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January 28, 2021
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Many pet owners choose grain free dog food from the best brands. Why? When manufacturers began making pet food in the mid-40s, they would add cheap fillers that would help them to lower the cost of production.  Even today, they still add things like:

  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Barley

In other words, the manufacturers are creating bulk in the food by using inexpensive stuffing as a filler ingredient. What’s worse is that they have been getting surplus profits by adding the fillers.

We know that our pets originated from wild animals. They used to hunt for their prey and eat the raw meat. Additionally, their digestive tract has not changed since they’ve been domesticated. Their stomachs struggle to digest grains, fibers, and other stuffing added to pet food, and it stays undigested in their system. The usual digestive process just cannot break the fillers down, and they keep piling up in the digestive system, causing various health problems like inflammation and allergies.

Grain Free Dog Food is excellent pick for consumers

benefits of grain-free foods for adult dogs of all breeds Are you still buying supplies for your pet containing grain stuffing? Then, you might want to consider switching to grain-free dog food. You can pick the best formula that delivers proteins and healthy fats, and isn’t stuffed with fillers. The primary, natural ingredients should be a meat protein, like:

  1. Chicken
  2. Pork
  3. Beef-
  4. Fresh fish

It is recommended that you switch to grain-free pet products gradually, since your pet’s digestive system needs time to adjust to these new ingredients. You can start by mixing a small portion of the new food with your pet’s regular foods. In a few weeks, you should shift to healthy eating as you continue to add more of the grain-free food with every meal.

The FDA issues regular updates on pet food that has no grains

fda warning regular updates on pet food that has no grainsThis governmental agency provides updates regarding grain-free products. It’s important to pay attention to them, because there are alerts that can impact the consumers and the producers. Recently, the FDA have focused on the quality of amino acids, proteins, and other elements. These elements are all included in various formulations and nutrition. The agency has employed many universities to do nutrition research in this industry. Ultimately, the institution tells the consumers the truth about food options for their furry companions.

Grain free dog dishes could put some pets at risk of heart disease

 dog dishes which is grain freeAvoiding  meals with grain products entirely may not be a good idea. According to alerts from the FDA, it is not good to leave all grains out of pet food because grain-free meals might cause heart disease in animals. This warning came from scientists who have done the research on best practices for feeding your pets. Other researchers are continuing to investigate these claims, but the research is still ongoing.

However, what has been learned has changed present approaches to understanding pet health and nutrition.  Consumers just need to wait for more research and data on the healthfulness of grain-free eating. As always, the final word will come from researchers, vets, and governmental agencies.

The best food for dog containing grains might still be good for your pets

Recalls of grain free dog mealsThere are, of course, contrary opinions to those advocating for entirely grain-free food. Researchers haven’t provided enough evidence to advocate a total abolishment of grains from all pet food, and many vets say that grains do not cause sensitivities in pets. Today, even though the grain-free movement was triggered by consumer demand, some experts are saying there is another shift away from grain-free products, and back to foods containing some grain. Recalls of grain free dog meals may happen occasionally

The recalls can sometime occur if the contaminated products cause health problems, such as:

  • Heart failure
  • Skin allergies
  • Liver and stomach problems
  • Issues with a pet’s immune system

After consumers complained about these health concerns, the FDA took a more proactive role in recalling mass supplies of dog food from certain manufacturers.

The connection between grain free meals for dog and cardiomyopathy should keep consumers alert

these ingredients have amino acids that may cause the heart problemsThe FDA has said that there may be a possible connection between grain-free eating and a heart condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy. Grain-free food may contain peas, lentils, potatoes and other seeds, and these ingredients have amino acids that may cause the heart problems seen in pets.

Reviews and benefits of Grain free food  from Purina Pro Plan

Purina is a top choice with natural ingredientsPurina produces the tastiest and healthiest grain-free meals for your beloved pets. The Pro Plan believes that natural ingredients are the cornerstones in any good goodies, so they deliver only the top organic products for food preparation as Kirkland kibbled dog nutrition. In fact, the meals contain many healthy nutrients, veggies, and vitamins. There are also lamb, chicken, and barley options which provides fiber and other essential nutrients, while the meat provides a healthy source of protein, making it a perfect energy source for pets.

Merrick grain free dog meals is a prime energy source for your pets

grain-free products for your furry companionsMerrick top brand offers grain-free products for your for adult dogs of all breeds. The producer mainly focuses on organic and healthy components in its goodies supply. These nutritious elements make your pet energetic and happy. Merrick does not use grain stuffing like corn, buckwheat, or other unhealthy fillers that are hard to break down in your pet’s digestive system. They also know that these fillers could cause some sensitivities in pets. So, this brand stays away from using any grain components in its meal supplies.

The best type of grain-free eating includes healthy proteins and fats. The popularity of grain-free goodies has skyrocketed, triggered by the demand of consumers who want what’s best for their pet. Nowadays, when it comes to buying grain-free foods, people have various options on the shelves of the stores. It will also be useful for you to see the ratings of dog feeds from different brands on this page.

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