How to make money on dog training – business idea

March 28, 2023
Dog Training
How to make money on dog training - business idea


The word "training" is borrowed from the French language – "dressag" and means "training", "adjustment". In other words, this is the process of teaching animals with the aim of developing persistent conditional reflexes to human commands to ensure the effective use of animal skills.

Education is also a learning process, systematic and purposeful.

However, it is mainly aimed at the socialization of the dog.

The purpose of educational measures is to prepare a pet for life in certain conditions, socialization in human society, preparation for training, perceiving new information and subordination to commands.

If you know how to handle dogs-small, medium or large breeds, then why do you need to work for someone, doing what you do not like and brings a small income? Try professionally engaging in dog training – many people who live at home with a four-legged favorite at all, do not eat his upbringing – decorative dogs are more likely toys, but they must also be taught the norms of behavior in the world of people.

Skillful dressing is all for dogs of medium and large breeds (especially service). Dog training is a guarantee of the security of the owner and passers-by.

However, everything in order. How can you make good and quickly make money on dog training?

There are several types of dog training:

  1. General course of training.
  2. Protective and channel service.
  3. Search.
  4. Service for a tray of light cargo.
  5. Search and rescue.
  6. Complicated protective service

Sports areas – Adjility, Weitpulting, Freestyle Kinological.

A separate type of training is the education of a “social service dog”. This includes the education of a guide dog, a rescuer (including on the water), a firefighting dog, as well as a cance therapy.

Among the multifaceted and complex classification of types of training, the greatest demand among pets abroad is the type of BH (Begleithund) is a controlled city dog (a companion dog). The domestic analogue is OKD, that is, the basics of dogrian training, after which the owner is issued a certificate.

A dog of any breed that lives in a social society can study in this category.

It is worth noting that in Europe, for example, in Germany, such a course is mandatory for dogs of aggressive fighting rocks. Dogs are examined in 2 stages – on the bestdogfood.Expert and in urban conditions. In modern schools for dogs, international standards are used, according to which the dog becomes socially adapted and the owner can be absolutely calm for the safety of the pet and others.

If you have starting capital, you can attract to the start of business and other specialists, for example, dog handlers, rent a premises and a small land near it. To open a club or school for raising dogs, you will need at least 50 square meters of land to conveniently place a building and store equipment, as well as build obstacles for four-legged ones.

The costs will also be needed to advertise your business.

It is better to entrust this responsible business to professionals and place information about you:

  • In parks.
  • As well as beauty salons for dogs – they will be happy with profitable cooperation.
  • Place advertising on social networks, create a VKontakte group, classmates, facebook.

This business has recently become even more relevant due to an increase in the size of fines for the aggressive behavior of the animal, the number of lawsuits for dog owners for attacking a person has also increased. An experienced trainer will always be able to earn good capital – the owners of the dogs pay good money so that his animal is unquestioningly obeyed and decently led in public places, but at the same time it is also able to repel the attack of the robber on the owner, if such skills allows the breed.

Also, your services can be in demand in animal hotels – the owners leave pets there for overexposure for a certain time, and small lessons of good behavior will not damage dogs who miss their favorite owners. In addition to learning a dog, you can offer the owner short courses on which you will tell you how to properly lead yourself in a particular situation in order to avoid causing harm to the pet or its disobedience.

As you develop a business, you can parallel to open a mini branches for dogs or a store with feed and accessories.

You can also make exit lessons for dogs of large or giant breeds, which have busy owners. With favorites of small breeds in modern society, they are much more common.

If you are going to earn at home, you can first record training videos regarding the upbringing of dogs, put their summary on YouTube to dial the client base, and then start.

It should be noted that the professional skills of your and your employees are not enough to carry out such activities – it is better to consolidate the business with the acquisition of permits, certificates that regulate your activities. It is also necessary to pay attention to the availability of a dog handler. With many veterinary universities or nurseries, the police have special courses for future dog handlers.

What is the difference between a dog handler and a trainer

A dog handler is a professional trainer with a confirmed diploma, with a wider orientation, which also has the skills of a zoopsychologist and can adjust the problems of dog behavior.

