Iams smart puppy small breed dog food review

February 16, 2023
Dog Food
Iams smart puppy small breed dog food review

Dry grain-free complete food "Iams Fresh Meat" with fresh turkey for puppies of small breeds (from 2 to 12 months).

Iams Fresh Meat Puppy Small Breed Turkey Grain Free puppies

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This is a combined component, which consists of two types of raw materials – fresh turkey and dried. Proportions can be different, and it's good if the manufacturer specifies them. Yes, this mixture is a good source of animal protein, but we cannot welcome such combinations in the list of ingredients, as they serve a marketing purpose and may mislead the inattentive buyer.

Peas are the same source of vegetable protein, carbohydrates and fiber in feed as cereals. Since it has a lower glycemic index, its use is even more preferable.

Potatoes are a good source of complex carbohydrates and fiber. It is healthier for dogs and cats than fodder cereals, but in large quantities in feed is undesirable. From the common name of the ingredient, it is not clear in what form the potato is added and what quality it is. It can be clean whole tubers with skins or off-grade waste from the production of potato products (eg chips).

Animal fats are sebaceous wastes from the processing of animal tissues that are considered unsuitable for human consumption. They are obtained from the tissues of mammals or birds in the process of rendering or extraction. Thanks in part to the fats, prepared diets taste and smell appealing to dogs and cats. Fats also help form the texture of finished feeds and help the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K).

Hydrolyzed animal proteins (Hydrolyzed Animal Proteins) is a liquid or powder with the taste and smell of animal products. This ingredient is obtained in the process of hydrolysis. To do this, animal waste is treated with special enzymes, breaking down proteins to peptides and free amino acids, and then evaporated under vacuum at a low temperature, making the solution more concentrated or completely drying it out.

Flax seed (Linseed, Flaxseed) is one of the most valuable plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, soluble fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. These seeds are not considered cereal and are part of most vitamins for wool. As part of cat and dog feed, they can be crushed or attended entirely. From this name of the ingredient, it is impossible to understand in what form they were used by the manufacturer.

This ingredient (Chicary Root) is a complete analogue of the previous one. Only the manufacturer in the American name exactly indicates its processing.

In general, beet pulp is a good source of fiber and has a number of useful properties.

An anxy tree is a rare ingredient in animal feed. Fruits called beans with sweet and juicy pulp are used for food. They give the stern a sweet taste, partly perform the function of the prebiotic, and are also the thickening of the food, forming a homogeneous mass. The sweeteners are undesirable ingredients in feed for carnivorous animals.

Vitamins and minerals (Vitamins & Minerals)- most likely, it is a comprehensive vitamin-mineral premix that includes the necessary vitamins and minerals, micro- and macro elements.

Dried apples (Dried Apples) – dried whole fruits or their pieces.

Dried Antarctic kril – dried whole or crushed small crustaceans similar to the structure of the body shrimp. The source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Brewers yeast contain 50% protein, 25-40% of carbohydrates, up to 3% fat, as well as many other beneficial substances, including group B vitamins. Breeding yeast are accumulations of unicellular microorganisms – Saccharmyces cerevisiae yeast fungi, whichThey differ from those used in baking.

Cellulose is a purified and mechanically chopped part of the pulp (cell walls) of various fibrous plants. This ingredient is a cheap filler of feed that does not carry any nutritional value for animals. In the industry, cellulose serves for the manufacture of paper, cardboard, etc.

Glucosamine (Glucosamine) is a polysaccharide that fastens the "bricks" of the cartilage fabric of the animal. He envelops the joints with lubrication, relieves inflammation and reduces soreness. Glucosamine is added to the food for dogs and cats to prevent joint diseases in healthy animals. The body is normal to produce glucosamine independently, but at certain moments it may not be enough.

Chondroitin is a structural component of animal cartilage, an important substance for the prevention and treatment of joint diseases in healthy animals. The body of cats and dogs is normally able to synthesize chondroitin on its own, but at certain points it may not be enough, and you have to add it to the diet.

