How to teach a dog commands: a large list of commands with photos and videos

April 7, 2023
Dog Training
How to teach a dog commands: a large list of commands with photos and videos

So that your puppy can fulfill basic requests, obey, and you can curb his activity, you need to train him from childhood. Then he will be able not only to overcome the barrier or bring a stick, but to serve or walk not on a leash, but on his own. How to teach a dog commands at home, and how to quickly teach basic requirements, you ask. But this is quite real, it is enough to get a little advice from experienced dog handlers, watch training videos and clearly follow the rules that we will mention below.

Why does a dog need to know commands?

How to teach your dog commands

It is necessary to train commands in order for the pet to exist normally with other animals and people, especially for large and fighting breeds. Although small dogs without education can grow up to be no less aggressive and uncontrollable. Training is also necessary in order to correct behavior, eradicate bad habits, develop the natural instincts of the animal.

Can an adult dog be trained? It is possible, but much more difficult, so it is better to start classes from the age of six months, Although they are carried out in a playful way. The process will go much faster, as puppies are more active and love to learn new things.

But before starting classes, you need to consider the following points:

  • The nature and habits of the pet;
  • Set priorities;
  • Do not retreat from classes, make them permanent;
  • Praise and encourage the puppy, make the exercises more interesting;
  • Distinguish between work and play moments.

It is also important to take into account the fact that exercises do not need to be arranged after lunch or dinner, but training should be carried out only on an empty stomach.

Basic commands

What commands do you need to learn?

  • Heel;
  • Down;
  • Sit;
  • Shake paw;
  • It is forbidden;
  • Stranger;
  • Stand;
  • Bring;
  • Wait;
  • Walk.

These exercises will be needed in order to develop mobility, agility and quick wits and obedience.

But commands such as spin, barrier, somersault, die, search and bring are considered quite complex, not all dogs perform them, and only at a more mature age. For this, the pet must be encouraged with food and repeated classes constantly.

How to teach your dog the voice command

How to teach your dog the voice command

The Voice command is especially useful for those dogs that are used on the hunt, when protecting the house or in the process of searching for people. But initially it is necessary to take into account that some breeds will not be able to study and publish loud barking, and labradors and shepherds study the fastest. How to teach a dog a voice a voice?

Follow the following recommendations:

  • Tie the dog near the tree and step on the leash;
  • Do not let the pet jump on you when he sees food;
  • Ask to give a voice and show the yummy;
  • Encourage the pet after executing the command;
  • Repeat the exercise two or three times.

It is important not to encourage the animal if it barks and barks without a command, otherwise the exercise will be remembered incorrectly.


How to teach your dog to Down

The “Down” command can also be useful in ordinary life, especially if you travel a lot with a pet or often go to visit. Training begins at three months, simultaneously with the “sit” command. With the correct execution of the command, give a treat, and in the absence of a reaction, press on the withers. How to teach a dog to Down?

Easy, for this you need:

  • Go to a quiet place, even to the street. But there should not be dampness and snow on Earth;
  • Press on the withers and back, saying "Down"
  • At this time, you need to show a delicious one in the other hand at the ground;
  • After completing the indication, let the animal with the words walk.

Remember that learning can go up to a year, but it should pass without rudeness, gradually complicated. If at first the pet is trained at home, then after, on the street or in a public place. And do not expect the first time the dog will be able to Down on the ground for a long time.


How to teach a dog a command Heel on a leash and off a leash

Almost everyone knows how to teach the dog a command “Heel”, but not everyone knows how to do it right. Training begins with six months, when the pet is already used to walking on a leash. Note that the exercise is considered the most difficult and remembered during the year.

It is important that the puppy is from you on the left side and walk Heel until you let him go for a walk.

You need to start training like this:

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  • Take the dog on a leash and close as much as possible to yourself;
  • Say "Heel" and behave the pet near you;
  • After that, let go and say “walk”
  • Give a yummy as encouraging;
  • After that, call the puppy and repeat the exercise several more times;
  • Each time you need to weaken the tension of the leash and letting go of the dog more and more.

It must be remembered that when not fulfilling the command, it is enough to pull the leash closer to yourself and repeat the exercise.

How to teach your dog the Attack command

The Attack command is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous, but training should be started with three months of life, when the pet has weeded from the mother.

Remember that the pet, spoiled and affection, may not execute your commands or do it with obstinacy. Therefore, try to pamper it less, and be more strict.