  • Instructor/dog handler – specialist in the preparation of dogs in all directions;
  • Bossack/assistant dog handler-specialist in the preparation of dogs for the protective and channel service;
  • Handler is a specialist in the preparation of dogs to participate in exhibitions.

Necessary permits for work:

  • Certificate of an instructor-kinologist.
  • Person involved
  • Expert on working qualities and sports of the American Poganological Federation.

How to make money on dog training

The advantage of such a business is several factors:

  1. You are doing your favorite thing, which means that the percentage of dedication at such work will be the highest.
  2. You can start with absolute zero without starting capital.
  3. The payback of the business occurs in a very short time.

There are 3 options for training:

How to make money on dog training - business idea training site, opening an individual

How to make money on dog training – business idea

  • Group – when classes are also attended by dog owners. Group classes – when a dog handler is engaged in a group of owners and with their dogs. Usually from 4 to 8 people with dogs who have passed at least a few individual classes.
  • Individual – occupation of a dog handler with a dog remotely, without the presence of the owner.
  • A professional training school, especially if it concerns service and guard dogs, necessarily gives the owner a certificate of ending of certain courses – only if the dog has successfully passed all the necessary standards.

Also, the pet is obliged to pass the vocabulary exam and show what he was able to study.

Business start expenses:

1. Preparation of permits, resolving issues with a room and a training site, opening an individual entrepreneur or LLC, depending on the scale of the proposed services.

2. The acquisition of inventory, equipment, costumes (protective overalls, training sleeve).

This type of business is seasonal. In winter, there are orders, but they are not as many as in the warm season.

  • Installing the contact of the dog and trainer
  • Tarment to the nickname
  • Accustoming to special equipment
  • Cleading to clean and show inspection
  • The development of physical endurance
  • Accustoming to darkness, bad weather, unusual conditions
  • Tarment for transportation by car
  • Accustoming to a calm reaction to shots and other sharp and loud sounds.
  • Olfactory-search
  • Active-defensive
  1. Dog transition to a calm state
  2. Teaching to approach the trainer
  3. Movement next to man
  4. Overcoming obstacles, including crawling.
  5. Accustoming to the termination of unwanted actions, prohibition.
  6. Teaching not to take food without the permission of the owner
  7. Accustoming to movement in front of a person
  8. Commands:
  • "Sit",
  • "Down"
  • "Stand",
  • "Fetch",
  • "Speak/Bark".
  • Accustoming to human detention.
  • Accustoming to the search for a person in the trail.
  • Accustoming to sample of things.
  • Accustoming to a sample of a person.
  • Accustoming to Odorological Identification.
  • Development of search skills.
  • Development of guard skills.
  1. Teaching the command "Place".
  2. Training in swimming skills.
  3. Training move at a slow pace.
  4. Learning the main skills of protecting things.
  5. Accustoming to work in a group with other animals and people.

If you love animals and want to gain experience before starting a business in the field of cosmetic procedures for pets, try starting with haircuts of dogs at home-providing a groomer-stylist, try organizing a mini-baking club or organizing a wedding ceremony for thoroughbred pets.

An additional way of earnings can also be paid dog walking.

Usually such a service is in demand on rainy and cold days, when the owners do not want to go outside with a pet. There are still situations when a dog is bought in a family only with a decorative purpose, and to take care of it as an animal who has needs such as proper nutrition, the opportunity to celebrate the need on time, movement, active games, etc. No one wants or all households simplybusy. You will come to the aid of such negligent owners.

What is needed in order to organize your own business on walking dogs? First of all, it is better to purchase several leashes that will allow several pets at once so that the dogs do not get confused in them and do not confuse you – such a leash will increase your profit, allowing you to walk more dogs at a time.

Of course, you need to have good experience in communicating with animals and documents confirming your qualifications: documents on veterinary education, a dog handler diploma or the like. A diploma of the end of the grooming courses is also quite suitable.

Advertising about your services can be placed in pet stores, beauty salons for animals, nurseries and veterinary clinics.

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