Why does the dog not love the owner?

March 9, 2023
Why does the dog not love the owner?

Maybe your dog doesn’t like you or feels uncomfortable around you. If you suspect that your dog doesn’t like you, don’t worry, you can change that. An employee of the veterinary clinic explains the situation and gives some useful tips.

Karen Sueda, an animal behavior specialist at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital, says: “Sometimes the owner feels like the dog is rejecting him, but in reality, the dog is just nervous and uncomfortable around him. “Karen has identified several signs that she understands that the dog is feeling uncomfortable. Her story will help owners better understand their pets.

The dog closely follows the movements of the owner

If the dog is closely following the owner, it may be very nervous. I pay attention to whether the pet is watching the owner with every movement – this may mean that the dog does not trust the owner, or the pet is uncomfortable and anxious to be near the owner.


The dog does not make eye contact

If the dog pulls away from the owner when he tries to stroke it, then it is uncomfortable for her. Sometimes a dog may deliberately ignore the owner. I always notice if the dog looks into the owner’s eyes or if he moves away every time he tries to get close to him.

Dog refuses to accept food from owner

If the dog does not want to eat his favorite treat that the owner offers him, this is not a good sign. Dogs appreciate a good treat. When I see that a pet refuses a snack, just to not be near the owner, I understand that he feels uncomfortable in his presence.

The dog is afraid and hides

The dog may simply be afraid of the owner, and this fear may show up in his posture. Sometimes I notice that the dog is frightened, he clings to the ground or crouches, I often see how the pet lays his ears and trembles. He can also hide from his master.


The dog arches its back and the hair on the withers rises

The owner should be careful when the dog is bending his back. This may be a sign that she is scared or is going to attack. I always pay attention to the wool along the spine, usually it rises if the dog is worried or evil.

The dog is often yawning, being next to the owner

Sometimes I see how the dog yawns again and again, this means that it can be nervous. Some dogs can show such behavior, even if they are not tired. Like people, dogs can experience nervous tics when they are next to someone with whom they are uncomfortable. For example, a person plays with hair or shakes his foot, gnaws his nails when he is nervous.

The body of the dog becomes tense when she sees the owner

Sometimes I notice how the dog strains its body. This may mean that she feels a threat. The dog’s body language is very instructive. So, if the animal begins to solidify, this may mean that the presence of the owner causes him inconvenience. In some cases, dogs can strain and look carefully at the person whom they consider threatening.


The dog growls or bites the owner

In some cases, I notice aggression emanating from the dog. As a rule, dogs bite only when they feel a threat. If the dog bites the owner, then the instinct of self-preservation is triggered. All animals have it. In general, the dog becomes aggressive only when he feels that a person did something that makes her protect himself or his territory.

Why does the dog not love the owner? in the house, the

Why does the dog not love the owner?

The dog leaves the room that the owner includes or is trying to keep the distance

I notice that some dogs keep a distance. A dog who does not want to communicate with the owner will not stay nearby when he appears indoors. In addition to avoiding visual contact and ignoring, dogs can easily leave the room.


Useful tips

The veterinarian explains that dog behavior depends on many factors: on pedigree characteristics, on living conditions, psychological situation in the house, the relationship of the owner, etc.

She always gives several simple advice to dog owners who have problems raising a pet.

If you have a dog recently and treat it with love and care, but it does not reciprocate, maybe she just needs a little time to get used to you. The good news is that dogs quickly get used to their owners and become their best friends.

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The best way to make a dog your friend is not to try too hard. Give your dog time and space and make sure he feels safe. Just take care of her and show your love. You will probably find that the dog will bond with you as soon as you start ignoring him a little.

In addition, you should avoid sudden or unexpected movements that may frighten or threaten the dog. You should do things that the dog enjoys, such as playing with him; walk; give her favorite treats or toys.

These simple tips will help build a relationship with your pet, and he will become your best friend.


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