How to teach the dog the Attack command, we will tell you below.

This is necessary:

  • Find a closed area on the street without people;
  • Put on a protective suit;
  • Find the props in the form of sticks, tires, stuffed animals;
  • Next, tie the dog on the leash and sit next to it;
  • Next, tease the pet with the chosen object and speak the FAS;
  • Each time it will annoy more, and the dog will rush;
  • After completing the command, encourage the dog with a treat.


How to teach your dog to sit

Before describing how to teach the dog a “sit” command, we will highlight several important points. For example, training begins from early childhood, from three to five months. To perform exercises, use the promotion and punishment method – press on the sacrum when not fulfilled and give a delicious one when performing.

The learning scheme is this:

  • Put the pet to yourself;
  • Name it by name, say "sit" and press on the sacrum;
  • Keep the dog in that position for a few seconds, and then give a treat;
  • Complete the exercise with words for a walk;
  • Repeat the exercise every five to seven minutes.

Shake (Paw)

How to teach your dog the paw command

How to teach the dog the “Give Lapu” command can tell a dog handler, but this is easy to train at home. Then the pet at your request will give you his paw.

The exercise is carried out like this:

  • Plant the dog near you;
  • Name by name and say "Shake paw"
  • Indicate the paw and show the treat in your hand;
  • Take your paw into your own hands;
  • Repeat the command several times and after execution, give a delicious one.

Few people know, but the command needs to start training for six to eight months, and decorative breeds are worst.

How to teach a dog to the commands of fu and you can’t

How to teach a dog the command fu and not

The Fu command is considered one of the most important, similar to the command “impossible”, because it makes the dog abandon your things or some items. It will be useful on the street, visiting or at home. How to teach the dog the command "stop that! " And "Stop"?

  • Show or give the pet a forbidden thing;
  • Indicate it or take it in your hand and say “fu, you can’t”
  • Take the thing and repeat the command;
  • Take the pet to give the thing himself and do not take it without your permission;
  • Give a yummy as an encouragement.

Keep in mind that you need to start the exercise at the moment when the puppy decided to perform an action, but did not do anything bad. Speak with him only looking into the eyes.


How to teach a dog the fetch command from scratch

The Fetch command can be taught quickly, Although some breeds have difficulties. The exercise implies that the puppy returns the thing that the owner abandoned, then the dog sits Heel and is waiting for further instructions. Training begins in the eighth month of life, after the commands "sit Heel. "How to teach the dog the Fetch command, we will consider together:

  • Find a stick or bone;
  • Show it to the dog, tease a little;
  • Throw a thing and say Fetch;
  • Let the animal run for a thing and return it to you;
  • Praise and give a yummy;
  • Repeat the exercises three to five times.


How to teach your dog the place command

This command must be taught both an adult and a small pet. Although two types are distinguished when the dog lies in its place in the house or near the specified object. How to teach the dog the command "place"? It is simple enough, for this you need to lure the puppy with a yummy or indicate there with your finger, saying a “Place”. After completing, the dog is encouraged. And in order for the dog to stay in place longer, throw his favorite toy there.

It is also important that when returning from a place without a command, you need to return the pet there, pointing it with your finger, saying in a formidable voice.


How to teach a dog a command of someone else

Before determining how to teach the dog a “stranger” command, we will determine that it is important for many pets, as it alerts that in front of them is an unknown person with poor intentions. Then the dog should give a voice, growl or go aside.

For training you need:

  • Find an assistant who will attack you;
  • Next, look at the animal and repeat the “alien” command;
  • Repeat this for five to seven minutes;
  • After the pet closer to you and begins to growl or bark, praise.


How to teach your dog Stand

The “standing” command must be trained from the age of seven to nine for a month, after mastering the main exercises. For training, a contrasting method of promotion and punishment is used. The command is necessary for the animal to listen to you during bathing, combing or a doctoral inspection. How to teach the dog Stand "standing"?

  • Bring the pet to yourself;
  • Push it under the stomach so that he gets up and listens to you;
  • As encouragement, give a delicious one;
  • If the dog lies, lift the wool;
  • Combine the command with the words "walk. "


How to teach a dog the fetch command

The “Bring” command has much in common with the “Fetch”, but in this case it is not necessary to throw a thing.

To perform the exercise you will have:

  • Sit the pet next to you;
  • Point to a thing and say bring;
  • If necessary, come up and hold the thing in your hands;
  • Show a yummy, sit down and repeat the instruction again;
  • After accomplishment, encourage.

