Gravy train dog food reviews

December 30, 2022
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Gravy train dog food reviews

gravy train dog food reviews

Dog food Trainer: reviews, composition analysis, price

dog food Trainer

Dry food Trainer ("Trainer", "Trainer") for dogs is produced by NOVAFOODS in Italy. The official website is https://naturaltrainer. com/, there is information about the entire line of feeds (compositions, recommended feeding rates, etc.). This food belongs to the premium class.

In addition to dog food, Trainer food for cats is also produced.

Composition of Trainer

Let's get acquainted with the composition of Trainer Natural food using the example of the Small and Toy Adult with Dry-Cured Ham and Rice option (for adult dogs of small and miniature breeds with dry-cured ham and rice).

Information about the composition from the packaging of the feed.

Dehydrated chicken and turkey protein, fresh chicken and turkey meat 10%, dehydrated Italian cured ham protein 4%, corn gluten, dehydrated fish protein are sources of protein. Since corn gluten is less than 4%, it can be concluded that the bulk of the 27% protein indicated in the guaranteed analysis is of animal origin.

We recommend reading why animal protein is better than vegetable protein for use in dog and cat food.

The second and third place of the composition is corn and fioretto corn flour, sources of carbohydrates. Then there is rice, also a source of carbohydrates. Animal fats are a source of fats and fatty acids. Animal protein hydrolyzate is a natural flavoring additive.

Sugar beet pulp, flaxseed, pea fiber are sources of fiber. Flaxseed is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Yeast autolysate is a source of MOS (prebiotics, have a positive storage container effect on digestion). Minerals – food supplement of minerals.

MOS, FOS – prebiotics, have a positive effect on digestion. Dry extract of chicory is a source of prebiotic inulin. Yucca schidigera extract – reduces the smell of excrement. Seaweed – rich in iodine and other beneficial substances.

Dry extract of citrus fruits – rich in natural antioxidants. Dry apple extract – natural flavoring.

It is interesting that on the label with the translation in the technological additive it is indicated “biologically active collagen peptides”, and in the English description – “clinoptiolite of sedimentary origin” (clinoptiolite of sedimentary origin, used as an adsorbent).

Pros and cons

The benefits of food include:

  • the main part of the protein is of animal origin;
  • good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • a wide range, in addition to dry food, there are canned food.
  • corn, corn gluten is used (typically for premium class);
  • no antioxidants/preservatives used.

dog food Trainer - reviews

Dog Food Trainer Reviews

Trainer dry food is quite common and there are a lot of reviews about them, but most of them are many years old. Below we've compiled some of the newest ones we've found.

Customer Reviews

Svetlana Gun writes: (source)

Having tried different manufacturers, nothing worked with our allergies, the coat climbed terribly, it became stiff But one of the pet stores advised me Trainer brand food, I’ll tell you right away about the composition – it’s gluten-free, everything is well balanced, that you can not feed anything additional. After a couple of weeks, the wool acquired silkiness and shine – it's a delight! Overall, great food, my dogs love it.

Reviews for dogs Traner

Review of dogs Traner

Granules for dogs Trainer

My mediu m-sized dog eats this food with great pleasure. The same option for large and mediums she likes less because of large and very fierce granules. The granules are small, but it adapted and cryumes them like a dry breakfast �� There is no allergy, completely. After veterinary therapeutic feed from allergies, the dog returned to normal, but recovered, although she was hungry all the time.

In about a month, she began to eat a little less than the average norm later (as I calculated based on her weight), but she has already lost a little and no longer walks hungry. There is nothing chicken in the composition. The wool is excellent (three ugh), but I give the omega in addition. The chair was at first often and soft, although I translated by the rules, but then I returned to normal and the frequency returned to normal up to two times a day. While 3 ugh, eats, does not itch, does not peel off and does not blame))

Gravy train dog food reviews and does not

The size of the granules is very small, convenient for min i-dimensions. Feed can be soaked with water for the convenience of legend.

Price and where to buy

The cost of dogs "Trainer":

  • Dry food Trainer 0. 8 kg – from $12;
  • Dry food "Trainer" 2 kg – from $32;
  • Dry food Trainer 12 kg – from $100

Trainer feed food can be bought in online stores, for example:

  1. Amazon

The above prices are relevant for August 2022. See the exact cost in stores on the link above.

Conclusions about the dog food"Trainer"

For dog foods Trainer, the reviews are mostly positive, but there are negative ones. The composition is definitely not the worst, but not good enough for the Petobor website to recommend it as a constant diet for your pets.

If possible, we advise you to choose a feed premium or holistic food.

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Gravy train dog food reviews corn flour, sources
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