A dog’s journey free stream. Long train journey with dog

November 22, 2022

How to survive a long train journey with your dog

Traveling is much more enjoyable when friends are around. But if they have paws and tails, a trip on public transportation can bode well for some challenges. To successfully get to point B, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the rules for transporting dogs on the train while still at point A.

How to survive a long train journey with your dog

Certificates and safety

As of 2017, special documents for a small-breed dog are not required. But passengers and the conductor may require proof of the safety of the animal. Therefore, it is better to bring a certificate of vaccination and deworming. All procedures should be carried out in advance. Vaccinate dogs a month before the trip, and treatment against parasites is carried out 10 days before departure.

How to survive a long train journey with your dog

Educational aspect

Of course, it is much easier to carry a well-mannered dog on the train. But sometimes you need to deliver a puppy or an agitated pet to another city. To avoid causing problems for yourself and other passengers, it’s important to know the simple rules of traveling with a dog.

How to survive a long train journey with your dog

What to consider:

  1. Immediately before departure, the dog should not be fed. It is preferable that the hunger strike lasts from yesterday. This will protect the pet from unexpected motion sickness and nausea. But water and a bowl must be taken.
  2. If the trip lasts longer than a day, the animal is fed on the road. But the daily ration should always be halved.
  3. Impressed dogs may be given special sedatives. You can buy them at veterinary pharmacies. It is best to start taking medication a few days before departure.
  4. Before leaving, the dog should be walked. The animal will have to endure for a long time, so it is better to stock up on diapers.
  5. A comfortable muzzle also comes in handy. It should not squeeze the mouth. The pet will be forced to wear it for several hours, so it is better to choose a loose model.
  6. Leash. An obligatory accessory, as the owner must ensure the safety of others.
  7. If there is a choice, it is better to buy daytime tickets: at night it is more difficult to keep an eye on the dog.
  8. For small breeds, a rigid carrier will come in handy.

Walking issues.

Any dog can handle a few hours on the road. Only a small puppy will have trouble. But a long trip is tiring – during this time any animal will need to go for a walk. It is not allowed to go to the toilet on the train, so you will have to follow some rules of dog walking.

How to survive a long train journey with your dog

How to solve the issue:

  1. Study the schedule of stops and take advantage of the longest of them. It is better to get off the train when passengers clear the aisle, so as not to jostle.
  2. Stock up on cleaning bags before walking. At the station you should not leave traces of life.
  3. Not all dogs can do their business in a minute. Some need to walk and get the hang of it. But the problem is the limited field for walking. Most likely, the dog will have to be tricked out by winding laps with him at the wagon.
  4. When getting in and out of the wagon, it’s important to make sure your dog’s claws don’t get stuck in the crevices of the floor. Metal ladders are especially dangerous for climbing onto the train.
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A dog's journey free stream. Long train journey with dog stops and take advantage

a dog’s journey free stream. long train journey with dog

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