What ammunition is used for professional dog training?

April 4, 2023
Dog Training
What ammunition is used for professional dog training?

The upbringing of the dog, the correct adjustment of her behavior and regular walks are the integral components of the petticism of the pet with his owner. The task, of course, may not be simple, but special equipment for dogs will help to simplify its execution. With participation in exhibitions and serious training, you cannot do without these accessories.

Why do dogs need ammunition and other equipment

A controlled and well-mannered pet, finding himself in society, does not cause anxiety to his owner and, most importantly, is completely safe for others. The main task of the ammunition is to educate and adjust the behavior of the animal, it is easier for a person to teach a dog to listen to himself and to fulfill commands unquestioningly.

extensive list accessories

Dog in the ammunition

The necessary equipment also performs the protective function of the pet directly. With a leash and in the muzzle, the dog will not eat anything on the street and will not jump out onto the roadway, for example.

Note! The use of ammunition does not constrain movements, so the dog receives maximum pleasure and benefit from walking.

The third point is decorativeness, attractive dog collars and worms are able to emphasize all the advantages of a pet.

All ammunition is classified into several different types, depending on the features of application. Equipment happens:

  • Professional;
  • For everyday use;
  • Exhibition;
  • For training;
  • Decorative.


Decorative collar for home dogs

Service dogs need special training, which need tactical skills and excellent training.

Requirements for professional equipment for training

Amunition for dog training must meet all the necessary requirements. It must be purchased upon reaching a puppy of three months of age. In the first six months, there are no special requirements for the choice, it all depends on the financial capabilities, aesthetic preferences and the range of the destination.


Note! A little later, as a rule, the help of a qualified specialist, for example, a consultant in a specialized store, a dog handler or a veterinarian, need the help of a qualified specialist. When choosing, the features of the breed and its behavior, sizes are necessarily taken into account.

For small decorative breeds, there is no need to buy massive and fairly heavy harnesses, otherwise they can cause discomfort and pain to a pet. The breeds of dogs with thick and long wool are not recommended to buy collars with curly elements, as they can pull out and confuse the wool. For large and strong representatives of the species, it is better to buy strong ammunition made of metal.

What equipment is used for dogs

The ammunition for dogs includes a rather extensive list of accessories that are classified in the following varieties (according to OKPD):

  • Muzzles of different types, design and degree of closed;
  • Collars of different external species, width and manufacturing material. A separate category includes collars;
  • Slopes for sled;
  • Dog leashes are again in various variations-roulette, machine guns, slopes, classic, etc.

Necessary prof. Amunition for dogs can be made of various materials. Manufacturers mainly use genuine skin, metal, special textiles, nylon and tarpaulin.

Note! For safety reasons, dog handlers and veterinarians recommend acquiring an ammunition with reflective inserts.

How to choose a good collar

The most important and necessary accessory is a collar. It should be reliable, durable and comfortable. To train pets should be preferred to collars made of tarpaulin or genuine leather. It is more profitable to buy an accessory with a number of holes for adjusting the girth. Much attention is paid to the width so that the edges do not dig into the animal. The collar should also be equipped with a ring intended for a carbine.

short walking leash

Strong collars for large dogs in the service

Important! It is better to pay attention to double or with a soft lining inside the collar.

Decorative collars with a large number of strands and other decorative elements are not suitable for training a pet.

A short walking leash

The length of a short walking leash fluctuates within 1. 5-2 m. The leash is simply inconvenient to use during short city walks, since the second half will have to be constantly worn in the hand.


A short walking leash

Note! There are also very short leashes with a length of not more than 50 cm, designed for a defile at exhibitions. They are not intended for everyday life.

Strict collar

What ammunition is used for professional dog training? to fulfill

What ammunition is used for professional dog training?

A strict collar is also called partors. It is a more stringent option for correcting the behavior of a pet. Its peculiarity in equipping with metal teeth that look inside.

Note! In order not to injure the pet, it is very important to learn how to put it on the dog correctly.

It can only be used as a temporary measure for strong, aggressive and temperamental dogs. With frequent use, it is addictive.

extensive list accessories

Bag for goodies

Proper training is impossible without encouragement. Any tidbits, for example, dry feeds or crackers, can not be put in pockets, but a special handbag, which is attached to the belt.

Its benefit is that it not only protects clothes from stains, but also allows you to quickly get encouragement, and not after a few tens of seconds, all broken cookies from your pocket.


Bag for treats used to train dogs

Note! The food should be tasty and easily swallow with a pet.

Land with a shock absorber for running or walking with a dog

The leash, the length of which is more than 5 m, is intended not only for running, but also to work out commands such as “walk”, “Fetch”, “Come / Come here”. It is recommended to purchase a long leash even if the owner does not plan to train his pet, since with his help it will be possible to more fully walk his pet.

The main requirement to choose a long leash is no metal chains. In the manufacture of high-quality accessories, only tarpaulin, genuine skin or high-quality leatherette are used. The leash should be wide in order not to cause pain to the pet and not cut hands with sharp jerks of the dog.


Land with a shock absorber for running


Training in most cases is always better absorbed in a playful way. Sometimes, as an incentive, you can distract the dog with a fascinating ball game for a few seconds, for example. Most often, flie discs, rubber bones are used for these purposes.

ammunition dogs includes

Dog toys

The ammunition for dogs includes a fairly extensive list of accessories, but not all of them are mandatory. If the pet does not take part in exhibitions or study various commands, then he will need a minimum set.


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