?

March 30, 2023
Dog Training
We teach commands correctly: how to train a dog at home?


Puppies are cute creatures, but, in addition to manifestations of affection, tenderness and love, they also need the correct education and competent training.

About how to teach the dog the commands at home we will talk further.

General rules

Age to start training. Raise and accustom the puppy to the rules of behavior in the house from the first moment of appearing in the dwelling. Actually, training begins in three months, observing the recommended training procedure.

Some owners think that the dog does not need to train if they do not attend exhibitions and do not participate in competitions.

This is an erroneous opinion. Training is needed, first of all, in order to discipline the dog and subsequently not to experience problems with the behavior of the pet on a walk.

How to train an adult dog at home? If the moment is missed, the dog has matured, but does not perform a basic set of commands, you should also organize classes taking into account the level of development of the pet.

Remember, you can teach any breed of dogs, regardless of age. Yes, the training of an adult pet will take more time. Before starting training, the pet is weaned from old habits. Here are the basic rules that should be observed.

  1. The entire training course is divided into stages.
  2. The pet must be encouraged.
  3. The owner shows the hardness of character during training, in no case turning to aggressive behavior!
  4. The owner understands the character of the pet and finds an individual approach to him.

One lesson with a pet lasts no longer than an hour.

It is better to divide the allotted time into intervals with small breaks. They gave the command – the dog completed – let him run, distract. For one lesson, the pet performs all the necessary commands.

Preparation for training

Necessary objects. In the first lesson, the owner will need a collar, leash and a treat.

Choosing a place of training. A deserted area already familiar to the dog is well suited as a place for training. During training, the owner remains in private with a pet, so that there are no distracting factors. If the owner has chosen an unfamiliar place, at first the pet must sniff the surrounding space well in order to make sure that there is no danger.

The choice of treats. Be sure to stock up on your favorite pet. The ability to get treats motivates the pet to obedience and good execution of commands. They take dry dog food with them, it is convenient to wear it and it does not stain clothes. If the pet is not interested in food as a treat, you can buy special dog cookies in the store.

In the absence of store treats, you can cook cookies yourself.

Time for training is selected according to their plans. It is not recommended to conduct classes in the summer in the middle of the day. But, if this is the only free period of time for the owner, he should stock up on water. Before the start of the lesson, they advise you to walk the pet well and run a few circles with him in the stadium.

Home training

The commands forming the basis of the training course include the following:

  • “Come / Come here” is learned primarily with the skill of response to the nickname. The favorite call, using the nickname, is seduced by treats and praised after performing the command;
  • ”No! ” is an important command that stops the dog from incorrect actions;
  • “Heel”. The skill is necessary so that the pet walks near the owner’s feet;
  • “Sit” is a common command, the basis for other skills;
  • “Down”. This skill is mastered only after a successful study of the “sit” command;
  • “Stand”. The command is used often, but teaching a little more difficult than the command to “Down”;
  • “Drop-it” – effectively prevents the dog’s picking up from the ground of all nasty things. This is important in the realities of our country, where doghanters act with impunity, scattering deadly baits;
  • “Fetch. “On this command, the pet brings the object thrown by the owner;
  • “Walk” – applied for a change in activity;
  • “Place” is a command important for the homework of their place in the house;
  • “FAS” is a protective skill that is taught only after the development of all previous commands.
We teach commands correctly: how to train a dog at home? basics, and

We teach commands correctly: how to train a dog at home?

In addition to this list, small dogs are taught the commands ”No! ”, “Heel” and develop an excerpt from them.

The development of exposure constantly accompanies the education process.

This is one of the main skills, because the dog should be able to control emotions to fulfill the orders of the owner and obedience. Read about how to train a dog at home.

Features of training


How to train little dogs? Petetians of small breeds, it is easier to train, because for them a complete set of official commands is not mandatory. They love to rush headlong, so first of all, they should master the command “Come / Come here”. The command will prevent the pet’s escape over a long distance. Tiny pets, for example, papillons, brabansons or shitza enjoy special love, which allows them to behave incorrectly, for example, to run around beds and clean sheets. For this reason, the following necessary skill will be the execution of the “Place” command.

Training a hunting dog. Classes with hunting dogs have their own specifics. The owner will have to suppress some of the character traits of the pet. He must carefully educate and conscientiously train the dog. At the age of six to nine months, a hunting dog is taught basics, and from ten months they begin to master special commands.

If the dog does not obey. There are situations when the pet does not want to obey and start training, without reacting to the demand of the owner and even refusing to treat. In this case, the owner must either pat the pet by the scruff of the scruff, or pull the collar with strictness.

The dog must understand that the master is the leader. This is not always just with such serious breeds as Stafford or Kane Korso.

Do not forget that aggression in relation to the pet is contraindicated.

Persistence, sequence and following the correct recommendations will help the owner teach the dog all the necessary commands. If you put a lot of time, attention and love in the pet and go through the general course of training with him, you can get the perfect four-legged friend who is correctly raised and devoted to the owner to the tip of the tail.

Additionally, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video on how to train a dog at home:

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