How to teach your dog the search command

The "search" command is especially important for hunting and guard dogs, bloodhounds. She is taught from a year of life, after the exercises "fetch, sit, alien and fu. "

The training is carried out as follows:

  • Take a certain thing;
  • Let the dog sniff it;
  • Hide a thing;
  • Give the command "search", repeat several times;
  • If the dog chooses the wrong thing, say ”No! ” And repeat “look well”
  • After finding, repeat the exercise and praise the animal.
How to teach a dog commands: a large list of commands with photos and videos the owner

How to teach a dog commands: a large list of commands with photos and videos

Interestingly, you need to start learning by looking for a thing with your smell, then complicate it and force someone else to look for a thing.


How to teach a dog to serve a command

The “serve” command is also called “bunny”, and it is easier for small pets to perform it. Because it will be more difficult for the big ones to keep the body with a straight back.

It is not difficult to train, for this:

  • Invite a puppy to you;
  • Pick up a tasty treat;
  • Put your hand with a treat above the dog's head and say "serve"
  • After the pet lifts its front paws off the floor, reward it;
  • Each time, force yourself to rise higher and hold the position longer.

How to teach your dog to wait

Teaching the “wait” command means that the pet will remain motionless until you allow it to leave. Training begins at nine months, using a contrast method with rewards and punishments.

The training is carried out as follows:

  • Call your pet;
  • Seat him or lay him down by pressing on the sacrum;
  • Say "wait" and hold with your hand;
  • Show a treat
  • After a couple of minutes, give a treat and say "walk"
  • Repeat the exercise several times.

Few people know, but command training begins at home, and only after a couple of months of classes, you can transfer classes to a noisy street.


How to teach your dog the walk command

The “walk” command is most necessary for pets used in security or detective service. Most often used after the execution of other commands, as a reward. For training, it is enough to pat the animal on the back, let go and say "walk".


How to teach your dog the roll command

Learning the “tumble” command is not difficult, if the puppy already knows how to Down on his back, the exercise is very similar to the “die” command.

To perform it is necessary:

  • Put the dog on its back;
  • Show a treat, give it a sniff;
  • Hold a yummy along the ridge;
  • Do not let the dog get up;
  • It is important that the dog follows the food and smoothly turns on its side;
  • And this is repeated several times.

How to teach your dog the die command

How to teach your dog the die command

You can start the exercise "die" from any age, even with an adult dog. To do this, it is enough to fill up the pet on its back or give it the appropriate command, take a treat in your hand and let it smell. After that, hold your hand with food to the side, further along the ridge. When the animal falls on its side, give the reward.


How to teach your dog the barrier command

The barrier exercise should be performed after a year of life, and then your pet will learn to overcome obstacles. It is important that the first height is no more than 45 cm, even for a large breed.

The training is carried out as follows:

  • Find a small horizontal bar, obstacle or rope;
  • Stand on the other side and show the puppy a treat;
  • Beckon him and call to you;
  • After the dog jumps over, give a reward.

Not everyone knows, but even a hoop, a living barrier made of a person, can be used for training. But each time the load should increase, putting several barriers in a row.


The “twist” exercise is similar to a somersault, because the technique is the same. In this case, you need to lay the puppy on its back, show a treat, run your hand along the ridge. After the dog falls on its side and rolls over, repeat the manipulation. When the dog has made several turns, give the reward.


How to teach your dog the snake command

Teaching the "snake" will be easy if the puppy already knows how to perform the "eight". The exercise itself implies that the owner goes forward, and the dog passes between his legs.

The training method is as follows:

  • Say "Heel" and seat the pet near the left leg;
  • Show a yummy
  • Take a step forward and show the food to the dog;
  • Wait for the dog to take a step;
  • Then take a step with the other foot and again show the food;
  • After the first five steps and following the commands, give the reward.

It is important that you do not move quickly and give food not in one step, but in full fulfillment of the conditions of the exercise.

High five

How to teach your dog the high five command

The high-five exercise is suitable for large and small breeds, the point is that the pet brings both paws to your hands on command.

It's easy to do this:

  • Show a yummy
  • Raise your hands and bring them to the animal;
  • Say "high five" and wait for a reaction;
  • After completing, give the food.

For the first time, it is enough that the dog simply brings his paw to your palms.


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