Dried cranberries (Dried Cranberries) are more deeply processed than whole ones. Dried (or dehydrated) fruits and vegetables generally contain more nutrients by volume and are easier to use and store. However, depending on the drying method, some of the vitamins may be destroyed.

Yucca Schidigera is a plant of the Agave family. It is usually added to feed to reduce the smell of excrement. And yucca is quite capable of coping with this task, since the substances contained in its composition successfully fight bacteria, contributing to the normal functioning of the intestines.

Msm – (Methylsulfonylmethane, MSM) – an organic sulfur-containing compound, a natural supplement that is useful for the joints, skin, coat and immunity of the animal. Methylsulfonylmethane is produced by some plants: MSM, derived from pine bark or brown algae, is most commonly found in feed.

This component is probably a dry mixture of plant fruits and spices, known for their antioxidant, antioxidant properties. Antioxidants in general play an important role in the animal and human body, but in dog and cat food they are commonly used to keep the product fresh. In fact, this mixture is a preservative of natural origin.

Antioxidants, they are also "antioxidants" or "preservatives" – substances that do not allow fats and fat-soluble components of the food to oxidize. As fats oxidize, your pet's food tastes rancid and loses its nutritional value. Too generic name of the ingredient does not make it clear whether the manufacturer used natural or artificial antioxidants. Of course, natural is preferable.

Unfortunately, the body of carnivores practically cannot synthesize vitamin A (retinol) from beta-carotene, which is rich in some plant foods, and must receive it either as part of meat products (liver, fish, eggs), or in a synthesized form, in the formvitamin supplement. From the name of this ingredient it is not clear in which combination of substances vitamin A is added, it cannot be present in its pure form.

Vitamin D (calciferol) is the common name for a group of fat-soluble biologically active substances. One form of this vitamin – D2 – enters the body only from food, while the other – D3 (cholecalciferol) – is formed in the skin after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. But not for cats and dogs. They absorb this vitamin exclusively from food. The richest sources of calciferol are oily fish (herring, mackerel), eggs, fish oil and liver.

Alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) is a synthetic form of vitamin E that is half as effective as natural sources of this vitamin.

Iron is added to finished feeds in the form of various inorganic compounds. Iron (II) sulfate monohydrate is a colorless, water-soluble substance, often included in medicinal supplements for the prevention of anemia (iron deficiency). It is absorbed by animals slightly better than some other forms of compounds, such as iron oxide and carbonate, and significantly worse than iron proteinate.

Most likely, this compound, a source of iron, is precisely the iron glycine chelate, which is most often used for food purposes both for dogs and cats, and for productive animals and poultry.

Copper (copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) (Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate), or copper sulfate (II), is a bluish crystalline substance. In the food industry, this compound has the international designation E519 and serves not only as a feed additive – a source of copper, but also as a preservative, as well as a color fixer.

Copper amino acid chelate, hydrate (Cuprum Aminoacid Chelate, Hydrate) is actually the same as copper proteinate. That is, it is a complex of copper and amino acids, which also contains water – as part of such a compound, copper is much easier to absorb, and the body absorbs it better.

Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate, or zinc sulfate monohydrate, is a white crystalline powder that is often used as a feed additive. The compound contains at least 35% zinc. However, this is not the most accessible source of this mineral for the animal organism.

Zinc Aminoacid Chelate, Hydrate is a supplement that is used to enrich the diet with zinc. The complex of zinc and amino acids is perceived by the body better than ordinary mineral salts: upon contact with the membrane of an animal cell, it is recognized as a substance that is biologically related to it.

Monohydrate of manganese sulfate (Manganze Sulfate MonoHydrate) is a white or pinkish substance, another name is a manganese sulfate. This is a common component of premixes that are added to ready-made feed.

The amino acid helat of manganese, hydrate (Manganese aminoacid Chelate, Hydrate) is actually the same as the protein, a special combination of manganese with amino acids, so the manganese is better absorbed by the body.

Calcium iodate is a common additive in animal feed. This is a salt that has a chemical formula CA (IO3) 2. It is formed by reaction of calcium and iodine acid. It can be called as calcium iodate. If, after the name of this compound,, for example, “monohydrate” is indicated, this means that each of its molecules is connected to 1 molecule of water, but in fact and its effect on the body, the connection does not change.

Selenium (sodium selenite) (Selenium (Sodium Selenite)) – inorganic synthesized salt from sodium and selenic acid (Na2Seo3). These colorless crystals are a frequent source of Selene microeleplain, which is opposed to blood coagulation, protects from toxins and is used in veterinary medicine as a drug.

Calcium is a chemical active metal of silver-white color, one of the most common minerals on our planet (it is contained in the earth's crust, in water and, of course, in living organisms). More than 90% of calcium in the body of animals falls on the bones and teeth with which this metal gives hardness. However, for the full growth and formation of bone tissue, calcium should be absorbed by the body in a certain balance with phosphorus.

Phosphorus is a mineral substance, the exact connection of which in this case is not indicated. Most likely, this is the salt of phosphoric acid – for example, calcium phosphate, since it is phosphates that are usually added to agricultural and pets feed. As part of the finished feed, phosphorus is not always indicated separately. It can be part of vitamin-mineral premixes, and are also contained in corn, oats, meat-bone flour and fish flour and bones.

Many users of our resource have recently been increasingly interested in new brands of animal feed – they pay attention to them and want to learn more about them to compare their features with long-known products. Recently, we received an application for a description and overview of the Bezva Iams Bezva Fresh Meat Puppy Small Breed Turkey Grain Free. This product contains a fresh turkey and is designed for small breed puppies. It is not surprising that there is interest in him, because such dogs are now very popular. We compiled the most detailed description of the composition of the Iams Fresh Mit and its packaging to clarify all the pros and cons of this product and remove many questions that buyers from buyers.

What is the packaging of the food "Iams" Puppy Small Breed

Many call the brand of feed to which this diet belongs, “Iams” – by analogy with the famous Swedish four. And yet, the correct name of the food is written in American and sounds like “Iams” – it is possible that the brand was name bestdogfood.expert after a dog from a children's book about Dr. Aibolit. This dry dog food is made on the territory of Belgium by order of the American company. The design of the best dog food storage container is quite convenient, because a lot of useful information was applied to it.

A large photo of a cute spitz on a storage container immediately gives an idea of which category of pets the manufacturer intends this food. A prominent inscription Puppy Small and red encoding supplemented the photo that allows you to immediately distinguish the food on the shelf. The age group is also clearly indicated here: the product is designed to feed babies aged 2 to 12 months.

On the front side of the pack, a photo of the granules was also applied and their dimensions were indicated: the diameter of each is approximately 7-8 mm, and the thickness is 4-6 mm.

Iams smart puppy small breed dog food review and cats

Iams smart puppy small breed dog food review

Characteristics of the food "ABVA" for small breed puppies

At the top of the pack, right next to the logo, there is an inscription “Grain free – does not contain cereals” and an icon with three crossed spikelets. The lack of grain is a plus, but it is always important to understand how much meat is in the food and what exactly the grain was replaced. We will find out about this a little later, when we study the basis of food.

On the side of the best dog food storage container there is a rather large mark of Holistic-it means that the manufacturer refers to the food to the diets of “holistics”. We are very advised to learn more about what meaning is put into this concept in the food industry from our article on this topic.

At the bottom of the best dog food storage container there are round icons indicating for which organs and systems this food should benefit, with signatures in American and English. It mentions healthy teeth, skin and coat, strong muscles, optimal digestion, strong bones and immune defenses. True, the explanations, due to which exactly in the composition all these results should be achieved, are not visible on the package. We treat such notes coolly, considering them more like advertising – after all, the manufacturer did not provide us with an explanation that all these results are actually achieved.

The presence of fresh meat in the food is emphasized as one of the important distinguishing features. This is evidenced by the large mark FRESH MEAT, supplemented by the image of turkey carcasses and the inscription in American "Cooked on the basis of fresh meat. "What is actually the basis of this diet? It's time for a thorough review of Iams's Fresh Meat Puppy Small Breed Turkey packaging. As always, let's start parsing the list of components from the basics.

The basis of this food is the first 4 ingredients

The component listed here at number 1 is a complex of two different ingredients, combined under the word "turkey": 15% fresh meat and 40% dried. Of course, both of them are worthy sources of animal protein, but still it is not correct to combine them into one whole in the composition list. This is often done when they want to draw the attention of buyers to the meat ingredients of the food in the first place and when they want to bring the meat ingredients to the No. 1 place in the list.

In the second and third places are the components that replace cereals: peas and potatoes. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not show their exact proportions on the label, but I would like to compare them with the volumes of fresh and dehydrated turkey.

Animal fat closes the basis of the food – it contains 10%, and for some reason the manufacturer did not indicate from which species of animals or birds it was obtained. We are against such nebulous ingredients.

Additives: necessary and not very

4% animal protein hydrolysate is used as an aromatic additive in the food. It is not clear what species of animal or bird this flavor enhancer is derived from. Additional sources of fatty acids include flaxseed and dried Antarctic krill, which are specifically said to include EPA and DHA fatty acids, which are beneficial for brain development and improving learning abilities in puppies. The exact dosages of these special fatty acids are not indicated on the package, so it is difficult to say how effective they are for the body in this case.

What types of fiber did we meet in the composition? There is also beet pulp, and dried apples, and dried chicory with prebiotic inulin, and brewer's yeast with MOS prebiotics, and yucca schidigera, which also has prebiotic properties. Found in the composition of the food and cellulose – coarse fiber. In our opinion, it is not needed in the diet of small puppies. It's good that this component only ranks 14th in the composition list – there is a chance that there is very little of it. Carob, i. E. Carob flour, is also considered a prebiotic, but contains a lot of sugar, and we do not consider it desirable in a dog diet.

Among the food additives there is also a complex of glucosamine, chondroitin, as well as MSM that promotes their absorption. The total dosage of glucosamine and chondroitin indicated in the guaranteed analysis of Fresh Meat Puppy Small Breed Turkey, 2500 mg/kg, is quite high compared to many other dog foods. Although miniature puppies rarely have problems with the growth and development of joints, chondroprotectors should serve them well.

Separately, on the package, the manufacturer noted the presence of mineral additives in the chelate format in the food, designating them as components with high bioavailability. Indeed, iron, copper, zinc and manganese are added to this diet in the form of chelate compounds, but, apparently, these chelates are not enough, and they only partially cover the needs of the body – after all, in addition, more common salts of the same mineral substances are present here.

Interestingly, the packaging indicates both sources of natural antioxidants – Rosemarinus sp. Vitis sp. Curcuma sp. Citrus sp. Syzygium sp. And just the word "antioxidants", without any explanation.

Conclusion on the composition of Iams Fresh Meat Puppy Small Breed Turkey

The disadvantages of this feed we distinguish these: the ingredients called general words (animal fat, animal protein hydrolyzate); Two meat components are combined into the Indika complex, which allowed the manufacturer to bring them in the first place and pay attention to them to buyers; There are undesirable ingredients – cellulose, flour of the fruits of an ore tree.

The pluses of feed: There is absolutely no grain, soybean, isolated vegetable protein, but there are 55% of the meat components and contains additives useful for the digestive tract.

To calculate the points of this diet, we used the first four components of the product. This is right, since their total volume is at least three quarters from all raw materials in the stern, which means that these are the most key ingredients.

The product did not reach a little bonus of 5 points, but more than half of the meat components in this diet are 55%, and this is a good indicator. As a result, the diet rating amounted to 25 points out of 55 possible, which means that American feed “Iams” Fresh Meat Puppy Small Breed Turkey in our ranking wins in a point appraisal compared to many products of much more well-known brands.

Photo "Iams" Fresh Meat Puppy Small Breed Turkey Grain Free

This conclusion, like everyone else, we suggest you read and take into account your discretion. We created it in order to arm you with knowledge and help make a more balanced decision when buying dry dog food for your pet. Read more about our activities here.

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